What Sony and Microsoft Partnership Opens Door To the Future?

What Sony and Microsoft Partnership Opens Door To the Future

Sony and Microsoft partnership

Sony and Microsoft partnership was announced in May 2019. Two tech giants decided to end the console war rivalry and work together. Microsoft and Sony were competitors for centuries. These two were like siblings fighting for what is best in the business. Also they’re known for in the video game industry. It’s started in early 2000s went PlayStation 2 and original Xbox consoles. Transition to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for fierce competition. I owned Xbox and PlayStation throughout my childhood. Two see these guys work together for cloud-based gaming. Brings tears into my eyes, it could open doors to many things. Will we see more cross-play games like Apex Legends and Realm Royale? The possibilities are endless and for the future. What about developing new consoles? PlayStation 5 is on the way as we speak.

Sony vs Microsoft


Sony and Microsoft is developing AI and looking out for content creators. Content creators like myself shapes the future of gaming. I hope we see a new platform like Twitch and YouTube one day. Google did announce a new streaming platform called Stadia. Stadia is a cloud gaming service that support YouTube and Google Chrome functionality. Games can go up to 60 fps and 4-8K resolution with 120 frames. It comes with a USB controller and features Google Assistant. Assistant will automatically search videos related to the game. That’s what the AI is for just like Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a framework that help expanded your business and building a secure solutions around the world. Azure is more like Google but technical.

Google Stadia

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Blue Dragon Anime – Heart of a Shadow Warrior Review

Blue Dragon Anime - Heart of a Shadow Warrior Review

What is Blue Dragon Anime?

Blue Dragon anime is based on Xbox 360 video game by Mistwalker and Artoon. Video game was the first jrpg in Microsoft Xbox. Blue Dragon video game plot is a group of adventurers fight a evil Kingdom with shadows. However, the anime have a what if story and original plot then video game. In the video game, Shu, Kluke and Jiro were childhood friends. Anime adaptation is Jiro is traveling with Zola. Jiro is not childhood friends with Shu and Kluke. Blue Dragon anime put some elements from the video game into the story. Shu is a protagonist that wants to become a knight and reckless. Zola is the leader of the group and voice of reason. Her motives are unknown throughout the coarse of the series. Jiro wants to become strong and rival of Shu. Zola and Jora relationship is master/apprentice.

Blue Dragon Xbox 360

Later on in their journey fighting the Grand Kingdom. Shu and the group meet Maromaru ( he is different than his game counterpart). A new character from the anime is Bouquet. Bouquet is a maid with self esteem issues and have a crush on Shu. She is a tribe that turns invisible after taking their clothes off. Her shadow is a Hippo that transforms into anything. Speaking of Shadows, the group retains from the video game. Shu has Blue Dragon but had a hard time controlling him. Kluke gets hers at the tomb. Phoenix could protect and heal others. Maromaru’s Tiger shadow moves super speed. Jiro manatoro is more offense like Shu Blue Dragon and Zola killer bat.

Blue Dragon Anime Shu, Jiro and Zora

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Dreamcast Collection – Fishing, Drivingand Dancing Video Game Review

Dreamcast Collection – Fishing, Drivingand Dancing Video Game Review

What is Dreamcast Collection?

Dreamcast Collection is a series of compilation video games from Sega era. Sega Dreamcast is a short-lived video game console in 1998. It was considered sixth generation of video game consoles. Dreamcast had little games in video game market. Sega Dreamcast was a unique system with built-in modem for online gaming. VMU stands for Virtual Memory Unit similar to a PS2 memory card. Virtual Memory had pets in Sonic Adventure. Vibration function similar to Rumble Pack in Nintendo 64. Microphone which you can talk into for games like Seaman. Dreamcast controllers like closer to Xbox in a distinctive way. I remember having a Dreamcast in my childhood.

Sega Deamcast

There were games I have played like House of the Dead and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Even some games I have not owned yet  Hoping that Sega released a Dreamcast classic like NES, PlayStation and SNES. Enough with the fanboy moment, lets dive right into Sega Dreamcast Collection. I brought the steam version and there is one game that not on Dreamcast. Nights into Dreams was not on Sega Dreamcast. The game is about a Nightmaren named Nights who rebel against its creator Wizeman to stop him from talking over Nightopia. One day, two children named Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair who suffers from negative emotions. The two journey to Nightopia were they meet Nights. Will they stop Wizeman from talking over the real world and Nightopia.

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Keyhub- Finding the Best Prices for PC Video Games

Keyhub homepage

What is Keyhub?

Keyhub is a CD key video game website where you find the best prices. This company will find the right price for your favorite titles. For international users, there is English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian and Thai languages. In Keyhub, you will find greats deals from popular developers and publishers. They’ve stated “there are 30 websites for game keys”, Keyhub is the place to be. If you are a buyer or seller, make sure to contact them. They are price comparison website does not selling anything.

Keyhub top deals

Do you want to become a affiliate marketer? Contact Keyhub at affiliates@keyhub.com for more information. Any addition question and concerns about Keyhub. Shoot them a email here contact@keyhub.com. Keyhub have an amazing team that will work with you.  Gamers get to compare prices on what is the cheapest deal.  Get the latest deals on top games for a decent price. Make sure to choose the best price.

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Classes Guide and Variants

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Classes Guide and Variants

What type of classes in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2?

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 classes is more robust than its predecessor. There is a vast range of classes in this installment. Each class have tiers and unique abilities to turn the tide. Two class are represented in this series. Plants class ranges from healer and frontline. Zombie’s class is close range and mobility. Let’s start with plants, starting from pea class. Pea class abilities are long range shooter and maneuvering. The pea have three skills cannon (which cost 60 % damage), gatling, a turret-like attack and super pea jump. Super pea jump makes you move fast and jump higher. Pea class have different variations such as toxic, roc, fire and ice. This class is great to start with. If you are a long ranger player.

peashooter plants vs zombies garden warfare 2

Corn class is long and mid range. The corn class have abilities such as Butter Barrage, Shuck Shot and Hush hop. Butter Barrage can take out multiple enemies and great for capturing points. Hush Hop is jumping over your enemy and shooting them. Shuck Shot deals 80% damage and takes 8 minutes to charge up. Different variants of corn class is much faster than kernel. BBQ corn rapid-fire guns could burn enemies and reduce health.

Types of class variants in PVZGW2

plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 kernel corn

Mob Corn is faster rapid-fire attacks. Depending on what corn classes to use like agent, party and commando corn. This class is another great addition for the plant class. Sunflower class would be a healer and attacker. This class provides healing and offense in this game. Its abilities Solar Flare Beam (similar to pea’s gatling), Heal Flower and Heal Beam. If you want to be a healer and support your team. Make sure to pick this class. Try out others such as alien, vampire, fire and metal sunflower.

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