OMG Adult and Eroge Video Games Will Drive You Wild

OMG Adult and Eroge Video Games Will Drive You Wild

What are eroge video games?

Eroge video games is visual novel about sexual intercourse and act. Visual novel have subgenres and hidden content in their games. Before we talk about adult games and eroge. I will not post links nor 18+ pictures in this post. Hopefully keep it clean in this website and make readers turn heads. That being said, in the anime and manga community. We know about ecchi because it’s non-adult content. Sometimes ecchi goes beyond than it portray to be. There is another term called Hentai which is the same as Eroge. Hentai means pervert in Japan and adult content. It is very popular in Japan and grounded in the US. Video game developers make titles that suits gamer’s fantasies. You are a main character surrounded by beautiful girls with different bra sizes.

Viper-16 -eroge video games

That’s call a Harem game, although it’s overplayed in anime. There are couple of games that have adult content. 1990s Sogna with their Viper series, School Days and Variable Geo. Those games have adult content and not suited for children. Honey Select Unlimited is a VR eroge game that allows player to create a partner. There are different eroge genres and styles of the games. It doesn’t always revolve around Visual Novels. You guys will have to google and see what’s up. Did I mention that some video game hosting sites like Steam, Nutaku and others have them? There is a new article about Steam talking off uncensored games.

honey select unlimited character creation
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Huniepop – How to Get a Girlfriend Video Game Review

Huniepop – How to Get a Girlfriend Video Game Review

What is Huniepop?

Huniepop is a puzzle dating sim video game by Huniepot. The game is wildly popular seen it’s release. Huniepop is a very unique dating sim that’s not by in Japan. It’s a indie game and featuring full voiced acting. The plot is about a love angel named Kyu (who is disguised) to help you find love. Players will have to find girls and developed a relationship with them. Kyu provides insights and advice on how to win the girl. She gives the players a app that show girls preferences and hobbies. Kyu sends messages and very funny character. There is two phases which is interaction with each girl and learning more about her. Second phase is dating which results in tile matching and puzzle-like Puyo Puyo style. While talking with each girl, based on your choices. How will the girl coming to react to.

Huniepop Jessie Dialogue

There are 6+ girls to get to know. You can give them food, items and drinks based on their preferences. For example, Jessie loves to drink and her strong trait is sexuality. Aiko loves going to Casino and she is a University Teacher. Audrey is a hot-headed girl who rants about life. Beil loves meditation and relaxation. Tiffany is a college student and loves education. Those are preferences that girls have. While traveling through places like Mail, Fitness Centers and Bars. The girls will have different outfits while interacting and dating. If you fail at your date, it’s back to square one. During dating, players must match five passion tokens expect for heartbreak (purple). Each token represents dating, yellow is for extra moves and means joy. Red is sexuality and passion is pink. Light blue is sentiment and blue means talent.

Nikki Stats

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Princess Lover – Middle Class to Upper Society Anime Review

Princess Lover –Middle Class to Upper Society Anime Review

What is Princess Lover?

Princess Lover anime is based on visual novel video game by Ricotta for PC and PS2. The plot revolves around Teppei Arima, a middle class high school boy that lives with his adopted family. Teppei real parent has been murdered and wealthy grandfather. While Teppei going to visit his grandfather, he runs into Princess Charlotte Hazelrink. He rush to save Charlotte from ruthless thugs and rewarded with a kiss. Teppei is introduce his grandfather Isshin Arima and become an overnight celebrity. He meets other heroines Sylvia Von Hossen, a beautiful skilled swordsman and Teppei’s fiancé. Seika Hojoin is a famous model and have a grudge on Arima Group. Yu Fujikura, a devoted maid of Arima Group and skilled hacker. These four heroines have a kindle relationship with Teppei throughout the series.

Princess Lover visual novel game

As series progress Teppei goes to Shuuhou Gakuen academy for wealthy. He learns to blend in and become a model student. Seika starts off an antagonist and berates Teppei for no reason. Later Arima reconciled with Seika and allow to sell her products with Arima Group Corporation. The reason Seika was disoblige at Arima Group is because Teppei grandmother affair with her father. Resulting Isshin cut ties with his wife and Hojoin. Isshin appointed Teppei as new manager and Seika was ecstatic. Teppei and Seika revolved a longtime feud between Arima group and Hojoin. Hojoin develops a feeling for Teppei and let him in Society Club. Earlier Seika prevented Teppei from joining.

Princess Lover episode 5
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Yumeria – Enter the Dream World and Fight Anime Review

Yumeria – Enter the Dream World and Fight Anime Review

What is Yumeria?

Yumeria anime is based on Namco dating sim video game. The plot of the game is revolves around 16 year old boy named Tomokazu Mikuri. Tomokazu lives with his cousin Nanase Senjyou, who he has perverted fanatics for. Mikuri is a awkward and narrow person in the game. He is the protagonist of the video game and anime. Yumeria video game have a blend of visual novel and rpg. The game was not released in outside of Japan. Tomokazu one day falls asleep and wake up in a dream world. He meets a blue-haired girl named Mont. Mone is the priestess of sleep and has no dialogue other than repeating her name. After walking up in the dream world, Mikuri was surprise that Mone was beside him in the real world.

Yumeria PS2

Nanase playful jokes about Mikuri bring girls in the house. In Yumeria anime, Mikuri meets other girls in the series. Mitsuki Agatsuma is Mikuri’s childhood friend and a very timid girl. Neneko is a curious girl who has a reverse reincarnation persona called Netio. Neito is a woman from the future that explains the plot to the viewers. She gives a summary about the dream world and alien race the Feydooms. Feydooms are the main antagonist of the series. They want to take over the real world by crossing over from the dream world. Nanase is the caretaker and easygoing woman. She takes care of Mikuri after his parents passed away from fighting the Feydooms. Nanase have a alter-ego named Silk in the dream world.

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The Angel Inn & Dungeon Dreams Indie Games Hands-On


The Angel Inn & Dungeon Dreams Thirst For Action Indie Games Hands-On

What is The Angel Inn?

The Angel Inn is a visual novel indie game developed by DdreamGames. These are the markers of Dungeon Dreams video game. The plot of the game is you are a traveling Swordsmen hired to be a bodyguard for Merchant’s Guild. You Stumbleupon The Angel Inn where you meet a pretty girl named Shea. Shea is the owner and caretaker of The Angel Inn. Not only you meet Shea, there is another adventurer named Faylin. Faylin is a typical tsundere personality and a sharp tongue. Rosebella is a musician and a noble woman who hate the Guild. Your adventure is in four days and it’s time to relax in The Angel Inn. The player choose to hang out with 3 girls and interact with them. There are 3 parts of the day.

The Angel Inn gameplay

Morning, evening and night, make sure you use them wisely. Note: this game for 18+ with lewd dialogue and content. The Angel Inn have 5 multiple endings and different character route in-game. Artstyle of The Angel Inn is very clean and elegant piece. Soundtrack is very chill and relaxing while staying at The Angel Inn. I really enjoy the demo and can’t wait for the full version. Rosebella is the best girl and can’t wait to see more of her. If you love visual novel make sure to play The Angel Inn demo today.

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