Borderlands The Handsome Collection – Looting is Fun Review

Borderlands The Handsome Collection - Looting is Fun Review

Borderlands The Handsome Collection summary

Borderlands the Handsome Collection is a bundle video game developed by Gearbox Software and 2K Games. This bundle have two games Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre Sequel. There is some changes for the remastered games such as 1080p with 60fps. Four player multiplayer split screen rather than two. Migration save data from previous consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. All downloadable content and dlc characters are available. I will be talking about Borderlands the Pre Sequel first than 2. The storyline takes before Borderlands 2 and Tales from the Borderlands (episode 3). A group of Vault Hunters help Handsome Jack in stopping Zarpedon and take over Helios. If you played Borderlands 2, there is some characters that appear in the game. There is Mad Moxxi, Roland, Lilith and Handsome Jack himself. Pre Sequel is completely different from Borderlands 2.

Borderlands The Handsome Collection - Skill Loadout

Players are in space with no air. You have a oxygen meter and can be refilled. Players must activate oxygen shield or get on cracked ground. Borderlands have four playable classes such as Claptrap (yes him) his ability is “VaultHunter.exe that generates random effects. Nisha (Lawbringer) uses pistols and her ability is “Showdown”. Showdown increase her gun damage and speed. It can also quickly switch between enemies. Wilhelm (Enforcer) uses two drones Wolf and Saint for support. The gameplay is similar to Borderlands 2. Players can drive vehicles and go on side missions. Each class have a skill tree to raise your stats. Also went leveling up, you get badass points for enhancements. There is minor changes for Pre Sequel. Other than making Handsome Jack a hero in this game,

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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix Disney Memories Review

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix Disney Memories Review

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix summary

Kingdom Hearts HD1 .5 + 2.5 is a HD collection of a series of KH games. For those who don’t know about Kingdom Hearts is. Here is a quick summary of the game. Sora, who is the main protagonist travels through different Disney worlds to find his friends. He is accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy to find them. During, there adventures Sora, Donald and Goofy learn the truth. Why they forget things and saving King Mickey. There are obstacles in their way such as notorious Disney villains. A group of nobodies named Organization XII that gets in the way. Will Sora save his childhood friends Kairi and Rikku? What does the Keyblade hold a sentiment value? Does the trio cherish their memories? Kingdom Hearts is a popular rpg and exceptional. Square Enix and Disney collab to make a great game.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - Kingdom Hearts HD

The story of Kingdom Hearts is a bit complicated but there are videos on it. That being said, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix is a remastered bundle with 6 games. I will give a brief rundown on Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix first. Afterwards Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix games last. First, Let start with Kingdom Heart Final Mix, the story is Rikku and Kairi is missing. It’s up to Sora, Donald and Goofy to save them. Final Mix is a standard action rpg and allows choose to level up. Sora travels through worlds like Deep Jungle, Olympus Coliseum and Agrabah. Players can equip keyblades and magic. Later, Sora will learn new abilities such as high jump. You can summon other Disney characters like Dumbo, Genie and many more.

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League of Legends – Summoners Champion MOBA Video Game Review

League of Legends - Summoners Champion MOBA Video Game Review

League of Legends summary

League of Legends is a MOBA developed by Riot Games. This game is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena next to Valve’s DOTA. The inspiration for League of Legends (LoL) is classic Warcraft which is top-down perspective. Smite is third-person perspective with similar gameplay mechanics. The game have over 100 characters (maybe more) with different classes. Player’s choose fighter, mage, marksman and tank champion types. Marksman champions are Ashe, Miss Fortune and Varus which this character have long range weapons. Mage champions are Lux, Swain and Karthus which have magic abilities and less defense. Tank are very powerful and the champions are Malphite, Sejuani and Rammus. Fighter have greater offense and great for close range. The main champions are Wukong, Jax and Xin Zhao.

League of Legends gameplay

There is two more champions’ types Assassin and Support. Assassin are fast and main characters is Diana, Fizz and Katarina. Support is healing and powering up your teammates. The champions are Alistar, Nami and Soraka. Main goal of the game is destroy the opposite team’s crystal. First, they must destroy turrets and inhibitors with their minions. Players can choose their champions and loadouts if their choice. In game, you champion can level up and upgrade your abilities. Each champion have four skillsets. Players can level up fighting field monsters and hide from enemies. You can chat with your team and issues commands. While at your home base, players can buy items and consumables. There are items such as armor, mobility, damage and many more.

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Huniepop – How to Get a Girlfriend Video Game Review

Huniepop – How to Get a Girlfriend Video Game Review

What is Huniepop?

Huniepop is a puzzle dating sim video game by Huniepot. The game is wildly popular seen it’s release. Huniepop is a very unique dating sim that’s not by in Japan. It’s a indie game and featuring full voiced acting. The plot is about a love angel named Kyu (who is disguised) to help you find love. Players will have to find girls and developed a relationship with them. Kyu provides insights and advice on how to win the girl. She gives the players a app that show girls preferences and hobbies. Kyu sends messages and very funny character. There is two phases which is interaction with each girl and learning more about her. Second phase is dating which results in tile matching and puzzle-like Puyo Puyo style. While talking with each girl, based on your choices. How will the girl coming to react to.

Huniepop Jessie Dialogue

There are 6+ girls to get to know. You can give them food, items and drinks based on their preferences. For example, Jessie loves to drink and her strong trait is sexuality. Aiko loves going to Casino and she is a University Teacher. Audrey is a hot-headed girl who rants about life. Beil loves meditation and relaxation. Tiffany is a college student and loves education. Those are preferences that girls have. While traveling through places like Mail, Fitness Centers and Bars. The girls will have different outfits while interacting and dating. If you fail at your date, it’s back to square one. During dating, players must match five passion tokens expect for heartbreak (purple). Each token represents dating, yellow is for extra moves and means joy. Red is sexuality and passion is pink. Light blue is sentiment and blue means talent.

Nikki Stats

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Blue Dragon Anime – Heart of a Shadow Warrior Review

Blue Dragon Anime - Heart of a Shadow Warrior Review

What is Blue Dragon Anime?

Blue Dragon anime is based on Xbox 360 video game by Mistwalker and Artoon. Video game was the first jrpg in Microsoft Xbox. Blue Dragon video game plot is a group of adventurers fight a evil Kingdom with shadows. However, the anime have a what if story and original plot then video game. In the video game, Shu, Kluke and Jiro were childhood friends. Anime adaptation is Jiro is traveling with Zola. Jiro is not childhood friends with Shu and Kluke. Blue Dragon anime put some elements from the video game into the story. Shu is a protagonist that wants to become a knight and reckless. Zola is the leader of the group and voice of reason. Her motives are unknown throughout the coarse of the series. Jiro wants to become strong and rival of Shu. Zola and Jora relationship is master/apprentice.

Blue Dragon Xbox 360

Later on in their journey fighting the Grand Kingdom. Shu and the group meet Maromaru ( he is different than his game counterpart). A new character from the anime is Bouquet. Bouquet is a maid with self esteem issues and have a crush on Shu. She is a tribe that turns invisible after taking their clothes off. Her shadow is a Hippo that transforms into anything. Speaking of Shadows, the group retains from the video game. Shu has Blue Dragon but had a hard time controlling him. Kluke gets hers at the tomb. Phoenix could protect and heal others. Maromaru’s Tiger shadow moves super speed. Jiro manatoro is more offense like Shu Blue Dragon and Zola killer bat.

Blue Dragon Anime Shu, Jiro and Zora

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