Speedrunners – How Fast Can You Complete a Game

 Speedrunners How Fast You Can Beat a Game

What are speedrunners

There is a phenomenon in the game industry. It’s called Speedrunning which a gamer record his or herself completing a game in a certain amount of time. As a Speedrunner you have to be good at the game and know how to game works. In history Speedrunners are members of an online communities and it’s a subculture in the gaming world. There is a website called Speed Demos Archive which is dedicated to Speedrunners for hosting videos and charity work. It’s all start with a games called Doom and Quake. You have to kill of the monster, be on Nightmare difficulty and find all secrets on the map.


LifeL1ke - Quake Speedrunners in 23:11

In November 1994, Doom Speedrunning community was turned into a form of a website called COMPET-N which has scoreboards. Doom-related achievements and recorded hours of demo gameplay. Quack had a project called Quake done Quick which the members of the project making a move.

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Do You Have a Video Gaming Disorder and Addiction?

 Do You Have a Video Gaming Disorder and Addiction.

What is video gaming disorder?

Video gaming could be anybody favorite pastime but do you play it too much. Addiction can be a sickness like drugs and alcohol. Study said playing video games too much will hurt your brain. In American Addiction Centers, show that video games could sharpen cognitive skills. Testing hand reflexes and brain coordination. Video games depends on the mood of the player. First-person shooter could trigger anger, excitement and neutral mood in the brain. There are some warning signs of video gaming disorder. Poor performance at work, school and household responsibilities of the player. Neglect other day to day hobbies and using video games to escape stressful situations. Inability to set limits on how much time is spent playing video games.

anime girl playing video games

I kind of disagree with a decline in personal hygiene because we need to clean ourselves. Certain beliefs in video game are called flow. Flow is when gamers became immersed in an activity that makes them lose track of time. For example, 6 year old Timmy Turner got 5 homework assignments but want to play a brand new video game. Timmy spends 12 hours on playing video games and forgot to do his homework. He lost track of time and will get an F on his assignments. If Mrs. and Mr. Turner would put their foot down. Tell Timmy to do his homework, he would got an A+ on his assignment. Parents would have to get involved. For adults, you are on your own and have time management. Grownups, have responsible such as talking care of children, work and etc. P.S. you are not a kid anymore but an adult act like it.

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Third Party Characters in Video Games | Crossover Madness

Third Party Characters in Video Games | Crossover Madness

What are third party characters?

Third party characters mean, a licensed character from another video games crosses over to another franchise. For this to happen, developers must come to agreement and acquired the license. This procedure requires money and how much will the company from using their licensed character. For example, Tekken video game producer Katsuhiro Harada stated that Gon can’t appear in other games. Due to license issues and it’s a one-time contract with manga creator Masashi Tanaka. In order for Gon to make an appearance Namco would have to acquire another contact with Tanaka. Namco must pay Tanaka to use his character. Once the game is released, for using third party characters. Video games proceeds must go to license holder as well. Gamers would love to see another characters crossing over to another.

Tekken 3 Gon

Failure to pay the license holder will result in a lawsuit. Third party video games characters doesn’t always apply. Movie, television and comics crossover in video games as well. Just like Tekken 3 example that I have brought up. Nowadays, some video games companies collab with one other. I forgot to meaning that third-party skins from other franchises. Monster Hunter is notable for having costumes from anime, video games and more. Speaking of crossover video games, Super Smash Bros is a popular franchise featuring Nintendo characters. Companies could make a crossover video game without using third-party characters. Latest Super Smash Bros acquired characters Pac-Man, Mega Man, Cloud Strife, Ryu and Bayonetta.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Trash Talking In Video Games | Does it Hurt or Feel Good?

Trash Talking In Video Games | Does it Hurt or Feel Good?

Trash talking is weak?

Do you love to talk smack in video games? Do you easily get your feeling hurt? Well I have to tell you that it’s natural when you are playing with friends or online gaming. When someone trash talk that means they think “I am better than you and you are inferior”. When playing with your buddies, sometimes you insult them in a humorous way because you are they friend.

Video Game Trash Talk - The Breakup

For instance you are playing online, those people are not your friends and you don’t know them. You can make friends that’s okay but sometimes you need someone to play with because you don’t have friends. I did a blog post about dangers of online gaming for kids, I stated that “Kids shouldn’t play Call of Duty online because you don’t want to hear grown people cursing and insulting one other”. In online gaming chat, you will the vilest, annoying and usually people on the internet.

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Why Kids Under 18 Shouldn’t Play Call Of Duty or Online Games

Why Kids Under 18 Shouldn’t Play Call Of Duty or Online Games

What is the dangers of online games?

Online games is a great way to make friends, join a community and play together, but there potential dangers in putting yourself in an online. For example, you are in a chatroom on an online dating site or social media. You met someone online you never met before and have not seen or you don’t know in your life. You are a rebellious teen want looking for love online and they person is far from your age like 30, you shouldn’t be talking to that person because you don’t what that person intentions is.


My advice is that don’t date anyone older than you. You can socialize with that individual if you know them like a teacher, friend, co-workers, family and etc. Another don’t put your personal information on social media unless you are starting a business, because if someone don’t like you they can come where ever you at and do harm to you. Maybe leak your information all over the web and potentially lose your job and call or harass you, especially if you’re a content creator but use a different name not your real name.

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