Captain N The Game Master – Hero of NES Power Review

Captain N The Game Master - Hero of NES Power Review

Captain N the Game Master summary

Captain N the Game Master is a 80s cartoon based on NES property. The overall plot is a boy named Kevin and his dog named Duke. Both of them are transported into a world called Videoland. Videoland is being taken over by Mother Brain (Metriod). Lana the king’s daughter uses the power glove to summon Kevin. She is not alone, there is Simon Belmont from Castlevania. Mega Man and Pit from Kid Icarus. While in Videoland (a world named after video games), Kevin is armed with a NES controller and Zapper. NES controller is on his waist and have abilities. NES controller can pause, fast forward and jump. Zapper can pixelize enemies and have limited ammo. Kevin and the gang are called N Team. Together Kevin and the N Team warp through wolds. Stopping Mother Brain from talking over Videoland.

The N Team - Captain N The Game Master

I realize this is based on 80s NES era. Simon Belmont and Mega Man are not from Nintendo. Captain N show does have some Nintendo characters like Link. Note: There is no Mario or Samus Aran in this show. Other character like Dr. Wily, Ganon and other villains appeared in this show. Lets break down the main cast. Kevin is from the real world along with Duke. He is the typical hero from another world. Duke is Kevin friend and trusted sidekick on the show. Lana is the princess and not damsel in distress. Simon Belmont is a airheaded buffoon that loves himself and trying to date Lana. Mega Man always say Mega during his dialogue. Pit is very small and like arcus after end of this sentence. I don’t like Simon Belmont and other character portrayals.

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Awesome Con 2019 – 80 Years of Batman Goodness

Awesome Con 2019 - 80 Years of Batman Goodness

Awesome Con 2019

Awesome Con 2019 was average unlike last year. Not a lot of people show up on Saturday. Maybe Sunday and Friday was the best. Well technically I brought Saturday day one ticket. Although I didn’t go to Batman 80 years but I got to meet Tara Strong. Tara Strong is one of my favorite female voice actress. She is known for Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls), Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony) and Raven (Teen Titans). Tara Strong Q & A was conflict with Batman 80 years panel. I wished there were different times. Anyways, I was mostly in the game room checking out some retro games and indies. The indie that intrigue me is #BLUD and looks like a cartoon. There were others like Grumpy Witch, Valley of Shadow and Crescendo. All of these indies are well-crafted and fun. I have signed up for betas and email mailing list.

Awesome Con 2019 - Mega Cat Studios booth

There is more indies games to share. Frightshow Fighter made a appearance and remember covering this indie. I got a hands-on experience and really enjoy it. Osunia was a prototype and plays like Harvest Moon. Sneaky Ninja was cute and casually stealthy fun game. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch soon. Here is a flash from the past. Atari Adventure is recreated to have multiplayer. Do you remember the game from Ready Player One? Now, there is more players can play instead of one. Mega Cat Studios booth was mind-blowing with recreating NES and Genesis games. Check out these guys and other indie developers I have mention. There are some indies I have played last conventions that appeared at Awesome Con.

Stan Lee Memorial
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Sabrina the Animated Series Xabrina Warrior Witch Episode 49 Review

Sabrina the Animated Series Xabrina Warrior Witch Episode 49 Review

What is Sabrina the Animated Series about?

Sabrina the Animated Series is based on the Archie Comics Sabrina the Teenage Witch. There is a couple of animated shows and live action. The story and plot is about a teenage girl named Sabrina Spellman. She is a witch and lives with her family. Sabrina has a familiar named Salem who talks and a warlock. Two immortal aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman. Her uncle Quigley who doesn’t have magic. Uncle Quigley is a original character from the show. There are other characters like Harvey Kinkle, Gem Stone and Chole (Sabrina school friend). In the series, Sabrina tackles on being a witch and trying to fit in. She uses magic to fix problems and learn her lesson at the end. Sabrina the Animated Series episode 46 revolves around video games and VR. Let’s start with Xabrina Warrior Witch episode.

Sabrina the Animated Series Xabrina Warrior Witch

Here is a summary of the episode. Harvey is at the arcade and trying to get the high school. A man named Mr. MBA approach Harvey to find a beta tester to try out his new game Myths, Monsters and Mayhew. Harvey accepts the deal and Sabrina is worry about him. Chole and Sabrina finds out that Harvey is stuck in the game. Sabrina calls Vicious Games and MBA is unavailable. She finds out that Harvey needs help. Chole and Sabrina comes inside Myths, Monsters and Mayhem game. The duo must complete challenges and get the reward to win. Note: Sabrina can’t use her magic in the game. Sabrina and Chole meets NPCs that help the duo. First is Aunt Zelda who is Athena and gives them insights.

Xabrina Warrior Witch Zelda

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Yumeria – Enter the Dream World and Fight Anime Review

Yumeria – Enter the Dream World and Fight Anime Review

What is Yumeria?

Yumeria anime is based on Namco dating sim video game. The plot of the game is revolves around 16 year old boy named Tomokazu Mikuri. Tomokazu lives with his cousin Nanase Senjyou, who he has perverted fanatics for. Mikuri is a awkward and narrow person in the game. He is the protagonist of the video game and anime. Yumeria video game have a blend of visual novel and rpg. The game was not released in outside of Japan. Tomokazu one day falls asleep and wake up in a dream world. He meets a blue-haired girl named Mont. Mone is the priestess of sleep and has no dialogue other than repeating her name. After walking up in the dream world, Mikuri was surprise that Mone was beside him in the real world.

Yumeria PS2

Nanase playful jokes about Mikuri bring girls in the house. In Yumeria anime, Mikuri meets other girls in the series. Mitsuki Agatsuma is Mikuri’s childhood friend and a very timid girl. Neneko is a curious girl who has a reverse reincarnation persona called Netio. Neito is a woman from the future that explains the plot to the viewers. She gives a summary about the dream world and alien race the Feydooms. Feydooms are the main antagonist of the series. They want to take over the real world by crossing over from the dream world. Nanase is the caretaker and easygoing woman. She takes care of Mikuri after his parents passed away from fighting the Feydooms. Nanase have a alter-ego named Silk in the dream world.

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Invader Zim – Game Slave 2 Video Game Episode Review

Invader Zim – Game Slave 2 Video Game Episode Review

What is Invader Zim?

Invader Zim is a animated cartoon series about a little alien called Zim. Zim is an Irk who wants to take over the earth. The show is created by Jhonen Vasquez who known for his character design of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Invader Zim is a black comedy tv series that features crude humor just like Floamy the Squirrel. The show was very popular and became a hit in Nickelodeon. Sadly, it was cancelled after season 2 and present time. Jhonen Vasquez is bringing Invader Zim back for a television film. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus is still in development but hopefully come out in 2019. The show have wacky cast of characters with twisted personalities. The main protagonist and anti-hero Zim is voiced by Richard Horvitz known for Billy from The Grim Adventures.

Gaz and Dib Game Slave 2

Also Alpha 5 from Power Rangers, Skylanders Kaos and Raz from Psychonauts. Zim arc-rival Dib, who spreads conspiracy theories and learn about aliens. GIR, Zim robot companion and a bit dim-witted. The Almighty Tallest who are Zim’s superiors. Gaz Membrane, a cynical and anti-social sister of Dib. Professor Membrane father of Gaz and Dib, who is a scientist. There are many more as the series progress. My favorite is Gaz because she is like some viewers question characters everyday life. For example, why is Zim bad at talking over the world? Is Dib wanted to save the world? Gaz is the less straight guy in the series.

Dib Mall Zombies Game Slave 2

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