Top 5 Video Games Beat’em Up Troupes’ That Drives You Nuts

Top 5 Video Games  Beat’em Up Troupes’ That Drives You Nuts

Beat’em up troupes

Beat em up troupes are often seen in video games. You pick a character and beat up some bad guys. Weapons are involved and defeating the boss. Beat’em up games often has 2D side-scrolling or 3D planes. The game can be up to 6 players (X-Men Arcade). Sometimes 3 or 4 players fighting at the same time. What about the cutscenes and storyline? These play a factor in beat’em up video games. Someone is kidnapped or end goal. These games uses a lot of continues, if you have money. In the 80s and 90s, you are a kid fastenated at awesome arcade cabinet. You ask for money from your parents and have a blast. Ever you play alone or with friends. Gamers will share fond memories of playing. Let’s start this countdown with top 5 video game beat em up troupes.

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Top 5 LGBT and Ships Characters In Video Games

Top 5 LGBT and Ships Characters In Video Games

Top 5 LGBT and ships video game characters

Top 5 lgbt and ships character in video games what is the fandom wants. This blog post is about love and what makes it go around. February is the day of Valentine’s Day and spread it around. Love is in the air and it doesn’t matter who you are. The method of love can break anything that cause hate. For example, Sam from Tomb Raider being more than a BFF to Lara Croft. We the fandom ships these characters and some might come up the closet. Certain people are not happy with lgbtq culture. Hand full of people will embrace it. You are not born lgbt but it’s a choice. If you want to love your life that makes you happy. Go for it and be proud of who you are.

Mortal Kombat X - D'Vorah's Kiss of Death

In the past, I had problem with lgbt but I am pass that. That being said, I will talk about some ships that fans will enjoy. I will talk more about what you think in the comments. Let’s get the ball rolling shall we?

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Top 5 African American Characters In Video Games

Top 5 African American Characters In Video Games Black History Moth

African American characters in video games

As you know it’s Black History Month and I know there is a majority of White protagonist in video games. What about the minority groups who take up the role of the hero, villain and supporting? I am counting down top 5 African American characters for Black History Month.

5. Franklin Clinton – Grand Theft Auto V


Franklin Theodore Clinton

Franklin is a former gang banger who want to make big money to get out the projects. He is one of the three protagonist along with Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa. As a African American man he is stereotype as a thug in a projects especially in the black community. Franklin is doing what black should be doing getting a real job instead of selling drugs and going to jail. He does care for his friend Lamar Davis for example saving him from a rival gang called Ballas and he lives with his aunt. Franklin is also voice by Shawn “Solo” Fonteno (Having not worked as an actor since The Wash) Fonteno ask Ned Luke and Steven Ogg for acting tips. I pick Franklin because he want to get out of that gang life and young black males can related to him.

4. Lee Everett – The Walking Dead

Lee Everett

Lee was a college professor at University of Georgia and afterwards send to prison for murdering a man for having an affair with his wife. While being transported to prison walkers came and manage to escape and find Clementine (will be the protagonist of season 2 and 3). Lee plays a role of the father figure of Clemetine and he is the voice of reason to the group on doing what is right. He is portrayed as modest and kind to others, Lee Everett voiced by Dave Fennoy and a great leader of the group of survivors.

3. Zack – Dead Or Alive Series

Zack from Dead or Alive

Zack is a DJ who uses Muay Thai boxing style and he is an eccentric person who participate to earn money.He owns an Island named after him (that what the Xtreme series takes places) and is the host of the DOA 5 tournament along with Helena Douglas (save her from a burning building). He has a love interested in Tina Armstrong (she is hot btw) but never return his feelings, Zack is voiced by Keith Silverstein (DOA 5) and Khary Payton (DOAX2-Dimensions),. Zack is what black enterprise want to invest in money to build your own business and make something of yourself.

2. Riley Abel – The Last of Us

Riley Abel

Riley was a member of the Fireflies and has a close relationship with Ellie. In Left Behind DLC Riley and Eile met at a military boarding school and became BFF afterwards. The Last of Us American Dreams, Riley is described as “an extremely strong personality. Who also support Eile no matter what and one of the first African American LGBT character in video games. Riley Abel is voiced by Yaani King and Riley was a great supporting character for Elie and great friend.

1. Barret Wallace – Final Fantasy VII

Barret Wallace African American characters

Barret is the leader of eco-terrorist croup called AVALANCHE to stop a megacorporation Shinra. He takes care daughter Marlene (who is adopted and her real father is Dyne). People compare Barret to Mr.T. He dislikes the main protagonist Cloud Strife. Barret is voiced by Beau Billingslea, fights with a gun-arm and speaks in slang. He listed as of the best sidekicks in video games.

More African American characters in the future

Those are my picks and I am sure there are more about there and I know we as African Americans we are portray poorly in media but in video games we can take on any role. We need more African American characters in video games.

Top 5 Social Media Sites That Increase Traffic on Gaming Website & Blog

Top 5 Social Media Sites That Increase Traffic on Gaming Website & Blog

How to grow on Social Media?

Are you tired of low traffic and no one playing attention to your blog? There is a couple of things I have learn while researching online. I like to give an honorable mention to ShoutmeLoud for giving tips on growing my blog. These tips and social media might work for fashion, website SEO and other bloggers. I don’t know about video game website and blogs. I tried it and prove them wrong that you can grow on different social media sites. Sky is the limit, gaming market is saturated and very hard to grow. We gaming blogger could excel like any other niche. SEO is a key element and play major role in a blog. What about sharing it to audiences in your niche?

Anjim Plays Gaming Blog

Do you want reader from different niches reading your gaming blog? I don’t think so, play it smart and safe in social media. In social media, people outside your niche follows you. How will you response to that? Will you not follow that person? In that situation, I would check out that person and engage with that person. For example, your niche is gaming and a SEO specialist follow you on Instagram. That specialist sends you a dm about promoting your brand. Will you take it? Probably, it’s your decision or choice to deal with. Enough rambling, let’s get right into meat of the blog post. Top 5 social media sites that will increase traffic on gaming website and blog.

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Top 5 Video Game Controllers for PC, PS4 and Xbox One to Grab

Top 5 Video Game Controllers for PC, PS4 and Xbox One to Grab

What are the best video game controllers?

Video game controllers puts player’s into the virtual reality. You can control the character based on your input. Using the keyboard is very different than a gamepad. A controller is very conformable in one’s hands. Sometimes it doesn’t and look very complicated based on design elements. I have my share of video game controllers throughout the years of gaming. Choose the right controller can revamp your playstyle. Configuration buttons is apart of mapping and choose your way to play. Video game controllers have different functions like changing colors, vibration and input audio headsets. Controllers have become apart of video game culture. Different controller designs from third-party companies. It have another term called “video game controller skins” and consoles have them too. Let’s get right to top 5 video game controllers for pc and more.

5. Afterglow Xbox One and PC controller – PDP

PDP Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox One (048-121-NA) - Xbox One Video Game Controllers

Afterglow Xbox one and PC controller is a great choice because it doesn’t burn out. This controller have different features such as changing colors and in-game chat option. The design is transparent with prismatic colors and same button schemes. Afterglow comes with a app by PDP available at Microsoft Store. I did a review about afterglow Xbox One and PC controller make sure to check it out. If you are a pc gamer or Xbox One user. Afterglow Xbox One and PC controller is available on Amazon. I am hoping it doesn’t burn out like other pc controller.

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