GunGrave Anime – Starting from the Bottom to Top Review

GunGrave Anime – Starting from the Bottom to Top Review

What is Gungrave anime about?

Gungrave anime is based on third-person shooter video game by Red Entertainment. The plot of Gungrave is about a sweeper named Brandon Heat. Brandon Heat is a street rat along with his best friend Harry McDowell. After being betrayed by his best friend Harry and shot to death. Brandon turns to Dr. Tokika to bring him back to life. He is revived by Dr. T and seeks revenge against his former best friend. Gungrave video game revolves around shooting targets and using his Gunkata. However, there is a name switch about the villain group. In the anime, it was called “Millennion” but video game “Syndicate”. Gungrave anime gave Brandon backstory about explore the character more than source material. The most notable staff that was involve in making Gungrave is. Yasuhiro Nightow who is known for Trigun and Blood Blockade Battle Battlefront manga series.

Gungrave ps2

The first part of the anime is exploring Brandon and Harry youth. They were orphans doing petty crimes to survive. Brandon was a mute and didn’t talk much in the first half. Harry was a con and smooth talking young man. The story establish about Harry and Brandon friendship. Later on Brandon, met of the supporting character Maria. Maria is Brandon childhood friend and love interest. She wants to live a peaceful life. Maria lives with her uncle who killed her mother. Her uncle is very protective of Maria and friend of Big Daddy. Later, Harry and Brandon friends were killed. The two made a name from themselves in town. Maria stay with Big Daddy at his mansion. Harry and Brandon decided to join the organization.

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What are Video Game Tiers? How Do You Achieve Them?

What are Video Games Tiers How Do You Achieve Them

What are video game tiers?

Video game tiers is benefits and perks that players get an edge on. For example, fighting games have tier list characters ranging from high damage and low defense. Tiers can shape the way players use these characters. Popular fighting games have different tiers based on skill sets and attributes. Notable games like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, King of Fighter XIV and many more have tiers. Super Smash Bros Ultimate might have tier list based on how they’re used. In Street Fighter V, some player pick Guile, Kolin or Abigail which you can put in a tier list. Sometimes depending on the character you pick can be on the list. Back to Street Fighter V, Abigail is very strong but slow movement. Which tier will Abigail I think it will be D tier.

Street Fighter V Abigail combos

D tier is below C, B and A which is below average. Guile is C tier and he is a charge character. His Sonic Boom and Somersault give his average damage. Kolin is C tier as well with a cytokinesis moves. Those are three example of Street Fighter V but what about Tekken 7. Tekken 7 characters Jin Kazuma, King and Lucky Chole have tiers. Lucky is E tier which her attack is weak but very acrobatic movement. King is B tier combining with his chain throw and adaptable movement. Jin Kazuma is A tier with Mashima style combat. The King of Fighter XIV time, Tung Ru Fue is E tier which his lack of command throw and range of his attack. Clark Steel is D tier throws is very power but slow movement. Geese is B tier with his counter and pompous attacks.

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