What Happen to Fun and Educational Video Games

What Happen to Fun and Educational Video Games

Educational video games

Back in the early 90s, educational video games help children in school. I remember playing Math Blaster and Reading Rabbit in elementary school. Math was not my strong suit but reading was. That’s why I love writing and got good grades for it. My parent didn’t want me to play non-educational games. They didn’t raise me to become a bum. My parents wanted me to become a successful person in life. Sorry for the life story, back on track with this post. Video games doesn’t have to about who is the last person standing. What about knocking someone out of a stage? Learning combos in fighting games that debatable topic. Moving from platform and solving puzzles to advance. People think making video games or playing them is a waste. Developers put their heart and soul to these IPs. Playing these games will benefit gamers.

Math Blaster - Educational Video Games

Video games can be educational in a way. Learning video games doesn’t have to be for children. Any demographic can enjoy them. We have a whole list of educational games in decades. Some games were brought in for schools. I will named a few games that known for being educational. JumpStart series is about learning about logic in different grade level. The game range from 1st grade through 6. JumpStart is designed to be fun and engaging kids. There is a popular game called Carmen Sandiego about learning about the world. Carmen Sandiego is highly popular series. It spawns Netflix TV series and many games revolves around time, space and history. Player must find and arrest Carmen Sandiego from stealing artifacts for V.I.L.E. LeapFrong is a handheld gaming device that revolves around learning. There are popular companies trying to emulate educational games.

Reading Rabbit 2 - Educational Video Games

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Dreamcast Collection – Fishing, Drivingand Dancing Video Game Review

Dreamcast Collection – Fishing, Drivingand Dancing Video Game Review

What is Dreamcast Collection?

Dreamcast Collection is a series of compilation video games from Sega era. Sega Dreamcast is a short-lived video game console in 1998. It was considered sixth generation of video game consoles. Dreamcast had little games in video game market. Sega Dreamcast was a unique system with built-in modem for online gaming. VMU stands for Virtual Memory Unit similar to a PS2 memory card. Virtual Memory had pets in Sonic Adventure. Vibration function similar to Rumble Pack in Nintendo 64. Microphone which you can talk into for games like Seaman. Dreamcast controllers like closer to Xbox in a distinctive way. I remember having a Dreamcast in my childhood.

Sega Deamcast

There were games I have played like House of the Dead and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Even some games I have not owned yet  Hoping that Sega released a Dreamcast classic like NES, PlayStation and SNES. Enough with the fanboy moment, lets dive right into Sega Dreamcast Collection. I brought the steam version and there is one game that not on Dreamcast. Nights into Dreams was not on Sega Dreamcast. The game is about a Nightmaren named Nights who rebel against its creator Wizeman to stop him from talking over Nightopia. One day, two children named Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair who suffers from negative emotions. The two journey to Nightopia were they meet Nights. Will they stop Wizeman from talking over the real world and Nightopia.

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