The Rising of the Shield Hero Mistreat Your Peers Anime Review

The Rising of the Shield Hero Mistreat Your Peers Anime Review

What is The Rising of the Shield Hero?

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a light novel by Aneko Yusagi. It revolves around a otaku named Iwatani Naofumi who is transported into a world. There are protagonists being transported into another world troups in anime. I will get to that toward the end of this post. Naofumi is a shield warrior and the chosen one. He is one of the chosen warriors to save Melromac. There is a spear warrior (Motoyasu), sword (Ren) and bow (Itsuki). These four warriors have to save the Kingdom of Melromac from Catastrophe. Naofumi early in the series gets used by the King’s Daughter named Matly. Matly travels with Naofumi and uses him. Naofumi was dumbfounded and mistrust people after being setup by Matly. Everyone from Malromac shunned Naofumi and treat him like a criminal. This cause Naofumi to felt unease and cynical toward people.

Naofumi, Raphtaila and Filo

Later on Naofumi, uses his shield to acquire skills and protect others. During his adventures, he learn more about Malromac culture. Outcasted and feel exiled by society, Naofumi meets allies on his adventure. Iwatani meets a slave demi-human named Raphtaila. Raphtaila is a racoon-like demi human that lost her parent during Catastrophe. Naofumi brough her from a slave trader and join in the adventure. Raph is Naofumi sword and right-hand person. Early on, she doesn’t know how to use a sword. After fighting some monsters, Raphtaila level up and become stronger. Later on, Naofumi and Raphtaila brought a egg that have a bird-angel slave. That bird named is Filo, who can change sizes and transform into a human.

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The Angel Inn & Dungeon Dreams Indie Games Hands-On


The Angel Inn & Dungeon Dreams Thirst For Action Indie Games Hands-On

What is The Angel Inn?

The Angel Inn is a visual novel indie game developed by DdreamGames. These are the markers of Dungeon Dreams video game. The plot of the game is you are a traveling Swordsmen hired to be a bodyguard for Merchant’s Guild. You Stumbleupon The Angel Inn where you meet a pretty girl named Shea. Shea is the owner and caretaker of The Angel Inn. Not only you meet Shea, there is another adventurer named Faylin. Faylin is a typical tsundere personality and a sharp tongue. Rosebella is a musician and a noble woman who hate the Guild. Your adventure is in four days and it’s time to relax in The Angel Inn. The player choose to hang out with 3 girls and interact with them. There are 3 parts of the day.

The Angel Inn gameplay

Morning, evening and night, make sure you use them wisely. Note: this game for 18+ with lewd dialogue and content. The Angel Inn have 5 multiple endings and different character route in-game. Artstyle of The Angel Inn is very clean and elegant piece. Soundtrack is very chill and relaxing while staying at The Angel Inn. I really enjoy the demo and can’t wait for the full version. Rosebella is the best girl and can’t wait to see more of her. If you love visual novel make sure to play The Angel Inn demo today.

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Why the Hate for RPG and JRPGs? Just Deal With It!

What People Hate JRPGs And RPGs In General

Why hate rpg and jrpgs?

Here is the question why people hate rpg and jrpgs in general? Is it too hard? Is it made in jrpgs and too anime-ish? Do you want an easy way to complete the game? Here is a news flash for you RPG haters, nowadays every genre of video games has RPG elements in them. You can’t play the game like the old days where you unlock stuff by completing the game or go through certain condition in-game. Like it or not Role Playing Games are growing every step of the way. In statistics by Leafly (image below) Role Playing are at 17 % than shooters (32%) and action (20%) games. Which is the third most played genre in video games but it made be different than the other graphics. There is another a best-selling graph which Role Playing is at 7.2% which is rank four next to adventure, sports and shooters.


I wouldn’t count role playing games as a weak genre. Let’s talk about role playing games in general, RPG is you play as a hero or heroine whatever you choose to play based on the game. You journey into a world where you save the world, rescue a princess whatever plot that the game has. You can’t go on an adventure without weapons, items and magic because if you don’t its game over for you. Sometimes you can’t go on an adventure alone you will meet people will join your cause (which is a party). If you want information and clues there are NPC (non-playable characters) that will help you choose wisely. As a hero or heroine you will want to get stronger that’s why it called leveling up.

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Final Fantasy VII – Save The Planet’s Energy Video Game Review

Final Fantasy VII – Save The Planet’s Energy Video Game Review

What is Final Fantasy VII?

Final Fantasy VII is an role-playing game by Square Enix. It’s considered to be one of the best Final Fantasy games. FFVII has a cult-following and getting a remake soon. The game is engrave in my childhood from early 90s. PS1 was basely JRPG heavy and brought remarkable IPS from developers. Final Fantasy is one of the popular video game franchises to date. Square Enix hired some unique talent staff Nobuo Uematsu, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Tetsuya Nomura. Don’t worry you will heard these names went Final Fantasy name brought up. FFVII’s plot is about mercenary named Cloud Strife. Cloud join a eco-terrorist named AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE’s main mission is to stop megacorpation called Shinra from stealing planet’s energy. Clould meets characters that will help save planet’s lifeforce and bring down Shinra.

Final Fantasy Vii gameplay

FFVII is known for memorial characters and breathtaking story-telling. The storyline shifts between tragic and melodramatic. There is loads of characters that have a story arc. Barret Wallace backstory is about his friend Dyne and being a father. Tifa Lockhart’s past is about Sephiroth killing her father and getting revenge. Red XIII have a stray relationship with his father. Aerith Gainsborough finds out she is last surviving Cetra. The major main antagonist Sephiroth want to get a new world with Jenova.

Final Fantasy VII cloud past

Cloud wants to be like Sephiroth but changes his mind. Each character feels deep and have a connection with one other. There are lighter tone throughout course of the game.  Square Enix team slowly translate between 2D and 3D models. Did you know Final Fantasy consider to be on Nintendo 64? Staff didn’t think it wouldn’t work, N64 lacks frame rate and storage.

Final Fantasy VII opening


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