Bayani and Infinite Adventures Indies Games Hands-on

Bayani and Infinite Adventures Indies Games Hands-on

Infinite Adventures

Infinite Adventures is a dungeon crawler indie game developed by Stormseeker Games. The overall concept of Infinite Adventures is you are a traveler that goes on missions. Players can create a hero with races and archetypes. Also players can choose their personalities and voices. You can form or create your own party members. Select your classes with different abilities that fit your playstyle. Once you create your hero male or female, whatever you decide. Players can go on missions, taverns and dungeons that are procedurally generated. There are over 260 skills and 24 summons to master. Talk to 40 NPCs with full voiced actors. Note: you have to recruit 6 members for dungeons. During battle, you have to face enemies in different ways. For example, if you have a sword fight enemies on the front. Bow and arrow can defeat enemies in the back.

Infinite Adventures gameplay

Players can switch between style during combat. You can attack, defend and use special skills called Kessen. Upgrade your hero with skill points to get stronger. Your hero have passive, skill tree and equipment to expand. Face off against bosses and learn the dark secrets of the Labyrinth. Infinite Adventures is an amazing rpg with beautiful art style. Stellar animation and amazing voice acting. I am loving the blend with 2D sprites and 3D backgrounds. The game definitely have replay value. It gives player a lot of control with character creation. Use strategy to plan your attack on enemies. Subtle soundtrack and challenging missions. This is the first rpg that allows player to create their own party. Instead of meeting party member like Final Fantasy and other rpg games. Infinite Adventures will keep rpg fans entertain for while. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 – Humans Vs Gears Video Game Review

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 – Humans Vs Gears Video Game Review

What is Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2?

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is a updated version of Revelator and Sign. Rev 2 features DLC characters and fixed online issues. The game have new balanced mechanics and new hub menu from Revelator. Game’s plot is after Revelator when Sol and the gang stop Ramlethal Valentine from destroying humanity. Rev 2 picks up concluding Ramlethal story arc. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is one of the first fighting games using anime style graphics. During development, the team at Arc System Works wanted to look closely anime. Using 400 to 600 bones and Unreal Engine handling Cartesian X, Y and Z axes. Artist Junya Christopher Motomura wanted to “more dramatic perspective” far as character and super moves. Daisuke Ishiwatari wanted a smaller roster first. In different factors smaller roster meaning different roles in story mode.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Character Select

Guilty Gear gameplay is still the same. Six button layout is back punch, kick, slash and more. Executing super moves is more dramatic than ever. Characters brings distinctive personality and weirdness in presentation. Overkill is more cinematic than ever before and brings dynamic to the game. There are game modes to check out in Rev 2. Single player modes have arcade mode. Arcade is self-explanatory, fighting all the way until final boss. M.O.M is fighting a series of battle to earn medals. Tutorials is about expandable with combo challenges and learning the game. In character select, players can select simple and normal controls. Choosing different character colors, stages and soundtrack.

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Top 5 Video Games 2018 I am Stoked about Playing and Buying

Top 5 Video Games of 2018 I am Stoked About Playing\

What are some video games in 2018?

Video games 2018 have opened doors for my wallet. I recently brought Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. There are others I have not brought yet. Due to budget problems and price range of new video games. Next year would be a problem for me as well. Black Friday is coming next month in November. 2018 has been a roller coaster of video games. There is a lot of jrpgs, fighting games and shooters to look out for.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Demo

Thanks to the internet, you can watch Twitch streamers and lets players try out the game. Be warned spoilers and watch it at your own risk. Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best fighting games in 2018. There are some games that is a hit or miss. Enough rambling about what are my thoughts on gaming in 2018. I would give my hit or miss titles that I wouldn’t be getting. Let’s get on with the countdown on top 5 video games 2018 I am stoked about.

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The King of Fighters XIV – Living Legend Tournament Video Game Review

The King of Fighters XIV - Living Legend Tournament Video Game Review

What is The King of Fighters XIV?

The King of Fighters XIV is the latest installment from KOF XIII video game. SNK wants to bring 2.5D back just like their competitor Street Fighter. The plot of KOFXIV is Russian billionaire named Antonov buy the rights to King of Fighters brand. Antonov hosts a new tournament, although an unknown entity named Verse emerge. Verse is created by Ash Crimson’s time and space distortion in the last tournament. It caught the attention of Nakoruru (Samurai Showdown), Mui Mui and Love Heart to investigate the problem. The King of Fighters XIV is more casual then other fighting game IPS. SNK successful translate 2D into 3D graphics. Later on graphics were change due to feedback from fans. KOFXIV updated their roster and expanded in DLC.

The King of Fighters XIV gameplay

Your favorite characters from Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Art of fighting and Psycho Soldiers are back. The gameplay is similar to previously KOF games. Max mode is back with short time span to execute EX moves. There are three types of super moves Super Special Moves”, “Climax Super Special Moves” and “Max Super Special Moves. All the mechanics from the previous games are in this game. Players can select their order in the character select screen. There is a new mechanic, where players can register their characters and stage. Game modes in KOFXIV as follows, arcade mode where you explore their stories and fight Verse. Mission is a collection of trials and challenges for each character. Training is homing your skills and combos.

The King of Fighter XIV online

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