Capitol Underground and Inclusive Innovation Super Smash Showdown IIII

Capitol Underground and Inclusive Innovation Incubator Super Smash Showdown IIII

Super Smash Showdown IIII

Here we go again with another tournament from Capital Underground at Inclusive Innovation Incubator . It’s called Super Smash Showdown IIII and I compete in the tournament. I played Super Smash Bros Ultimate at Awesome Con 2019, it’s was a fun game. At Super Smash Showdown III have 20 players and an entry fee $5-10 dollars. The event had free play while setting up for the tournament. Note: This is Capital Underground 4th Super Smash Bros tournament. I signed up for the tournament with my streamer named “AnjimPlays”. Didn’t want to use my real name at all. There were a lot of people than Mortal Kombat 11 tournament a week ago. Gamers brought their Nintendo Gamecube controllers. Some have Pro Controllers for the Nintendo Switch. I brought my siblings and friends to the event. They didn’t compete in the tournament because of the entry fee.

Inclusive Innovation Incubator Super Smash Showdown III

When the tournament starts I faced off against some good players. I used Bayonetta, Fox and Bowswer Jr. Of course I loss and won one match in the loser’s bracket. After that loss, I watch some players that are insane with Jigglypuff, Mega Man, Palutena and Donkey Kong. There were some DLC characters used like Joker from Persona 5. The rules was 3 stocks and no hazard stages. We had to play rock paper scissors to pick the stages. The stages were Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium and Battlefield. There were some flashy action pack matches. These players brought their A game to this Super Smash Showdown III tournament. There were some button configurations and technical difficult during the tournament.

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Apex Legends Vs Fortnite Battle Royale Recom Squad Games

Apex legends vs Fortnite Building and Recon Squad Games

Apex Legends vs Fortnite battle royale

Apex Legends vs Fortnite are both battle royale games. These video games are very popular amongst gamers. Apex Legends was recently announce on Twitter last week. Streamers can’t wait to get their hands on it. A popular Fortnite streamer Ninja was on top of Twitch page already. Respawn Entertainment the developers who created TitanFall is involved. The gameplay has an inspiration from Fortnite (go figured), Gear of War, Halo and many more. The concept is be the last squad standing. Players have to be in a squad. There is no duos and solo (if player drops out). You can play a legend in the hub, but have to wait your turn. Each Legend has one skill and ultimate. Unlike Overwatch and Paladins that were 3 skills. There is a mechanic called “Jumpmaster” which you guide your team on a certain spot.

Apex Legend Gameplay

If you are not jumpmaster, it’s optional to follow or not. While on the ground, you can ping locations, gear and etc. You and your team search for loot like PUGB and Fortnite. Players can only carry two weapons like Destiny. When you’re defeated by the enemies in battle. Your squad mates can revive you by going to a beacon. First, you must acquire teammates banner to bring them back. There is wall climbing and care packages for more loot. When you defeat a opponent, there is a finisher to execute. You can get their loot and gear. Apex Legends is just a starter will have more to come. It does have loot boxes for unlocking skins and legends. We will talk about Fortnite that inspired this game.

Apex Legends Loot

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Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay and Features for Tournament Players

Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay and Features for Tournament Players

What is Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay?

Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay is more refined and technical than X. Tournament players like Sonic Fox and many more will embrace them. There was a Mortal Kombat 11 live stream this week. Showcasing some characters like Baraka, Scarlet, Sub-Zero, Geras and Scorpion. Ed Boon and NeatherRealm Studios pulling out all the stop. MK11 live stream was not all about announcing characters and features. Tournament players got in on the action. Commentators give an explanation on the game. MK11 is far different than Mortal Kombat X. There is no meter building or run button (there is no need for it). X-ray is renamed with “Fatal Blow”. Fatal blow indicates went player’s health is 25%. On the right and left hand corner, there are offense/defense bar. Offense operates like an Overwatch skill move with cooldown. Defense is the same as offense bar.

MORTAL KOMBAT 11 Gameplay - Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

Offense/defense bar is triggered by ex attacks, environment interaction and combo break. Also defense roll in the air and many more. Fatalities are more gruesome than ever before. MK11 graphics are well-polished and in-depth HD. Character designs is more realistic and life-like than past game. Mortal Kombat 11 may have more features in the coming development. Variations can be customize and still a factor in MK11. In one video, there is tower mode like previous game. Players can use items to gain an edge in battle. I think it’s a possibility for Tag-Team mechanic coming in Mortal Kombat 11. Mortal Kombat (2011 video game) had 2vs2 and it was fun. We will have to wait and see for more news.

Mortal Kombat 11 roster
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Super Mario Cereal | Jump Start Your Morning with Amiibo Scan Review

Super Mario Cereal Jump Start Your Morning with Amiibo Scan Review

What is Super Mario Cereal?

Super Mario cereal is a special promotion for Super Mario Odyssey video game from Kellogg’s. This is the first time Nintendo collab with Kellogg’s cereal company. There is a Pokemon cereal in the 90s went it was mainstream. I went to Target to buy this and was stoked about it. Super Mario Cereal features powerup marshmallows from the Mario series. The rest is stars and reminds me of Lucky Charms. In the back, there is a special amiibo scan to unlock new content in Odyssey. I don’t have a Nintendo Switch but someone on YouTube will try it. Super Mario Odyssey is about Mario exploring world with a new friend Cappy. Cappy can control many foes and objects it touches. Mario have access to different outfits in-game. He journey through Mushroom Kingdom to the real world.

Super Mario Odyssey

There is a returning character named Pauline.Pauline was Mario had to rescue from Donkey Kong in the early days. She sings the main theme in Super Mario Odyssey. In the back of the box, there is five questions about Mario Myth. It’s design as a warp pipe maze with questions about Mario first name to his sidekick Luigi. Kellogg’s have a Open for Breakfast survey on how to improve your morning. Customers could collect points and earn rewards. For folks who is looking for nutrition. There is a label on the right side of the box.

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Amiibos are your Friends to Play with and Unlock In-Game Content

Amiibos are your Friends to Play With

What are Amiibos?

Introduced in 2014, Nintendo has a new way to interact in-game with toys. An Amiibo is a figure that gives you functionality in-game such as Mario Kart 8 (unlock costumes), Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (activate Kirby Star Dash’s ability) and Mario Party 10 (which there is a mode called Amiibo Party). People compared this to Skylanders and Disney Infinity then again Activision has offered Nintendo a deal but declined. Which use the same RFID (stands for Radio-frequency identification) for interacting with the game and store data in the figurines.

Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo's New Toy Figurines

Amiibos are not compatible with all Nintendo I think it’s still in progress. Each figurine is specific to just one game now all, for example you are playing Mario Kart 8 and you have storage data. If you switch to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U that data will be deleted. Maybe in a future update you might use Amiibos in multiple games.

amiibo compatibility

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