Samurai Showdown The Motion Picture – Holy Swordsmen Movie Review

Samurai Showdown The Motion Picture – Holy Swordsmen Movie Review

What is Samurai Showdown the Motion Picture?

Samurai Showdown the Motion Picture is based on SNK fighting game Samurai Spirits. Samurai Spirits is a oriented style fighting game that sets in the 18th-century Japan. The game is filed with Japanese culture which sets apart from other fighting games. Each character have a weapon to fight with. Samurai Showdown have gore and characters getting cut in half. Note: There is a new Samurai Showdown 2019 video game being developed right now. The plot of the movie is during Shimbara period and Shiro Tokisada Amakusa wants to revive Armborisa. There is seven holy swordsmen consist of Haohmaru, Wan-Fu, Nakoruru, Charlotte and many more. Haohmaru lives in a village with his adopted mother doing odd jobs. Amakusa sends her dark army to burn villages and kill anyone. Dark army is led by Earthquake and Gen-an.

Samurai Shodown 1

Haohmaru witness his mother and best friend getting murdered. Nakoruru and 5 holy swordsmen meet up with Haohmaru. She tells Haohmaru about hundred years ago and he doesn’t remember. Haohmaru tries to fight Galford, Tam Tam and others. He decided to go on his own to defeat Amakusa. The group finally caught up with Haohmaru. Haohmaru caught up with Amakusa and was not match for her. Amakusa spends Haohmaru and Charlotte away while others are trapped. While Haohmaru realize and listen to his destiny as a holy swordsmen. He defeats Gen-an and Earthquake (earlier in the film). Haohmaru and Charlotte makes their way to Amakusa lair. The trio was not alone, Jubei, Hanzo and Kyoshiro assisted.

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Wreck It Ralph – Villains Turn Into Good Guy Movie Review

Wreck It Ralph – Villains Turn Into Good Guy Movie Review

What is Wreck it Ralph movie?

Wreck It Ralph is directed by Rich Moore from Disney and Pixar. The movie is based on a video game bad guy named Wreck it Ralph (John C. Reilly), who wants to change. Ralph is from a 80s arcade game named Fix-it Felix Jr. Fix-it Felix Jr is a Donkey Kong-like video game, where Felix fixes anything that Ralph breaks. Player’s guide Felix (Jack McBrayer) into the top of the building, afterwards awarded with a metal. The town’s people throws Ralph off the building and land on mud. After arcades are closed, video game characters leaves their games and enjoy life. Ralph is look down as a bad guy and wants to change.

Wreck it Ralph villains

He goes to therapy with other video game villains such as M.Bison, Eggman, Ghost (Pac-Man) and Bowser. They were not happy about Ralph wanted to change. Deep down inside Ralph is a heart of gold. Ralph game jumps from Heroes Duty and Sugar Rush. There is saying that “you died outside your game, that character never comes back”. After Ralph’s disappearance, Fix-it Felix arcade was out of order and soon will be unplug. Various characters mention to Ralph about going Turbo. Turbo was a 80s racing that was popular in its prime.  Turbo game jump to Sugar Rush in disguised as King Candy (Alan Tudyk).

Wreck It Ralph Vanellope

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Cinematic Video Games – Future of Gaming in Filmmaking

cinematic video games

History of cinematic video games

In years of video gaming, the industry has evolve into a franchise which take the player for a ride like a roller coaster. The thrill of being a protagonist whether female or male, talking a journey on their story and having a connection with the game. As for cutscenes in video games some can be iconic or tell a story about the game. Let me tell you a history of cinematic video games, in 1980s Pac-man was the first game that has cut scene, for example Pac-Man and Blinky chasing each other after winning the stage. Later there is a laserdisc games called Beg Battle which features full-motion video (FMV) with video acting


. After cut scenes was incorporated in Prince of Persia, Maniac Mansion and Zero Wing (which has that meme “All your base are belong to us”. Cutscenes are mostly in CD-Roms due to the amount of media data storage in the disc. It can’t be in a game cartridge because they will have to compress it into kilobits. Video Game developer Ron Gilbert stated “that player has no control over cutscenes”.

Wing Commander IV

I beg to differ maybe back in the 80s but nowadays there is a term called “quick time event” I will explain that later and you can skip it too. There is a different types of cutscenes such as live action for example Wing Commander IV and The Lord of the Ring. They use actors such as Mark Hamil or Malcom McDowell to play the characters in the game. As for movie-tie games, they used film footage to what the game is based off. Pre-rend cutscenes which uses CGI or cel animation for example Final Fantasy VII and Grim Fandango.

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