Mental Health- Depression In a Gamer’s Perspective

Dealing with Depression While Being a Popular Youtuber and Social Media

Mental Health Depression

Mental Health depression is a serious issues in this country. Recently, a YouTuber/Streamer named Etika took his own life. Etika was known for making Nintendo-related reaction videos. Also started a community called Joy-Con Boyz (named after Nintendo Switch controllers). Social media plays a huge role in suicide. Suicide is no joke and a lot of people have thoughts. Cyberbullying is a topic and apart of depression. Video Games sometimes help depression whether alone or with friends. Becoming a popular YouTuber/Streamer can be fun and games. Once you hit that 10,000 followers or more on Social Media. Trolls will come and bombard you. They will spread rumors and gossip about you. Once you say something controversial, there is no turning back. You might make an “I am sorry” video but will it be enough? What about your community? Will they back you up?


Depression is a invisible wall that no one will see. Someone may smile and act happy-go-luck, but deep inside there are not. You don’t know what that person is going through. Don’t be afraid to seek help but some don’t want it. Depression have some sub-categories like sadness, loneliness and heartbroken. Maybe something in your life that hurts inside. What about a dark memory that you can’t keep away? Those things trigger depression and hurts your mental state. There are some video games that deals with depression. Indigo Prophecy deals with mental issues with its characters. Lucas Kane commit murder and mental breakdowns. Carla Valenti is claustrophobic and have panic attacks. If you want to check out this game. It will change what you think of mental health.

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Do You Have a Video Gaming Disorder and Addiction?

 Do You Have a Video Gaming Disorder and Addiction.

What is video gaming disorder?

Video gaming could be anybody favorite pastime but do you play it too much. Addiction can be a sickness like drugs and alcohol. Study said playing video games too much will hurt your brain. In American Addiction Centers, show that video games could sharpen cognitive skills. Testing hand reflexes and brain coordination. Video games depends on the mood of the player. First-person shooter could trigger anger, excitement and neutral mood in the brain. There are some warning signs of video gaming disorder. Poor performance at work, school and household responsibilities of the player. Neglect other day to day hobbies and using video games to escape stressful situations. Inability to set limits on how much time is spent playing video games.

anime girl playing video games

I kind of disagree with a decline in personal hygiene because we need to clean ourselves. Certain beliefs in video game are called flow. Flow is when gamers became immersed in an activity that makes them lose track of time. For example, 6 year old Timmy Turner got 5 homework assignments but want to play a brand new video game. Timmy spends 12 hours on playing video games and forgot to do his homework. He lost track of time and will get an F on his assignments. If Mrs. and Mr. Turner would put their foot down. Tell Timmy to do his homework, he would got an A+ on his assignment. Parents would have to get involved. For adults, you are on your own and have time management. Grownups, have responsible such as talking care of children, work and etc. P.S. you are not a kid anymore but an adult act like it.

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