Neon Abyss and Spark the Electric Jester Indies Hands on

Neon Abyss and Spark the Electric Jester Indies Hands on

Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss is a rogue-like dungeon style shooter. The game is filled with unlimited items and dungeon evolving system. Players take control of a gunman, who fights a horde of enemies from the underworld. You can play the way you want and choose upgrades and paths within the dungeon. Players can unlock new rooms, fight bosses and endings. Just like a visual novel genre also special rules. You can change them depending on the choice you make. Each items have passive effects and you can apply them whatever you want. Neon Abyss have massive content with over 400 items, multiple playable characters and costume change. Find pets by hatching eggs with special skills and abilities. Mini-Games are available such as Fight Clubs, Dance Competitions and Piano Performances. Challenge gods such Bitcoins, Video and Power to challenge their rule. Hit that bar after each death.

Neon Abyss gameplay

Remember your goal is to find a cure of Immortality, My overall experience with Neon Abyss is vibrant and fun game. The soundtrack is techno-ish and crispy graphics. Although, it’s a beta version but it’s look amazing with lighting fast action. The weapons design is humorous and down-right rocking. I can see this game have replay value due to routes. Neon Abyss gives players control of their playstyle. I am hoping to see more of this game. It kind of reminds me of Enter the Gungeon for some reason. Support Veewo Games and play the demo. Neon Abyss will release in Q2 2019 and join Discord channel. Add this game on your Steam Wishlist and visit the website.

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DeathComing and Plantera – Garden and Souls Hands-On Indies

DeathComing and Plantera - Garden and Souls Hands-On Indies

What is DeathComing?

DeathComing is a non-linear Final Destination indie puzzle game.  You are collecting souls for the Grim Reaper. Blending with Isometric and top-down perspective camera work. The goal of the game is collect as many souls to win. Compete objective kills and execute your plans. While you are reaper’s little pet. Players can interact with environments to cause deaths. Be careful victims will panic and run away from danger. DeathComing teaches you the ropes like chaining death combos. There are called “Death Trap” and you get points for them. Death traps can be activated by clicking on certain ones. Don’t worry if you are stuck. There is a hint button to tell where they’re. Each act gives you three objective kills. If you complete three objective kills. The player can win the level. Deathcoming have a sense of crude humor. It’s like you’re playing god.

DeathComing gameplay

The game is over the top black comedy. DeathComing have well-depth character sprites and graphics. There is some lewd humor like spying on aliens. The death dialogue is funny and depressing in a way. I really love this game in a nutshell. Playing the reaper is never good or bad. The controls are simple and easy to learn. DeathComing has vast playability with a casual tone. You control the fate of people. Gathering souls might be evil and causing someone demise. The reaper is the good guy. A agent of light is the antagonist of the game. If you’re a causal gamer and love crude humor. I would give this game a try. DeathComing is available now on Steam.

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SpiritSphere and Meme Machine | Ping-Ping Blocks Indie Hands-on

SpiritSphere and Meme Machine Ping-Ping Blocks Indie Hands-on

What is SpiritSphere?

Hello readers it’s been a while since I did a indie game hands on post. We will explore two games SpiritSphere and Meme Machine. These games play very causal and fans will love these titles. SpiritSphere is a ping-pong Windjammers indie game developed by Eendhoorn Games. The game draws inspiration from Legend of Zelda due to top-down camera angle. Spiritsphere plays like air-hockey with local multiplayer. I wish there was online in this game. There is different game modes such play against cpu. Earn coins to get new spheres and Squash mode. Squash mode is each player has a turn to hit the wall. Although if it’s not your turn, the other player scores. Players can choose up to 4 players for team match. If you don’t want to play with a partner. Go head to head with your friend.

SpiritSphere gameplay

The main goal of SpiritSphere is to get the sphere on the other player side. Simple enough right but wait there is more. There are different items and powerup to give player a edge. SpiritSphere features a small roster of characters but more will come. The game graphic is NES 8-bit style with eccentric soundtrack.  The game is easy to pick for newcomers and veterans. Each character have unique abilities for knocking spheres. My thoughts on SpiritSphere as a whole. The game is very fun arcade-ish with retro value. NES fans will feel right at home with this. Grab a buddy and talk trash with this indie game. Make sure you get SpiritSphere on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes/ Foto Flash Indies Hands-on

DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes/ Foto Flash Indies Hands-on

What is DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes?

Welcome to another hands-on indie games. Today I will be talking about DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes and Foto Flash. DASH Danger Action Speed Heroes is developed by Baby Duka and it’s  a creative 2D platformer. Baby Duka is a streamer on Twitch make sure to check him out. I got a hands on experience with the alpha build. Players get to create and finish levels. Levels is not the only thing that is customization. Enemies, stage hazards and  in the future powerups. Lets just say that Dash is more like Minecraft. Creativity is limitless in Dash, share your amazing stages with a community. Master mechanics and play through various game modes. Discord, Steam and Twitch integration will be available.  Player’s can switch to control and keyboard whatever the choice.  Beautiful pixel art that stands out of the game.

Dash Gameplay

Dash is coming to consoles soon and can’t wait to multiplayer.  Player can defeat enemies with weapons. Choose different character with distinctive playstyle.  The game is design for creative and competitive players. I really enjoy Dash and willing to see more improvement in the game. Make sure to visit Dash website and join Baby Duka Discord.

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Down Ward and Schwarzerblitz | Alpha Hands On Indie Games

Down Ward and Schwarzerblitz Alpha Hands On Indie Games

What is Down Ward and Schwarzerblitz?

Recently, I try out two indie games Down Ward and Schwarzerblitz. Each indie game is a alpha build and still in development. These games need more improvements in the coming days. Lets start with Down Ward, is a indie that follow Gabe. Gabe is a little owl that’s tasked with relighting four wilds towers. Players could gather feathers to light up wards and complete levels. Move camera angel to look for feathers. Down Ward was inspired with classic Game Boy graphics. The enemies stand out for the  background. Player have a choice to use the gamepad or keyboard. There is a flight mechanic which reminds me of Owlboy. The flying takes a while to get used to. Player’s could get the hang of it easily. Gabe have a feather light attack, which can help you solve puzzles.

Down Ward Gameplay

Also defeats enemies on the way. There are other mechanic such as wall-banking, upward zig-zag, flight momentum and more. Each level range from easy and difficult. I had some fun with this game and hope to see more from it. At first, I had trouble with the control on the keypad. Slowly knowing the ropes and lighting up towers. The soundtrack is beautiful and gloomy atomsphere. Make sure to try out Down Ward on GameJolt. Support fisholith and tune for more updates on the game.

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