Top 5 Video Games That I Have Dropped Due to Fun Factor

Top 5 Video Games That I Have Dropped Due to Fun Factor

Where is the Fun Factor?

Fun factor in video games is results of having lots of game modes. What about being good at them? Does it disappoint you in some way? I have play video games that suck the fun out of me. Even though I had fond memories of playing them. Whether it’s a battle royale game or fighting genre, I want to have fun. Some games I have to trade-in at Gamestop because lack of interest. In this countdown, I will be talking some games I have dropped. These games were highly popular and have a strong community. Mostly, I was dumb enough to buy some of them. Next time I will be careful what games to buy. Note: These games are not bad but isn’t for me. Let’s start this countdown with top 5 that I have drop.

5. Smite

Smite Battleground of the Gods

Smite is a MOBA like League of Legends but different camera angle. The game was developed by Hi-Rez Studios that brought you Paladins. In the game, you choose between different gods from Mythology. You can level them out and unlock different skins for them. If you don’t feel like defeating towers. Go to the arena and battle it out. The gameplay is very similar to League. Players must assist minions on talking the enemy’s side. You buy relics like armor, potions and magic. Some game modes have 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 depending on your choice. I have fun playing this game but it’s not noob friendly. There were players tougher than I am. I have loss interest in it and was looking for alternative. It was fun while it lasted and was a good game. If you want to play Smite it’s available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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Apex Legends Vs Fortnite Battle Royale Recom Squad Games

Apex legends vs Fortnite Building and Recon Squad Games

Apex Legends vs Fortnite battle royale

Apex Legends vs Fortnite are both battle royale games. These video games are very popular amongst gamers. Apex Legends was recently announce on Twitter last week. Streamers can’t wait to get their hands on it. A popular Fortnite streamer Ninja was on top of Twitch page already. Respawn Entertainment the developers who created TitanFall is involved. The gameplay has an inspiration from Fortnite (go figured), Gear of War, Halo and many more. The concept is be the last squad standing. Players have to be in a squad. There is no duos and solo (if player drops out). You can play a legend in the hub, but have to wait your turn. Each Legend has one skill and ultimate. Unlike Overwatch and Paladins that were 3 skills. There is a mechanic called “Jumpmaster” which you guide your team on a certain spot.

Apex Legend Gameplay

If you are not jumpmaster, it’s optional to follow or not. While on the ground, you can ping locations, gear and etc. You and your team search for loot like PUGB and Fortnite. Players can only carry two weapons like Destiny. When you’re defeated by the enemies in battle. Your squad mates can revive you by going to a beacon. First, you must acquire teammates banner to bring them back. There is wall climbing and care packages for more loot. When you defeat a opponent, there is a finisher to execute. You can get their loot and gear. Apex Legends is just a starter will have more to come. It does have loot boxes for unlocking skins and legends. We will talk about Fortnite that inspired this game.

Apex Legends Loot

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What are Video Game Tiers? How Do You Achieve Them?

What are Video Games Tiers How Do You Achieve Them

What are video game tiers?

Video game tiers is benefits and perks that players get an edge on. For example, fighting games have tier list characters ranging from high damage and low defense. Tiers can shape the way players use these characters. Popular fighting games have different tiers based on skill sets and attributes. Notable games like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, King of Fighter XIV and many more have tiers. Super Smash Bros Ultimate might have tier list based on how they’re used. In Street Fighter V, some player pick Guile, Kolin or Abigail which you can put in a tier list. Sometimes depending on the character you pick can be on the list. Back to Street Fighter V, Abigail is very strong but slow movement. Which tier will Abigail I think it will be D tier.

Street Fighter V Abigail combos

D tier is below C, B and A which is below average. Guile is C tier and he is a charge character. His Sonic Boom and Somersault give his average damage. Kolin is C tier as well with a cytokinesis moves. Those are three example of Street Fighter V but what about Tekken 7. Tekken 7 characters Jin Kazuma, King and Lucky Chole have tiers. Lucky is E tier which her attack is weak but very acrobatic movement. King is B tier combining with his chain throw and adaptable movement. Jin Kazuma is A tier with Mashima style combat. The King of Fighter XIV time, Tung Ru Fue is E tier which his lack of command throw and range of his attack. Clark Steel is D tier throws is very power but slow movement. Geese is B tier with his counter and pompous attacks.

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Fortnite Dances – Lets Boogie Down or Cringe Worthy Breakdown

Fortnite Dances – Lets Boogie Down Copyright Lawsuit Breakdown

What are Fortnite Dances?

Fortnite Dances is a fun twist that Epic Games implemented in their game. Dances ranging from Carlton Bank Fresh Prince Dance and Backpack Kid Floss. Although there is some lawsuits going around Epic Games didn’t have permission to use them. Epic Games look for inspiration and paying homage to them. I am pretty sure Epic Games did ask some dancers for permission to use. Judging by the controversy I am guessing some people was not happy with it. In Fortnite, players must unlock dances while completing challenges. If you are a paid tier, that player will unlock various dances. Players can perform them in-game and loadout screen. There is some original dances in the game. Others are from different types of people who perform them. Epic Games is not stranger to controversy.

Fortnite dance in-game

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground filed a lawsuit against Epic games for copying them. That’s another story for the time being. Epic Games sue quality assurance tester Thomas Hannah for leaking Season 4. There is one considering mods and cheats. YouTuber Golden Modz (Brandon Lucas) is sued by Epic Games for account hacks and cheats. Epic Games sent a cease & desist letter to FNBRLeaks for revealing upcoming features. Fortnite is still the most popular last man standing game right now. A lot of Twitch Streamers getting their hands on it. There is some rising star like Ninja who got famous playing Fortnite competitively. Even if there is nothing wrong with making the game fun. Using emotes is basely interacting and being social.

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Will Last Man Standing Third Person Shooter Genre Become Popular?

Will Last Man Standing Third Person Shooter Genre Become Popular?

What is last man standing mean?

The latest last man standing games Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground became very popular. 10,000 million player are online trying to get the best gear and level up. Many third person shooter games still gated from their normal genre. First person shooters genre still exist but not forgotten. Last man standing stated back to WWE days. The concept is last person standing pits you against a mob of enemies. Optimus Prime always say “one shou stand” “one shou fall”meaning defeat anyone who gets in your way. Be the last person to seize victory while others are at loss. In wresting term, there is another name for last man standing. King of the Ring, which wrestlers throw each out of the right to be the last person standing.


In gaming media, first person shoot have a game mode called King of the Hill. This game mode is you have to stay on top. Fortnite and PUBG was not the first game to introduce last man standing. It happens throughout the years of first person shooter video game. FPS games have KOTH in their online modes. There is a list of games that have last man standing mode. Halo, Doom (2016), Team Fortress 2 and many other games that has last man standing. Although, this game mode is not popular than others. It good to have in these games.

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