In3DC & Capitol Underground Gaming Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament

In3DC & Capitol Underground Gaming Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament

Mortal Kombat 11 tournament in In3DC

Yesterday I went to a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament hosted by Capitol Underground Gaming League. The venue was at Inclusion Innovation Incubator (In3dc) in Washington DC. It was a 4 minute walk from my house to Howard University. Before I talk about my experience at the event. I will give you a backstory on In3dc and Capitol Underground Gaming League. In3 is a open-workplace similar to WeWork. Where you can host event like video game Esports tournaments and seminars. In3dc have conference rooms and private offices. You will have to sign up for a membership. In3 offers alot of mentorship programs and a pleasant workspace. Visit the website for more detail on In3DC. Capitol Underground Gaming League is a small gaming organization from the DMV. They have been in the competitive gaming since the 90s. Capitol Underground give back to the community as well.

Inclusive Innovation Incubator


There latest movement is Drawback Project and Annual Blanket Drive. See about page for other projects. Capitol Underground host tournament and promote Twitch Streamers. You have to sign up for a membership and get Pro package. Capital Underground partnered with Battlefly, Gameborn Clothing and Lalay Design.  If you want to learn more about Capitol Underground Gaming League. Make sure to contact them and visit the website.  Back to the event at hand. I went to the event with my siblings. We had a blast and got a hands on experience with Mortal Kombat 11. The gameplay is alot better than Mortal Kombat XL.

In3dc Mortal Kombat Tournament

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Video Game Cosplay – New Ways to Express Your Love

Video Game Cosplay – New Ways to Express Your Love

What is video game cosplay?

Video game cosplay is a new way to express yourself and represents the characters your love. The term Cosplay comes from Japanese portmanteau following two words costume and play. Nobuyuki Takahashi attended WorldCon in 1984 and was impressed and happy of fans in costumes. Takahashi chose to coin a new world masquerade meaning “aristocratic costume”. People think cosplay is only for anime convention and comic con. That’s not the case but what about Halloween which only happen once a year in October. Cosplay has been a world-wide trend in geek culture. Whether you are a otaku, gamer, scfi and brony, there is a lot of cosplayers throughout convention.

Cosplay is not consent

Japanese is known for cosplaying such as maid cafés in Akihabara in Japan. World Cosplay Summit which is held in Japan, where cosplayers from around the globe to show off their best cosplay. It doesn’t matter what race or gender show off your favorite cosplay for that characters. During convention, if you are cosplaying someone will come up to your and ask “Can I get a picture?” 5 times out of 10 you might say yes. Take a photo of the cosplayer and say thanks. Some predator might get to frisk with cosplayers whether that person is male and female.

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Dabkick – A New Way to Share your Live Stream with Viewers

Dabkick – A New Way to Share your Live Stream with Viewers

What is Dabkick?

Dabkick app is a live streaming service which allows user to share their shows with viewers. Think of it like Twitch, Mixer and Youtube Gaming. If you are a live streamer then this is for you. Dabkick reach out to me on Instagram and had a Google Hangout. One of the developers walk me through the process about the platform. Users can embed YouTube and other video platform URLs. Connect your Twitch connect to get extra viewers. Start a show and have multiple hosts. There is an option for entry fees and ads to monetize your show. User could connect their webcam and microphone. Viewers could support the broadcasters and streamers with dabcoins. Dabcoins could turn into real currency similar to Twitch Affiliates. Dabkick is not about streaming video games but different events.

Magic shows, podcast and many other events are welcome to the platform. Dabkick have a chat to interact with viewers. Emotes are available and multimedia sharing like photos. Music is shareable as well. It works on IOS and Android for live streaming as well. You have to download the app on Apple Store and Google Play for phone users. Want to expand your audience and market yourself. Dabkick is a place to share and connect with your viewers. If you look for extra income for your live shows. I think gaming live streamers will check this out. Hopefully it will continue upgrading the platform in the future.

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Anime USA 2018 – Small But Average Convention Experience In October


Anime USA 2018 – Small But Average Convention Experience In October

Less Crowd In Anime USA 2018

Last years Anime USA 2017, was just like this one. Due to winter conditions last year or insufficient funds from Black Friday. Anime USA 2018 didn’t have a huge crowd like Donald Trump Inauguration in 2018. Understandable people have families, jobs and went to other conventions this year. There was a change going to Anime USA 2018. For now on, I am going on Saturdays because I want to save money. The Maid Café was not an option ever and that Attack on Titans tea is Abysmal. Maid Café was a great but need work on some food. Anime USA 2018 was at the same location and paid $55 ticket price. Fridays and Sundays range from expensive and cheap depending on the day. While at Anime USA 2018, I went to some panels and video game room.

Nightwing cosplay at Anime USA 2018

There was video game panels but was cancelled. A lot of guests showed up, Jim Cummings voiced of Winne the Pooh and Darkwing Dark. It was Jim’s first anime convention and the panel was comedic. Handful of other guest such as voice actors Crispin Freeman, Karen Strassman, Kira Buckland, Lisa Ortiz and Monica Rial. Pixar’s John Ratzenberger and first in Anime USA history YouTubers. Anime YouTubers with million subscribers like The Anime Man, Gajin Goombah and Akidearest. All of these guest sign autographs for fans of their work. I snap some photos of some cosplayers but not a lot. In the game room, there were Tekken 7, Japanese rhythm games, Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter V. There were various retro to present games.

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Why Esports are not big as Mainstream Sports Nowadays?

Why Esports are not big as Mainstream Sports Nowadays?

What is Esports?

Well we all heard of NFL, NHL and MLB.  What is there a sport where gamers who win big and being a part of a team. Esports which stand for Electronic Sports, put the top players around the world to face each other in competitive gaming. Esports export different genres of video games such as MOBA , FPS, fighting game, and real-time strategy. In 1970s through 1980s, there was a competition of Space Invaders on Atari and Spacewar at Stanford University.

E-sports promoter ESL

There was organization called Twin Calaxies that helps promote video games and publicize through publications. That’s when America has its first video game group Called U.S. National Video Game Team, they are involved in running Video Game Masters Tournament for Guinness World Records. In 1980s Esports was in TV shows such as That’s Incredible! And Starcade, which the goals is to beat the person’s high score to win. In the 1990s, there were internet connection and the first online pc game was Netrek.  The first online sports game” stated by Wired Magazine. It opens up other gaming tournament such as 1990 Nintendo World Champions which held in Universal Studios Hollywood, California and Professional Gamers League which as the game Counter-Strike, Warcraft and Quake.

1980s Esports

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