What Happen to Fun and Educational Video Games

What Happen to Fun and Educational Video Games

Educational video games

Back in the early 90s, educational video games help children in school. I remember playing Math Blaster and Reading Rabbit in elementary school. Math was not my strong suit but reading was. That’s why I love writing and got good grades for it. My parent didn’t want me to play non-educational games. They didn’t raise me to become a bum. My parents wanted me to become a successful person in life. Sorry for the life story, back on track with this post. Video games doesn’t have to about who is the last person standing. What about knocking someone out of a stage? Learning combos in fighting games that debatable topic. Moving from platform and solving puzzles to advance. People think making video games or playing them is a waste. Developers put their heart and soul to these IPs. Playing these games will benefit gamers.

Math Blaster - Educational Video Games

Video games can be educational in a way. Learning video games doesn’t have to be for children. Any demographic can enjoy them. We have a whole list of educational games in decades. Some games were brought in for schools. I will named a few games that known for being educational. JumpStart series is about learning about logic in different grade level. The game range from 1st grade through 6. JumpStart is designed to be fun and engaging kids. There is a popular game called Carmen Sandiego about learning about the world. Carmen Sandiego is highly popular series. It spawns Netflix TV series and many games revolves around time, space and history. Player must find and arrest Carmen Sandiego from stealing artifacts for V.I.L.E. LeapFrong is a handheld gaming device that revolves around learning. There are popular companies trying to emulate educational games.

Reading Rabbit 2 - Educational Video Games

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This is Why People Hate Video Games in a Gamer’s Perspective

This is Why People Hate Video Games in a Gamer’s Perspective

Why do people hate video games?

People hate video games because it slave away from personal responsibilities as an adult and child. I did a post about why people miss work and school to play video games. Readers you can check that out and tell me what you think of it. Not everyone plays video games for a living or lifetime. Most gamers play them as a hobby and favorite pastime. Others found ways to make money playing and developing video games. Mostly, males play video games in the earlier years. Times has change in video game culture. Females play video games nowadays but in the past. It was look down and don’t want to be like a male. Any age group can play video games and there is not limit.

Female Gamers

Enjoy them while there are hot in the market. As far life goes people are aware of being a kid and adult. Stages of your life, you will get an education and get married. Relationships does play a role in video games. Depending on you and your partner interest in gaming. Then its chemistry and you have found someone who has the same interest. For those who chose the wrong destiny, one of your partner hates gaming. Don’t end up with that person and stay far away. Speaking of person responsibilities, make sure to focus on them. Get a education and go to college. You might get into Game Design in a prestige school. Don’t play video games all day if you have children and a day job to feed them.

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Top 3 Colleges That Offer Programs in Gaming | Back to School

gaming colleges

Gaming colleges to choose from

Do you want to become a game designer? Are you passionate about video games? Does going to college help you in your career? Looking for programs that offers gaming? You came to the right blog, although I am not an expert. I willing to help others by sharing top 3 colleges that offers gaming. Programmers and artist could go to college for video game development. Maybe you might get into Bethesda, Blizzard Entertainment and other large gaming companies. If you want to be self-employed and start your own business. In my opinion, college could opens door to your future. It could further your skills and come out a better person. Nowadays, people use the internet to look up how to create video games. Once you graduate out of college will be a different story.


Five times out of ten, will not find your dream job. You will have to work somewhere else for the rest of your life. For example, someone with a bachelor’s degree working at Walmart but wants to be a fashion designer. Do you think that person will enjoy their job? What about someone who is into nursing but work at a factory. Is it that something that someone in the medical field want to do? You have to take steps to change your life. No one is forcing to stay at a job you don’t like. There are two paths, the right and wrong one. Will you choose to live your passionate to thrive? Let’s get right to 3 colleges that offers programs in gaming.

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Do You Miss Work or School Just to Play Video Games for a Day?


Do You Miss Work or School Just to Play Video Games?

Is missing work and school important

Do you think when an anticipated video games comes out like Splatoon 2, Call of Duty WWII, Destiny 2 and Shenmue III people intend to play them? What about the latest video games consoles like Nintendo Switch? Do you intend to make buy them? Of course you will you are a gamer and that’s what we do, play the top of the line tech and software for out gaming needs. I think most gamers have to go to school and work for a living but do video games pay for you education and bills, No they don’t, it’s a hobby but you can learn about the game through story and writing. As for paying bills, if you are not a successful Twitch streamer or YouTuber than you don’t need a miss work playing video games.
Splatoon 2
You can do that anytime it’s not going anywhere no time soon. What about being a mother and father? You kids come first before video games but don’t play it all day unless they‘re sleeping or at daycare. What about dating (I did a blog post about it)? Are you spending on time with playing video games than giving attention to your boyfriend or girlfriend? The answer to that’s spending time with the people you care about and love the most not gaming. Gaming is not a person, its entertainment with a controller, TV or PC screen and time consuming. Another example, a bum who living with someone who has a job talking care of you while you play video games all day. What do you make of that person?

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