Neon Abyss and Spark the Electric Jester Indies Hands on

Neon Abyss and Spark the Electric Jester Indies Hands on

Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss is a rogue-like dungeon style shooter. The game is filled with unlimited items and dungeon evolving system. Players take control of a gunman, who fights a horde of enemies from the underworld. You can play the way you want and choose upgrades and paths within the dungeon. Players can unlock new rooms, fight bosses and endings. Just like a visual novel genre also special rules. You can change them depending on the choice you make. Each items have passive effects and you can apply them whatever you want. Neon Abyss have massive content with over 400 items, multiple playable characters and costume change. Find pets by hatching eggs with special skills and abilities. Mini-Games are available such as Fight Clubs, Dance Competitions and Piano Performances. Challenge gods such Bitcoins, Video and Power to challenge their rule. Hit that bar after each death.

Neon Abyss gameplay

Remember your goal is to find a cure of Immortality, My overall experience with Neon Abyss is vibrant and fun game. The soundtrack is techno-ish and crispy graphics. Although, it’s a beta version but it’s look amazing with lighting fast action. The weapons design is humorous and down-right rocking. I can see this game have replay value due to routes. Neon Abyss gives players control of their playstyle. I am hoping to see more of this game. It kind of reminds me of Enter the Gungeon for some reason. Support Veewo Games and play the demo. Neon Abyss will release in Q2 2019 and join Discord channel. Add this game on your Steam Wishlist and visit the website.

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The Angel Inn & Dungeon Dreams Indie Games Hands-On


The Angel Inn & Dungeon Dreams Thirst For Action Indie Games Hands-On

What is The Angel Inn?

The Angel Inn is a visual novel indie game developed by DdreamGames. These are the markers of Dungeon Dreams video game. The plot of the game is you are a traveling Swordsmen hired to be a bodyguard for Merchant’s Guild. You Stumbleupon The Angel Inn where you meet a pretty girl named Shea. Shea is the owner and caretaker of The Angel Inn. Not only you meet Shea, there is another adventurer named Faylin. Faylin is a typical tsundere personality and a sharp tongue. Rosebella is a musician and a noble woman who hate the Guild. Your adventure is in four days and it’s time to relax in The Angel Inn. The player choose to hang out with 3 girls and interact with them. There are 3 parts of the day.

The Angel Inn gameplay

Morning, evening and night, make sure you use them wisely. Note: this game for 18+ with lewd dialogue and content. The Angel Inn have 5 multiple endings and different character route in-game. Artstyle of The Angel Inn is very clean and elegant piece. Soundtrack is very chill and relaxing while staying at The Angel Inn. I really enjoy the demo and can’t wait for the full version. Rosebella is the best girl and can’t wait to see more of her. If you love visual novel make sure to play The Angel Inn demo today.

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Haymakers and Worst Dating Sim – Indie Games Hands-on

Haymakers and Worst Dating Sim – Indie Games Hands-on

Two indies Worst Dating sim and Haymakers

Here are two indie games I have tried out. Some of the demos are short. I have wrote about all three game Haymakers and Worst Dating Sim. These two game were fun to play and made me laugh. I wrote a post about other hands-on games if you want to check them out. This is more like a review and my overall opinion about each game. First, let get on with the discussing all Haymaker.


Haymakers indie game

Haymaker is a fun 2D platormer about a scarecrow looking for adventure. During my playthough, we meet Lottie and Bobby who looking for a way out. Bobby is amazed at Lotties ability to use Hitch-folk. In Haymakers, platforming is so much enjoyable with excellent mechanics. Lottie can zipline from stump, enemies and many others. She can break though blocks by zipline. I can see a speed-runner completing this game. In my opinion, this is one of the best looking platformers I ever seen. Visuals standout with detail designs of levels and characters. I am hoping to see more of Haymakers. If you want a light-hearted 2d platformer support Alexander Rosetti and play the demo.

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Ethan the Explorer The Game Kid Adventure Game Hands-on

Ethan the Explorer The Game Kid Adventure Hands-on

What is Ethan the Explorer?

Ethan the Explorer is a adventure 2D platformer about world of wonders.  It is a cute-looking game for younger audience. The ideal behind this game is Dad and his kid. The story is Cris Thompson and Ethan daydream about creating a video game.  There was array of funny ideas during brainstorming. Cris’s kid thought of the game and trying to make it a reality. The plot of the demo is fighting goblins and firing your turtle gun. Ethan can eating hula hoops to regain health.  Cris has been a computer programmer and writes games.  This is the first time that father and son creating video games together.

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Zeliria Sanctuary – Teleport Into a New World Visual Novel Hands-on

What is Zeliria Sanctuary?

I got to try out Salangan Games Zeliria Sanctuary visual novel game. It was very fun and had humorous moments. Zeliria Sanctuary is about a man who is transported into another planet. He meets a cat-like human named Leeka and purple hamster Humkey. After trying to find his way through Zeliria. He got a wish to save his father from a illness. The hero was a test subject. After crashing into an unknown planet with 13% chance of survival. You are the first person to try out a teleporter.

Zeliria Sanctuary. Demo

Zeliria Sanctuary features 3 heroines with their own stories and ending. Player make choices to change events of the game. Explore 11 endings for each character. A touch of water colored background and vivid art style. Journey throughout the world with history and laws. Encounter various beasts and monster in Zeliria. Interact with characters and fall in love with them. Become an elite fighter with Strength, dexterity and popularity. You have to face difficult mission to become strong.

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