Soul Calibur 6 Character Creation – What Will You Create In-Game?

Soul Calibur 6 Character Creation in a nutshell

Soul Calibur 6 character creation mode gives players a creative touch. You can create a anime character, marvel super hero and pop culture icons. Character creation contains selecting your race, gender, voices and attributes. I have tried out character creation mode and it’s was average in my opinion. In a player’s perspective I don’t expect much in this mode. There is a story mode where you can create a character and explore it. That mode is called Soul Chronicles reminds me of Chronicles of the Sword from Soul Calibur 3. Aside from height and changing skin color for your character. Player’s can give their character a makeover and fashion sense. For example, a female character is a cat girl with broadsword. Male demonic entity with a personality of Pee Wee Herman.

SoulCalibur 6 Character Creation Tutorial: Hatsune Mik


Different possibilities to customize your character. After naming your character like Bumpy Lip or Lil Korn. What about Hotdog Sweaty Neck or Big Head Carl? Anybody would come up with silly names. For otakus who love hot anime women or want to create a waifu. Soul Calibur is here for you guys. I have created a character name Calypso with Azwel weapons. She might get a makeover after this post. Otaku might change female characters bust size with jiggle physics. Ivy Valentine is the perfect example of a waifu. Due to Ivy voluptuous physique and revealing outfit. That’s what the whole controversy about sexualization of video game female characters.

soul calibur 6 mickey mouse


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