Jump Force – Need Improvements and Patch Video Game Review

Jump Force – Need Improvements and Patch Video Game Review

What is Jump Force?

Jump Force video game is based on manga magazine called Weekly Shonen Jump. The magazine features big name manga series like Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto. This game is celebrating their 50th anniversary of the magazine. The IP is developed by Spike Chunsoft who brought you J Stars Victory Vs. There are more Shonen Jump crossover games out right now. The main plot or story of the game is. There is a rift between real world and Jump universe. Unknown beings called Venoms want to take over both worlds. Director Clover and Trunks from Dragon Ball put together a team to save them. Jump heroes and villains are at war with controlling both worlds. The game is a 3 vs 3 tag battle with share life bars. Unlike J Stars, all six characters are not on-screen at once.

Jump Force Characters

Each characters have four attacks and awakening (some). There are 40+ characters in the game with their abilities. Different mechanics are included in the game such as pursuits. Pursuits take up your stamina and chain combos. There is two attack buttons for different combinations. More offense techniques such as awakening moves, charged attacks and more. Defense techniques like high counters, evading and blocking. Note: there is only one assist button and tag. Jump Force main hub is Umbra Base with your created avatar. When first start of the game, player have a choice to create a character. Later on you have to buy items, skills and many more.

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Season 2 World Tour Extravaganza


Dragon Ball Fighter Z Season 2 World Tour Extravaganza

Here comes a second season

Dragon Ball Fighter Z season 2 was just announced at World Tour last week. It was Top 8 regionals with SonicFox, Kazunoko, Kindedv and Feniritti. These players gave it their all and pull off impossible comebacks. Dragon Ball Fighter Z World Tour was amazing event for 3 day weekend. Now it makes me want to get better. I only saw it yesterday and was heart-pumping. There were only two American players and all Japanese. We get see them in action and take the glory. Special guest appeared in this World Tour. Christopher Sabat and Sean Schemmel were apart of this event. Sabat and Schemmel did voice acting for Dragon Ball Z going 20 years. Christopher mention Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 behind the scenes dvd. I remember that went I got the special edition. That was nostalgia growing up in the early 200s.

Kazunoko Wins Dragon Ball FighterZ

The producer of Dragon Ball Fighter Z Tomoko Hiroki appeared in this event We get a sneak peek at new Dragon Ball Z action role-playing game. Hiroki announced season 2 trailer and a new world tour tournament next year. Dragon Ball still grow strong with the fans and gamers. Shenron trophy look amazing and each top 8 got medals. I have to give a shout out to Tasty Steve. He is the best commentator in Esports history. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a competitive anime fighting game that everyone should play. I can’t stress this enough, if you have not played this. Recommend you get on that game for real. I am happy Toei is sponsored this event. There were some controversy about DBFZ cancelling tournaments. You can’t stop the fandom that’s Fighter Z. Enough rambling let’s talk about season 2.

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Yumeria – Enter the Dream World and Fight Anime Review

Yumeria – Enter the Dream World and Fight Anime Review

What is Yumeria?

Yumeria anime is based on Namco dating sim video game. The plot of the game is revolves around 16 year old boy named Tomokazu Mikuri. Tomokazu lives with his cousin Nanase Senjyou, who he has perverted fanatics for. Mikuri is a awkward and narrow person in the game. He is the protagonist of the video game and anime. Yumeria video game have a blend of visual novel and rpg. The game was not released in outside of Japan. Tomokazu one day falls asleep and wake up in a dream world. He meets a blue-haired girl named Mont. Mone is the priestess of sleep and has no dialogue other than repeating her name. After walking up in the dream world, Mikuri was surprise that Mone was beside him in the real world.

Yumeria PS2

Nanase playful jokes about Mikuri bring girls in the house. In Yumeria anime, Mikuri meets other girls in the series. Mitsuki Agatsuma is Mikuri’s childhood friend and a very timid girl. Neneko is a curious girl who has a reverse reincarnation persona called Netio. Neito is a woman from the future that explains the plot to the viewers. She gives a summary about the dream world and alien race the Feydooms. Feydooms are the main antagonist of the series. They want to take over the real world by crossing over from the dream world. Nanase is the caretaker and easygoing woman. She takes care of Mikuri after his parents passed away from fighting the Feydooms. Nanase have a alter-ego named Silk in the dream world.

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Pac Man Ghost Light and Magic Eagle Havit Game Series Review

Pac Man Ghost Light and Magic Eagle Havit Game Series Review

What is Pac Man Ghost Light?

Pac Man Ghost Light is based on Namco Bandai video game franchise. This product is based on Pac Man enemy “The Ghosts”. Pac Man is a old school iconic video game where you have to eat grey ball to win. However, Ghosts will stop you from completing the level. In order to defeat ghosts. There is a special ball to eat and send them right back into the middle. Let’s talk about the product in general. Pac man Ghost Light is easy to plug-in to the computer and wall. It It comes with two components, a micro usb cable and ghost light. There are different modes to choose from. Party mode which change colors with different types of music. Original mode which doesn’t react to music but changes. There is another term color phasing mode for original.

Pac Man Ghost Light

In order the light to react to music. Users have to turn the sensitivity dial for quiet and loud music. The product is developed by Paladone and there is another Pac Man Light out there. Overall, you will need a Ipad changer to plug into the wall. I got this from my older sister in Christmas last Tuesday. Loving the design and shape of the ghost. It has a retro pixel art feel and very light. Pac Man host Light is for all ages 8+. I hope to have find with this product in the near future.

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Super Smash Jump Force – Video Games Crossover

Super Smash Bros Ultimate vs Jump Force Video Games Vs Manga Crossover

Super Smash  Jump Force

Super Smash Jump Force two of the biggest manga magazine and video game company crossover ever. These two games are developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Super Smash Bros is a video game that features Nintendo characters along with third-party. The game has been relevant since Nintendo 64 days. Concept of Super Smash Bros is knock characters off stages and damage them. Smash Bros gameplay changes throughout the development of the franchise. All of your favorite Nintendo characters joins the slugfest. Popular Nintendo IPs that appear in Smash is Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby and many more. Each character have their signature moves and traits. For example, Yoshi eats and turn people into eggs. Kirby has a copy ability and Inkings travel through their ink.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Inkling Gameplay on Splatoon Stage - E3 2018

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a larger than its predecessor. Making it one of the robust selective in Smash history. There is over 90 stages in ultimate from the past series. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a ton of replay value and content. Player’s can go local or online to dominate the competition. Single player mode is similar to past games. All you have to do is fight your way to the final boss. Afterwards fight a new character and unlock them. World of Light is a new adventure mode just like Subspace Emissary. Miis can join in the fight. Ultimate has a lot of mini-games and tournament style game mode. People debate whether Smash Bros is a fighting game or not. In my opinion, It’s a party game not a competitive fighting game.

super smash bros ultimate world of light

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