Top 5 Video Games Beat’em Up Troupes’ That Drives You Nuts

Top 5 Video Games  Beat’em Up Troupes’ That Drives You Nuts

Beat’em up troupes

Beat em up troupes are often seen in video games. You pick a character and beat up some bad guys. Weapons are involved and defeating the boss. Beat’em up games often has 2D side-scrolling or 3D planes. The game can be up to 6 players (X-Men Arcade). Sometimes 3 or 4 players fighting at the same time. What about the cutscenes and storyline? These play a factor in beat’em up video games. Someone is kidnapped or end goal. These games uses a lot of continues, if you have money. In the 80s and 90s, you are a kid fastenated at awesome arcade cabinet. You ask for money from your parents and have a blast. Ever you play alone or with friends. Gamers will share fond memories of playing. Let’s start this countdown with top 5 video game beat em up troupes.

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Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 – Humans Vs Gears Video Game Review

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 – Humans Vs Gears Video Game Review

What is Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2?

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is a updated version of Revelator and Sign. Rev 2 features DLC characters and fixed online issues. The game have new balanced mechanics and new hub menu from Revelator. Game’s plot is after Revelator when Sol and the gang stop Ramlethal Valentine from destroying humanity. Rev 2 picks up concluding Ramlethal story arc. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is one of the first fighting games using anime style graphics. During development, the team at Arc System Works wanted to look closely anime. Using 400 to 600 bones and Unreal Engine handling Cartesian X, Y and Z axes. Artist Junya Christopher Motomura wanted to “more dramatic perspective” far as character and super moves. Daisuke Ishiwatari wanted a smaller roster first. In different factors smaller roster meaning different roles in story mode.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Character Select

Guilty Gear gameplay is still the same. Six button layout is back punch, kick, slash and more. Executing super moves is more dramatic than ever. Characters brings distinctive personality and weirdness in presentation. Overkill is more cinematic than ever before and brings dynamic to the game. There are game modes to check out in Rev 2. Single player modes have arcade mode. Arcade is self-explanatory, fighting all the way until final boss. M.O.M is fighting a series of battle to earn medals. Tutorials is about expandable with combo challenges and learning the game. In character select, players can select simple and normal controls. Choosing different character colors, stages and soundtrack.

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Bringing Back Classic Review

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Bringing Back Arcade Classic Review

What is Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection?


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is a compilation of games from the hit arcade series. Capcom gives us a nostalgia bomb of Street Fighter. Street Fighter has been around for 30 years and still growing until this day. Developed by Digital Eclipse known for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Namco Museum 50th Anniversary and Arcade’s Greatest Hits. Street Fighter is the most popular fighting games of all time. There is a lot of pop culture reference of Street Fighter. The fandom and many fighting games try to replicate and inspiration. 30th Anniversary have a total of 12 games. The game doesn’t include Street Fighter V and VI video games. Although if you pre-order Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, player will get a digital copy of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition games

In 30th Anniversary Collection, there are four modes in startup menu. Online, Offline, Options and Museum to choose from. Offline is playing arcade mode locally with a friend or solo. During in-game you can view moveset of the characters. Change filters and borders for an arcade -ish look. Battle a friend with versus mode and set handicap to your liking. Online mode is competing with players around the world. Players can host lobbies, set latency input and set four Street fighter games. Option is setting your controls and etc. Museum is a history of Street Fighter and development. Player could listen to different soundtracks of 12 Street Fighter games. There is a lot of artwork and designs of Street Fighter to check out.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection museum

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Wreck It Ralph – Villains Turn Into Good Guy Movie Review

Wreck It Ralph – Villains Turn Into Good Guy Movie Review

What is Wreck it Ralph movie?

Wreck It Ralph is directed by Rich Moore from Disney and Pixar. The movie is based on a video game bad guy named Wreck it Ralph (John C. Reilly), who wants to change. Ralph is from a 80s arcade game named Fix-it Felix Jr. Fix-it Felix Jr is a Donkey Kong-like video game, where Felix fixes anything that Ralph breaks. Player’s guide Felix (Jack McBrayer) into the top of the building, afterwards awarded with a metal. The town’s people throws Ralph off the building and land on mud. After arcades are closed, video game characters leaves their games and enjoy life. Ralph is look down as a bad guy and wants to change.

Wreck it Ralph villains

He goes to therapy with other video game villains such as M.Bison, Eggman, Ghost (Pac-Man) and Bowser. They were not happy about Ralph wanted to change. Deep down inside Ralph is a heart of gold. Ralph game jumps from Heroes Duty and Sugar Rush. There is saying that “you died outside your game, that character never comes back”. After Ralph’s disappearance, Fix-it Felix arcade was out of order and soon will be unplug. Various characters mention to Ralph about going Turbo. Turbo was a 80s racing that was popular in its prime.  Turbo game jump to Sugar Rush in disguised as King Candy (Alan Tudyk).

Wreck It Ralph Vanellope

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Hi Score Girl – Getting Beat by a Girl in Arcades Anime Review

High Score Girl – Getting Beat by a Girl in Arcades Anime Review

What is Hi Score Girl?

Hi Score Girl is based on the Japanese manga by Rensuke Oshikiri. The plot of Hi Score Girl revolves around pro gamer Haruo Yaguchi. Yaguchi is a advent gamer that loves playing 90s arcade games. He express his love for video games from the 1990s. During his time at arcade, Haruo is playing Street Fighter 2. Yaguchi is a Guile user and was the top player in his prime. A new challenger named Oono Akira defeats Haruo painfully with Zangief. Haruo pride was tarnish by Akira’s skill as a female gamer. He found a new gamer friend and wants play against her again. High Score Girl is animated by J.C Staff with 2D/CGI hybrid. The anime is still on-going and possibly have 12 episodes. There is a lot of video game reference and promotion in this series.

high score girl Ono and Haruo

Haruo is a egomaniacal boy who enjoy playing video games and talking about them. He goes to school along with Ono. Every chance Yaguchi gets to try the latest game. Oono is one set ahead of him. Akira is not the only girl that defeats Haruo. Hidaka Koharu is another skilled female gamer that mercifully defeats Yaguchi. Akira Oono has no dialogue and only grunts. During Haruo and Oono interactions, Akira gets physical with him. Sometimes Akira gets annoyed with Haruo’s ranting. Haruo ranting and annoyance gets on Akira’s nerves. She comes from a wealthy family and don’t have to enjoy herself. Haruo shows Oono how to have fun.

High Score Girl Ono and Hidaka

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