Rockstar Gaming Bloggers to Follow

Rockstar Gaming Bloggers

Rockstar Gaming Bloggers

I am creating a group of rockstar gaming bloggers. These video game bloggers need exposure. These individuals are very talented in some way. I have been following them and support on Social Media.  Here is a list of Bloggers to check out and support. The group is on Facebook but I might create one on Discord.


  1. Double Jump

Double Jump - Rock Star Gaming Bloggers

2. InThirdPerson

Jet - InThirdPerson


3. The Well-Red Mage

The Well-Red Mage

4. Matt in the Hat

Matt In the Hat

5. 16 Bit Dad

Gareth @ 16-Bit Dad

6. NekoJonez



7. Livid Lightning

Livid Lightning

More to come