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Affiliate Program

What are some partners and Affiliate program networks?

Partners and affiliate program networks help the gaming blog a whole lot. Supporting this blog will have help make better content and promote brands. If you want discounts and deal on video games products. This page is for you, brands ranging from Amazon to Razer. Use promo codes and coupons to get any item 20% off. Readers could also donate to StreamLabs. Donations is optional and I will not press this issues. I have the donate button for those who want to contribute. Promoting brands is my strongest quality in being a full time entrepreneur. I am willing to partner with other brands and work with them. Make sure you contact me for sponsorships and brand promotion. Here is some brands to check out and more is on the way.


Amazon Affiliate:

Amazon Affiliate

Get the latest gaming gear on Amazon. Amazon Affiliate Program gives you the tool to promote products in your niche.  Every time someone clicks on your link or ad. “Users earn commission meaning money. Make sure check out promote I am promoting and see catches your eye.

My Gaming Career

I am a Twitch Streamer and a great community to join.  Join my Gaming Career today and check them out. My Gaming Career is a laid back community, that reach out to small streamers like me. If you really want to grow your brand and Twitch channel join this community.

Fanatical - Big savings on official Steam games

Fantastic bundles with discount price. Check him out if you must. Fanatical also integrated with Steam. Bringing you the best pc games on the market. You can get 75% or less and save money instead of paying the full price. Make sure to support them and check them out.


Razer Affiliate Exclusive Deals

Razer have the latest tech went it comes to gaming. Make sure to check out the shop. They have everything tech keyboards, Mouse, Headsets and more.


2Game, the UK's fastest growing games store.

This online retailer that brings you the latest online game for PC. Make sure to check them out.

Extra Life

Extra Life

Extra Life is a charity organization that plays video games for helping children every where. It also partnered with Children’s Hospital and Twitch. I am proud to give back to the community. If you are a streamer and want to give back. Sign up for Extra Life.


Humble Bundle

Humble Parnter

Get the latest deals for PC games with Humble Bundle. I am partnered with them. Get $8 credit in your Humble wallet by clicking this link.



Chairs4Gaming Official Partner





Do you want a cheap gaming chair? check out Chairs4Gaming and see what catch your eye. Get a discount Code100 and half off of gaming chairs. Click on my referral link.

Streamlabs OBS

Steamlabs obs
Streamlabs and OBS are working together to bring you a create experience for streaming.  OBS brings users the best streaming experience possible. The program allows user to pick theme from various artist, twitch chat and discord in one program. If you want to get your hands on it. Here is a affiliate link to the page.

Gameservers have various servers for Minecraft, Team Fortress 2 and Counterstrike. You can get great deals from my affiliate banner (above).



Do you want to play in Tournaments to win clash? GamerSaloon give esports player to win some cash. If you want to learn more about how it works go to this page.  Sign up for free with my affiliate link.



Viglink is recommended for bloggers who wants to monetized their content. Bloggers can promote products with  affiliate marketing and get commission. IF you want to promote products from different brands. Viglink is the way to do it. Here is my affiliate link to get started on VigLink.



Glambassador logo

Are you a influencer?  Glamassador is a website that you can promote brands in your niche. YouTubers get sign up for the website as well. Click on my affiliate link.



GameStop, Inc.

Gamestop got all your gaming needs. You can buy pre-owned games and get excellent deals on trade-ins. Special thanks to Rakuten Marketing for the hook up with this brand.