Dabkick – A New Way to Share your Live Stream with Viewers

Dabkick – A New Way to Share your Live Stream with Viewers

What is Dabkick?

Dabkick app is a live streaming service which allows user to share their shows with viewers. Think of it like Twitch, Mixer and Youtube Gaming. If you are a live streamer then this is for you. Dabkick reach out to me on Instagram and had a Google Hangout. One of the developers walk me through the process about the platform. Users can embed YouTube and other video platform URLs. Connect your Twitch connect to get extra viewers. Start a show and have multiple hosts. There is an option for entry fees and ads to monetize your show. User could connect their webcam and microphone. Viewers could support the broadcasters and streamers with dabcoins. Dabcoins could turn into real currency similar to Twitch Affiliates. Dabkick is not about streaming video games but different events.

Magic shows, podcast and many other events are welcome to the platform. Dabkick have a chat to interact with viewers. Emotes are available and multimedia sharing like photos. Music is shareable as well. It works on IOS and Android for live streaming as well. You have to download the app on Apple Store and Google Play for phone users. Want to expand your audience and market yourself. Dabkick is a place to share and connect with your viewers. If you look for extra income for your live shows. I think gaming live streamers will check this out. Hopefully it will continue upgrading the platform in the future.

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Keyhub- Finding the Best Prices for PC Video Games

Keyhub homepage

What is Keyhub?

Keyhub is a CD key video game website where you find the best prices. This company will find the right price for your favorite titles. For international users, there is English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian and Thai languages. In Keyhub, you will find greats deals from popular developers and publishers. They’ve stated “there are 30 websites for game keys”, Keyhub is the place to be. If you are a buyer or seller, make sure to contact them. They are price comparison website does not selling anything.

Keyhub top deals

Do you want to become a affiliate marketer? Contact Keyhub at affiliates@keyhub.com for more information. Any addition question and concerns about Keyhub. Shoot them a email here contact@keyhub.com. Keyhub have an amazing team that will work with you.  Gamers get to compare prices on what is the cheapest deal.  Get the latest deals on top games for a decent price. Make sure to choose the best price.

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Are You Passionate About Video Games? Join My Gaming Career!

Are You Passionate About Video Games? Join My Gaming Career!

Why Join My Gaming Carrer

Are you a Twitch streamer or YouTube gamer? Well there is an upcoming gaming website which you can expand your brand. I recently join this program and there are some great people on the website. My Gaming Career gives you the tools to grow your brand. Meet other YouTubers, Twitch streamers and gaming bloggers. You can reach them at Discord, Twitter and other social media sites. I haven’t heard about this site until I saw a tweet from streamer named Jammer83. Jammer83 is a various streamer and runs Free Agent Mafia (Twitch community). Give her a watch and follow also tell her I send you. Immediately I saw an opportunity to grow my brand.
Anjim Plays on My Gaming Career
In My Gaming Career you can sign up or use your Twitch account. You can set up your account such as name, city, email and etc. Link your social media pages, upload photos, set up donations and more. You can create a page for your team or fan page. There are sections such as news, social media store, Esports, Sponsorship, Affiliates and more. I signed up for a sponsorship and give you exclusive offers and accesses. Affiliates are use as referrals to other sites and get commissions for it. Social Store you can buy packages to help your growth. There is a news feed which bloggers can post articles and share them with others.

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Save Sam Nishimura – Female Supporting Video Game Characters


Save Sam Nishimura – Female Supporting Video Game Characters #SaveourSam

Who is Samantha “Sam” Nishimura?

Sam is a best friend of Lara Croft and student in UCL, who studies film. Samantha is half Japanese and Portuguese. She is known for being a wild party girl and rebellious. Lara and Sam comes on trips together. Sam drags Lara away from her Lara studies to go clubbing. During one of Lara trips to Yamatai, Samatha learns more about her Nishmura family history. The main antagonist Mathias using Sam to awaken Humiko. In Tomb Raider reboot, Sam plays a major role in the game. While Sam’s soul was being transferred to Himiko. Lara saves Samatha from Himiko and Mathias. After events of Yamatai, Sam have nightmares about past events. Kidnapped by a cult, who worshipped Solarii. The cult believe Sam was a guardian and the one to bring back Mathias.
Sam Nishimura in college
Sam is possed by Himiko and Lara wants to help her but refused. She was arrested for assaulting a man for asking for direction. Next day, Samantha was placed in a metal ward and says no one can help her. Sam wanted to solve her own problems. After being transferred to Halburg Institute in Sweden her mother. Sam is under Hiniko’s controls and attack several staff members. Himiko was trying to gain full control of Sam but her friends intervene. Making her way back to Yamatai, she is confronted by Trinity’s force and Lara Croft. Lara is trying to reach Sam to fight Himiko within. Jonan uses Mirror of Wei to suck out Himiko soul out of Sam. Aftermath, Samantha is recovering at the hospital with a self-inflicted stab wound. Lara tells Sam’mother to take her somewhere safe so Trinity wouldn’t find her.

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