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Getting Started as Successful Gaming Blogger


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Being a  successful gaming blogger is not a get rich quick scheme what so ever. The gaming niche is very competitive and saturated as of now. I wouldn’t say you can’t do it and there is room for everyone. If you are plan on quitting your job for blogging don’t. You will need a safe net or a parachute to keep from falling into homelessness. Are you passionate for gaming? Do you want to express it in video or written format?  You have came to the right blogpost, Note: I am not a successful gaming blogger what so ever. But learn some tips that will help you grow and excel mines. This post will be alittle different than my others. I will compose a checklist on how to start your own gaming blog or website. Get ready and grab your controller to start.



Pick a name


Picking a name is easy and what is your identity. You can choose your YouTube, social media or real name if possible. Be careful on using your real name because online trolls and personal information getting out. Don’t use a name that someone else , has but create one where no one has. For example, AnjimPlays because no one else has that name. So be creative on a name that you enjoy and will stick with on the journey.




Getting a hosting website  


You will need a hosting website to make it run smoothly. There is cheaper hosting websites out there to try like WordPress, Siteground, Hostgator and more. These hosting sites are alittle pricey and will cost a lot of money. If you want to make blogging as a hobby, there is a free option. That’s if you don’t want to monetize your website. See what’s in your wallet and options you prefer. Additional options cost more to your website or blog.


Part 2: Getting to Know WordPress | Beginner Blogging
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Design your website as Successful Gaming Blogger


Once you get a host, you can design your own website. Users can use free or paid theme whatever you like. You can put your social links, banner, YouTube channel and Twitch stream on it. Remember, you don’t need to learn code to design your website. Be creative with fonts, colors and pages along with more features. Make sure it look presentable and clean unlike mines.



Writing content as Successful Gaming Blogger


You have your website ready, now it’s time to create content. Make sure to do research on that certain game in your own worlds. You can do gaming news as well. For example, you can do walkthrough, how to guide and tips about video games. Make sure to use images and videos to tell your story. Also use links for different websites and your own page. You can find topic by typing Google or any keyword tool. That’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will help you rank in Google. You can write up to 1,500 characters or more for ranking as well. Speaking of SEO, I will talk about plugins.


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There is a couple of plugins to use such as Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is the go to plugin for ranking in Google. There is other plugins that will happen you speed up your website like Smush and WP Cahce. You can also backup your database and work as well. Firewall plugins will block spam and attack on your site. Well Jetpack will help with that as well. I will link the recommended WordPress plugins for users to try.





This is what you have been waiting for! Making money as a gaming blogger is not an easy beat. You have to have a least 100 views a day or month. Don’t join any ad networks right off the bat but wait until a  10 month or year. Once your website gets traffic, there is a chance to join these ad networks. There is Google Adsense that will benefit small publishers but it’s not the best. Experiment with other small publisher ad networks to see what’s best for you. Note: These network have requirements that will keep you from joining so be careful. There is a catch, you can join affiliate programs and promote products on your blogpost. Readers get click on your link and you get commission for it. That’s anything to consider for making money.



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Sharing your work as Successful Gaming Blogger


Sharing your work is important  as a  successful gaming Blogger. Using social media is a huge weapon for growth but it depends on the site. Make sure to create a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, linkeldn and more. Use hastags and compelling captions to get eyeballs and engagement. Make sure to find your core audience and don’t random stuff. If you are a gaming blogger that specialize in video games. Post things that related to gaming  not anything else ( I am having trouble doing that). If you find any gaming content creators and bloggers, like their post, talk with them and establish a relationship. The more you post and share, there is a chance someone will become your friend or fan.


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Networking  as Successful Gaming Blogger   


Network is key and sharing you post as well. If you are a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer then  Networking is powerful tool. I learn some much in networking with other creators, bloggers and streamers. Make sure to engage with other creator but showing up often in their live streams. Comment on their YouTube videos and interacting with them on social media. If you get doing this, opportunities will come knocking at your door.  Note: You have to build a audience and following to get sponsorships and other collaboration projects. You might in up on a podcast or featured on a website. So in a nutshell, networking is very vital to growing your brand and yourself.





Creating a YouTube and Twitch is another way to expanded your reach and readership. You can link your articles on your video description and embed your YouTube vids in your blogpost. Twitch stream on be embed as well (optional), your journey will be slow or fast depending on your skills. Find your funnel (thanks Ashinchrist for that), or example, are you informative, entertainment or inspirational to others. If you find who you are and your passion for gaming. You will likely to success in your quest but don’t get discourage low traffic hurts your website. I have been blogging for 2-6 years and still have low traffic coming in. A blogger named Harsh Agrawal  been blogging for 8 years and has been successful.  Again it’s not an overnight success and don’t do it for money.




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Blogging takes long depending on your niche. Don’t expect to make money right away nor get 1,000 followers on social media. Trust me I want to turn my passionate into a full time job but that’s unlikely it will happen. One day, it will be possible  but due to this pandemic who knows. It takes baby step one foot front of the other to get to your goal.  There is other niches that’s successful like travel, fitness, fashion and more.  Gaming is not very successful in blogging niche. What do you think? Let me know in the comment or social media. Make sure to share this post with other bloggers. Support this blog whatever you can and have a safe day. Thanks for reading my post and hands forth your gaming blogging journey.


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Brendan Freeman
8 months ago

It certainly isn’t easy. But we can keep on making interesting posts!

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