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Indies Games in 2021


There is some indie games in 2021 which players can try and buy. Note: before I begin this post , there is a foot note that I must address. Indie blogposts will take longer because I have to find some that compatible for my PC. Due to ram and memory space that my computer could handle. I can’t try every indie game on my PC sorry about that. Don’t worry, I will be looking at my social media pages to find small indie developers and video games. Also this will be a non spoiler showcase because I want readers to try them out themselves. Unlike those reviewers that lead gamers away from trying out the game. I understand not all games will be great and A+. These are small developers that put heart and soul in their games.


Beer Squad Gaming YouTube Channel
Image by YouTube




Note: there is a podcast called Beer Squad Gaming that showcase indie games like me. I want to say special thanks to them for following me on Instagram. You can check out Beer Squad Gaming on YouTube, Discord, Instagram and other sties. Beer Squad Gaming does talk about indie games in 2021 like me. Hopefully they will cover more indie games in 2021 on their channel.  That’s end of the little promotion, well back on track with indie games  in 2021. There is some out right now for players to check out. Enough wasting your valuable time, lets get right to the indie games in 2021 should we.






Homebound – Ben Seavello

Homebound Mine Games Gameplay
Image by Ben Seavello

Homebound is inspired by Warioware and Earthbound (just a little) indie game. The plot is about a young girl named Sophie who lives with her dad. Her dad is working from home due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Sophie is bored and wants to entertainment herself. The player controls Sophie and play through many mini-games throughout the house. Players get three tries but if fails it’s game over for the player. You can retry the minigames and very easy to complete. Homebound is available now on If you are bored in the house and want to entertain yourself.


Friday Night Funkin – NinjaMuffin99

Friday Night Funkin Newgrounds
Image by Ninjamuffin99

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm indie game inspired by Dance Dance Revolution, Parappa the Parappa and Hatsune Miku. The plot is about a protagonist trying to win over Girlfriend dad in a rap battle. Girlfriend dad is a former rockstar and testing protagonist to seen is he worth dating his daughter. Friday Night Funkin uses flash animation like Newgrounds ( ahh the memories) of going to that site. Player must match opponents button combinations in order to win. Just like DDR and Hatsune Miku, if player miss they lose the game. The protagonist can face off against order opponents in weeks. Players can play on a web browser or download the game. Fridau Night Funkin is available to play on now.



PixelLot – Kyle Berger


Pixellot Gameplay
Image by Kyle Berger


PixelLot is a role playing indie game developed by Kyle Berger. The game is about creating your character, completing side mission and leveling up. PixelLot is a very easy to play on your mobile phone. Players can equip weapons and armor to become strongest warrior. You can encounter enemies and battle system allows player to customize their own playstyle. PixelLot is available now on Google Play and PC. Will you face the boss or recruit other to help you on your quest?


Slice Together 2D Puzzle Game – TreiberGames

Slice Together 2D Puzzle Game gameplay
Image by TreiberGames


Slice Together 2D Puzzle Game is what the title says. The game is self explanatory and very simple for beginner. Players must put together object and game will scan them to it fits. There is a list of object like lemon, water bottles and many more. Each round players have limited time to complete the puzzle to win. If player doesn’t piece together the object correctly, it’s game over and try again. Slice Together 2D Puzzle Game is available now on Google Play for puzzle fans.


TD School 2 – Bakart Games

Tower Defense School 2: gameplay
Image by Bakart Games



TD School 2 is a tower defense indie game developed by Bakart Games. The game is similar to Plants Vs Zombies and character sprites reminds me of Maplestory. Players must place character classes into different part of the level. Once you place characters on the map, wave of enemies will come. Defeat all advancing enemies to win. Afterwards, players can upgrade and buy character classes. If you’re a fan of PVZ series and other tower defense games. TD School 2 is available now on Google Play.

Drish the Challenge – Loov Games

Drish the Challenge gameplay
Image by Loovgames


Drish The Challenge is a action adventure platformer developer by Loov Games. The game is about a rabbit named Drish who trapped in prison. Drish is way out to escape from prison (Shawshank Redemption much) . The game is about collecting coins, equip weapons and puzzles. Drish the Challenge is very challenging with great pixel art graphics. Player must use their wits to solve puzzles and unlock levels. Drish the Challenge is available now on Google Play. Do you accept the challenge and complete the level?


Last Soul – Wulum Creative Technology Ltd.

Last Soul Gameplay
Image by Wulum Creative Technology Ltd.


Last Soul is a 2d platformer indie game developed Wulum. The plot is about Bop, who is a tiny robot saving the world from machine and humanity. Bop fights enemy AI and other rogue robots on it’s ques t. The gameplay is mainly reflect enemies attacks like certain Treasure game. Rockey boost and solving puzzles throughout each level. Bop has special abilities like bullet time which you can slow down time. You can unlock other weapons and powerups to help on the way. Shield yourself from enemy fire and learn about machines. Last Soul is available to try out on Steam.

Space Otter Charlie – Wayward Distractions and The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

Space Otter Charlie gameplay
Image by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild



Space Otter Charlie is a platformer game which player take control of Charlie the Otter. The plot of the game is about Otters finding a new home after degradation of their planet. Charlie comes to outer space to find parts on abandoned ships. Gameplay is about using the mouse and keyboard to navigate through levels. Charlie has weapons, suits and upgrades to find ship parts. He is not only, there is robots and other obstacles in his way. Join Charlie the Space Otter on a space adventure. Space Otter Charlie is available now on Steam. Will the Otters find a new home in time?


Pecaminosa – a pixel noir game – Cereal Games and Badland Publishing

Pecaminosa - A Pixel Noir Game gameplay
Image by Cereal Games

Pecaminosa – A pixel noir game is a top down mystery game developed by Cereal Games. Players take control of a detective John Souza who lives his days hunting down the living to bring peace to the dead. Pecaminosa has a very robust customization system called L.I.F.E. (Luck, Intelligence, Force and Endurance). There is mission that John can take along with side quests. Players can upgrade weapons and appearance. John can gamble and earn extra money on this journey to peace. There is a stamina meter if you don’t want to move slow. The game has deep pixel graphics and jazzy soundtrack. Pecaminosa demo is available on Steam and released on May 2021.

Aeon Drive: Prologue – 2Awesome Studio



Aeon Drive: Prologue gameplay
Image by 2Awesome Studio

Aeon Drive: Prologue is a speedrun 2d platformer indie game developed by 2Awesome Studio. The play controls Jackelyne who was stranded in space to retrieve pieces of dimension-bending machine to preserve time space fabric of the universe. Jackelyne was armed with a dagger that can manipulated time and zoom through walls. During gameplay, each level is time-based and have to complete them quickly. There is a mechanic called “unique time-warping system” which saves players for having to do repetitive tries. All you have to do is collect time capsules to keep the timer from running out. Aeon Drive: prologue demo is available but it will released on 2021.




Warshmallows – You Run Ltd, DigitalMania SA and Bonus Stage Publishing

Warshmallows gameplay
Image by You Run Ltd and DigitalMania SA



Warshmallow is a party indie game developed by You Run Ltd. The game is about shooting bubble gun at each other to win. Basely, it’s last man standing battle royale with Marshmallows. Players can choose a character with special abilities. The level has some hazards like Super Smash Bros. You can hover, jump, run and bullet time for defend. Warshmallow offers offline and online play and level up to unlock gears. Warshmallow is available now on Steam and very easy for newcomers, Will you be the last Warshmallow left standing?

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield – Headup Games



Aerial_Knight's Never Yield gameplay
Image by Headup

Aerial_ Knight’s Never Yield is a speedrunner indie game developed by Headup Games. The plot is about Wally who is on the run to recover something that was taken from him. I saw this indie game at Nintendo Direct Indie World 4, 14 2021 showcase video. Aerial Knight has a unique style to the game with Detroit hip hop favor. I was happy to see a african ameircan video game developers on Nintendo Direct. The gameplay is very easy. You have two jump buttons, slide and speed. Based on the color prompt, players must press the right button to advance. If not gameover and start off that checkpoint in the level. Aerial_ Knight’s Never Yield demo is available on Nintendo Switch and  PC, it will be released on May, 21, 2021.


Jitsu Squad – TanukiCreativeStudio

Jitsu Squad gameplay
Image by TanukiCreativeStudio

Jitsu Squad is a 4 player beat’em up indie game developed by TanukiCreativeStudio. There is no plot of the game but fighting waves of enemies. The game has mechanic from Super Smash Bros Marvel Vs Capcom and Guilty Gear. Speaking of fighting games, YouTuber Maximilian Dood make in appearance in the game along with Yooka-Layee. In gameplay, you can transform use counter/parry and upgrades for your characters. Jistu Squad is a fast pace beat;em up for fighting game fans. Support the Kickstarter and try the demo.


Please support these developers, sorry these comes around as begging. I have tried all these indie games and love Warshmallows and Homebound. Hoping to see more indie games being developed this year. Tell me what you think of these indie games. Comment down below or share your thoughts on social media. Share this post with any indie game lover our there like Beer Squad Gaming. Support this blog anyway you can, it will help a lot. Tune into the next indie blogpost but it will be a while. Which indie game will you check out? Sign up for my mailing list (optional) and tune in for updates about the blog. There might be more indie games in 2021 in the feature.

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