Freakazoid Season Two Episode 18 – Virtual Freak TV Series Review

Freakazoid Season Two Summary


Freakzoid season two is TV series developed by Bruce Trimm and Paul Dini. Note: This shared the same universe as Animaniacs. The plot of the show is exampled in opening theme and two part episode “The Chip”. Nerd Dexter Douglas acquires a computer for Christmas. The chip is flaw and Roddy McStew examples about it’s power of knowledge from Internet. Dexter’s cat accidentally type in the special keys to activate Freakazoid. Dexter presses delete and gets zap into Cyberspace and transform into Freakzoid. If he wants to transform, Dexter says “Freak out” and de-transform “Freak In”. Freakazoid TV show features segments just like Animaniacs. He doesn’t have much powers other than annoying villains and other people. The show features caricatures of Celebrities and parodies movies or pop culture. Freakzaoid has some supporting characters like Cosgrow and Stephanie.



Freakazoid and Cosgrow
Image by Warner Bros



He did do a crossover episodes with Wakko and Brain. This show was the golden age of comedy in the 90s. KidsWB was the go to station, where all the great shows was. Tiny Toons Adventures had a similar style to Freakazoid and Animaniacs. Freakazoid should have a reboot along with Hulu’s Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. That being said, lets talk about the episode “Virtual Freak”. Episode starts off went Cosgrow, Stephanie and Freakazoid goes to the mall. Two Bobs which one of them jokes about dating woman. Bobs putting together an arcade game called “Virtual Tussle”. Virtual Tussle is a shoot’em up game featuring red and blue avatars. Stephanie tells Freakazoid that she wants to buy a gift for her dad. Freakazoid spots The Lobe buying a hat and Step stops him. Freakazoid got his eyes sets on Virtual Tussle at Arcade Triumph.




Virtual Freak

Cosgrow and Freakazoid tries out Virtual Tussle and while having Stormtrooper aim. As Stephanie watches from the screen. The Lobe ticker with the machine and traps both Freakazoid and Cosgrow in the game. While the red and blue avatars goes to the real world. The two avatars continue to having a shootout. Freakazoid and Cosgrow is still stuck in Virtual Land. Dino captures Freakazoid multiple times while Cosgrow stands there doing nothing. Don’t worry it’s a recurring gag in the episode. Stephanie attempts to save Freakazoid and Cosgrow from Virtual Land but unsuccessful. Blue and red guys comedic still fighting in a store filled with caricatures of Michael Jackson and more. Freakazoid sings “ Am I Blue” and parody “The Wizard of Oz”.


Freakazoid - Stephanie
Image by Stephanie




Stephanie gets back Cosgrow and Freakazoid back to the real world. Freakazoid confronts The Lobe and insult his hat. After Freakazoid regroups after forgetting an ending of the episode. Freakazoid chases The Lobe with Dino from Virtual Tussle. Sending The Lobe inside the game and day is save. The Lobe hangs with video game characters, while Freakazoid, Stephanie and Cosgrow hanging out. In the opening of the episode is about the Freakazoid sign. I like Mr. Director the same voice actor as Freakazoid berating the narrator.



Red Vs Blue
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The red and blue reminds me of certain Rooster Teeth show (Red Vs Blue). This episode is the typical being trapped inside a video game troupe. Freakazoid season two series is nothing but slapstick filled episode. The Lobe is still a major villain in Freakazoid but not too evil. Cosgrow doesn’t show much emotion and put up with Freakazoid. Toilet humor is still the same back in the day. VR has change since then and I know it’s was from 80s. Looking at Virtual Reality right now, it’s more realistic than ever before. Freakazoid season two is a show that been in my heart since Animanics. I am hoping the show would return some day. Do you agree with this? Freakazoid Season Two is available now on dvd on Amazon.


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