Danny Phantom Episode 12 Teacher of the Year Review

Danny Phantom Summary



Danny Phantom TV series is created by Butch Hartman ( The Fairy OddParents) and aired in 2004. The plot is about a 14 year old named Danny Fenton. Danny stumbles upon his parent lab and find a gate to ghost world. Due to a dare from his friend, Danny accidentally switch the on button and turns into a ghost. Note: the opening theme song states this for newcomers. Danny balance his teenage life and battling ghosts at the same time. There are supporting characters that help Danny defeat ghosts. Sam, who is in to goth culture and has a crush on Danny. Tucker, a tech geek and one of Danny closes friends. Danny has family such as Jack and Maddie Fenton. His older sister named Jazz that cares about her brother. Maddie and Jack are ghost hunters which they allude too.




Jack is an ecstatic man that loves capturing ghosts along with his wife. Someone they get in the way of Danny’s progress. Although, Jack and Maddie doesn’t know that Danny is a half-ghost. He keeps it a secret from them due to the accident. Sometimes, his parent almost find out but fails. Danny is not alone in this world between humans and ghost. He faces off against some villains like Vlad, Desiree, Skulker and Technus. Danny Phantom is inspired by Ghostbusters, which he uses a container to suck ghost in. Ghostbusters uses a exo-trap to trap ghost and put them back in the ghost world. Danny Phantom follow the same method but super hero motif. Lets get right to the episode 12 “Teacher of the Year”.



Teacher of the Year


The episode starts off in a nerd kid gets zapped by Chaos. Danny and Tucker faces off against Chaos but losses. Technus arrives from Ghost World to conquer the world. Danny Phantom fights against Technus but destroys the computer monitor. Technus leaves and Danny puts a all -nighter and sleeps in school. Tucker and Danny looks for Technus but Sam finds him with appliances. Technus needs a new body due to his love of technology. Danny and his friends come up with a plan to defeat Technus (look like Chaos from Dooms). Tucker and Danny fights off Technus using their video game skills. Danny unlocks a new power called reflector. Technus self-destruct to find new skills and transport himself into Danny’s headset. Danny and Tucker play Dooms all night again, while Technus go inside the video game with new body.




Next day, Lancer tells Danny to study for the test for 3 days. Danny , Sam and Tucker are in a internet cafe finding out about extra life. Technus has a new body and meets Tucker in the game. Tucker accepts Technus proposal to home his skills. In level 2, Tucker teaches Technus how to play the game. Technus realize he has power than Tucker in the game. While Lancer lectures Danny about passing grade and meeting his parents. In level 3, Tucker fights off Samurais, while stating they will need keys of apocalypse and control of technology. Lancer is talking to his Danny’s parent about make up exam. Tucker seeks help from Sam (Chaos in disguise) to stop Technus for affect technology.




Next day, Danny and Tucker wouldn’t believe Sam is Chaos (due to her being on sidelines). While in Lancer class, Danny finds a computer to communicate with Sam and Tucker. Danny feels bad and pick a poetry book to read to Lancer. While Danny studying, Sam and Tucker fight off Technus. Technus finds the power cube and grow stronger. Danny takes the exam and passed and help duo to fight Technus in level 13. Technus almost have the seven keys and Danny uses his ghost powers. The trio faces off against Technus and turning smaller. Sam uses a mega cheat code and crush Technus for good. Danny traps Technus in level 0 and episode ends Lancer zaps trio and get the key. Teach of the Year is one of the best video game episodes I ever seen.


Danny Sam and Tucker


My favorite part is Danny and Lancer talking about poetry. We learn about cheat code which was so 20 years ago and don’t exist anymore. My favorite voice actor Rob Paulsen channeling Gilbert Gottfried was so funny to hear. Sam is a goth and gamer girl which saves them in the end. Danny and Tucker downplay Sam video game skills due to her gender. The moral lesson of this episode education first than gaming. I think so streamer are still in school and play video game part time. I love Butch Hartman cartoon with it’s humor and forgettable characters. What do you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments or social media pages. Danny Phantom complete series in available on Dvd on Amazon. Thanks for reaching my post and share this with any Danny Phantom fan. Support the blog if you can and tune in for more.



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