Should Hyper Dragon Ball Z Mugen Game Should Get More Support

What is Hyper Dragon Ball Z Mugen?


Hyper Dragon Ball Z Mugen is a fan made fighting game based in the fighting engine by Balthazar. The game uses Elecbyte’s Mugen engine and Dragon Ball characters. Hyper Dragon Ball Z has not story or plot because its still in development. HDBZ have playable characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Tien, Piccolo, Gohan and more. More characters is in development and WIP in the near future. Team Balthazar accepts donation to keep the project alive. I will link the website towards the end of this blogpost. For those, who don’t know what Dragon Ball is I will tell you. Dragon Ball is the most popular manga or anime series developed by Akira Toriyama. The story is about a young man named Goku (based of Sun Wunkong) who fights evil villains that threat earth.


Super Dragon Ball
Image by Toei Animation

Later to know Goku is a Saiyjin went who transported to earth like Superman. The series progress as Goku grows stronger and meets supporting characters like Trunks along the way. There is a lot of Dragon Ball video games out there. Well I am not going to talk about all of them om this post. Everyone knows that Dragon Ball FighterZ is the number one DBZ game out there right now. Dragon Ball has a lot of fighting games in decades. I remember playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai on PS2 and love it. Later on was Dragon Ball Z Budoka Tenkaichi series and more throughout the coming years. Dragon Ball anime series has grown, due to it’s popularity. Right now, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is out right now to watch but it’s shorter than last one. I did a review of Super Dragon Ball Heroes you can check it out.



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Well that’s out of the way, lets talk about the fanmade game Hyper Dragon Ball Z. Hyper Dragon Ball Z uses clean and crisp cartoon style graphics made by Balthazar. Which captures the heart of the style of the series. There is limited amount of characters to choose from with their own movesets. In the Hyper Dragon Ball Z Indigo Build, there were more to the roster like Pilaf Gang, Vegetto and Tien along with stages. Note: characters uses in-house voice actors not original ones. A lot of people have problem with the voice work of the characters but I don’t. The developers allows people to create soundpack (snd) for the characters. Along with wishlisting which some fans are turn off by. If developers wants to put a character of their choosing let them. Don’t get upset, if the character you want doesn’t appear in the game.


Hyper Dragon Ball Z Tien vs Super Buu
Image by Balthazar and Hyper Team Z2



Enough about that, lets talk about the gameplay in HDBZ. Hyper Dragon Ball uses Street Fighter mechanics like EX moves and Alpha Counters. You can charge up your meter to execute level 3 attack along with special skill. There is some air combos and abit of MVC style elements to the characters. Movement of the characters is fluid and stylish went performing moves. Each character have winquotes which available on Mugen 1.0 or 1.1 game engine.  Hyper Dragon Ball Z is very fun to play and should be in EVO or have causal tournaments in. I know Dragon Ball FighterZ is the go to game and a lot of people are playing it. Hopefully I like to see more third party characters in this game. For example, Luffy, Arale, Jaco, Dai and Crono because Akira Toryiama loves Dragon Quest.



Chrono Trigger - Crono
Image by Square Enix





I know that Akira was not involved in Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai series. He was Involved Dr. Slump and Jaco along with Chrono Trigger. Hyper Dragon Ball Z is under the radar for fighting game fans due to Mugen. Alot of people have mixed reaction on the game engine and community. You don’t have to sign up to Mugen forums at all but to enjoy these creations. How these creators put their heart and energy to share with the world. Make sure you visit the website to download Hyper Dragon Ball Z latest build. Visit Mugen Guild Forum for updates and developments on the game. Follow the team on Twitter, Discord and Facebook to give feedback. Support them on Paypal or Patreon for developers to continue the project.



Hyper Dragon Ball Z - SSJ Goku
Image by Balthazar and Hyper Team Z2





Although , they can’t sell it due to copyright from Toei Animation, Bandai Namco and more holders. Still they need your support, I will donate some money if this continues. Don’t rush the developers due their real life situations like work, school and more. There will some people they don’t like how the game runs. I will tell them that “go play Dragon Ball FighterZ” as for voices “you don’t complain to Team Fourstar about their abridged voices, why complain about these ones”. Alright rant is over, that being said give them a shot if you like. Hyper Dragon Ball Z Indigo Build is available now to download and try. Will you support this game or not? Let me know what you think of HDBZ mugen game. Comment down below or my social media pages. Make sure to share this post and tune in for more updates on the blog.


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