Ace Lighting – Became a Hero Knight TV Show Review

 Ace Lighting Summary



Ace Lighting is a 2002 British-Canadian cgi live action tv show. The show aired on BBC television network in 2002. Premise of the series revolves around video games and reality. One day British teenage Mark Hollander, who is transferred from England to America. He is making a video game called Ace Lighting and on that night. Lighting struck his antenna and Ace is transported into the real world. Mark is dumbfounded by Ace Lighting being transported from the game. Ace is not alone, his arch nemesis Lord Fear appeared and his minions. It’s up to Mark and Ace Lighting to find the pieces of the Amulet of Zoar. Amulet of Zoar is a gateway to the six dimension and real world. In the series, Mark and Ace need those piece to send him and Lord Fear back.


Ace Lighting 105 - No Place Like Home
Image by BBC



He is deals with trying to be a hero with no powers. The series tackles social life and saving the world which is Mark’s point of view. Mark is trying to protect his friends from Lord Fear and his cronies. There are supporting characters that help Mark or cause him grief. Chuck Mugel is one of the best supporting characters in the show. He is a gluttony and a fan of Ace Lighting video game. Miguel steals every moment of the show. Later in season 2, Chuck became apart of the lighting knights. Samantha Thompson is one of Mark’s love interest and friend. Mark and Samantha have a rocky relationship during season 1. She doesn’t know about Mark’s adventures with Ace Lighting. That’s Mark tries to hide it from her ever since. In season 2, Sam moves into a boarding school and keep in touch with Mark.







Mark have two other love interest Kat Adams and Heather Hoffs. The titular character Ace Lighting is a lighting knight from the six dimension. His power is lighting manipulation and recharge in power is low. Ace has allies such as Random Virus, a good and evil lighting knight. Sparks, a female lighting knight who wields Sword of Jacob. She also rides a aircraft called Lighting Flash. The villains of the series are Lord Fear, a lich who wants to take over real world and six dimension. Lady Illusion is Lord Fear partner and have a romantic feel for Ace. Dirty Rat is a lesser and cowardly villains than Lord Fear. Other Lord Fear’s minions from Amusement Park are Googler, Pigface, Anvil and Rotgut. In Season 2, Killobyte is the main antagonist created by Rick Hummel’s Chuck Boss.



Ace Lighting - Lord Fear
Image by BBC



Ace Lighting is an average tv series with low budget cgi models. Season 2 fixes those problem in the process. In the start of the episode Mark get advice from his friend Peter Burgess. That’s a recurring moment in the show. Mark‘s character is a typical teenage with have problem with school life. Preaching to  him that he is not a hero. Ace tells you don’t have power to become a hero. That’s a lesson from everyone who is trying to become a good humanitarian. There is some funny moments in the show that children could enjoy. I grew up watching this while I was at a summer job. If you like a live action cgi superhero show. There is an video game tie-in by Absolute Studios and Gamezlab. It’s  on Gameboy Advance, PlayStation 2 and PC. Buy Ace Lighting Dvd on Amazon.


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