Tiny Toon Adventures Season 3 Episode 12 Video Game Blues Review



Tiny Toon Adventures Summary


Tiny Toon Adventures is a cartoon tv series developed by Warner Bros. The plot is about two bunny name Babs and Buster Bunny who goes to Acme Tooniversity. Acme Tooniversity is where Toons get a degree from Veteran Looney Tunes professors. Tooniversity has Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and many more teachers. In Tiny Toon Adventures, the series have wacky cast of characters that fans will love. Note: There is a reboot in the works but a certain animal loving little girl won’t make it. That being said, there are toons in the show that’s have mannerisms and personalities of other Looney Tunes. For example, Plucky Duck is a descendant of Daffy Duck. Buster and Babs (main protagonists of the show) have personalities of Bugs Bunny. Hampton is more like Porky Pig and Dizzy Devil as Tazmania Devil.


Tiny Toons Adventures Plucky Duck
Credit by Warner Bros. Animation


There are villains of the show like Elmyra Duff and Montana Max which both of them share a romantic in one episode. Tiny Toons is the same level as Animanics with slapstick and pop culture reference. In the opening theme, the tv show plot is summarize for newcomers. Each episode is divided by segments instead of full length. There is music videos (which I am going to get into in a second) and centric episodes featuring your favorite characters. Tiny Toon Adventures has been a huge hit and lasted for 3 seasons. There is video games based on the show and specials to check out. Lets talk about Tiny Toons Adventures season 3 episode 12. I am not going to talk about the whole episode but “Video Game Blues”.




Video Game Blues


In this episode, Buster and Babs Bunny showcase viewers of series of music videos featuring different characters from the show. Video Game Blues starts off with Plucky Duck at a mall, while Rob Paulsen or Paul Rugg (Freakazoid voice actor) singing a parody of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. Babs, Hampton and Buster appears in this music video. Plucky plays a space shooter while ”Russian Dance from Nutcracker” plays in the background. Plucky loses the game and ask his mother to play one more. He gets another quarter to get revenge on the aliens. Plucky loses again and thinking the game is rig by Martians. He has a idea of making his own game. Puts Arcade Cabinets in Martians planet and make it free. Making the Martians addicted to the game to earn profit. The music video ends Plucky thinking he won the game but didn’t.


Tiny Toon Adventures Season 3 Episode 12
Credit by Warner Bros. Animation


Video Game Blues is a funny and addicting music video in this episode. It explains about video game addiction and want to beat the game. Plucky Duck wanted to make a free to play game with micro-transaction. There are games like Rogue Company, Fortnite and other free to play titles with this method. Video games can be addiction and trust me I did that in Final Fantasy VII on PS1. The game that Plucky was playing was similar to Galaga in some way. Overall, I love this segment of the episode due to gaming. I love Tiny Toon Adventures and hopes reboot is good. Tell me what you think of this episode and Tony Toon in general. Comment down below and tune into the next blogpost.   Buy Tiny Toon Adventures on Dvd at Amazon.


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