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Indie Games Under 1GB


Mostly indie games under 1GB will save a lot of space on your computer or mobile phone. 2020 was a bad year for the world and my personal life. Video games help me to relax and get through the day without negativity. There is a lot of indie games to get to but I will mention some during closing statement in this blogpost. Some indie games needs work but other amazed me. Here is my list of indie games I have played with no spoilers. These indie game demos are out now and you guys can try. Note: I will not give a long summary of these games since it’s a lot on the list. I will give a short description of the game, so you can get the idea. Well lets get right to the meat of things.



APICO – ellraiser, metakitkat TNgineers


Indie Games Under 1GB - APICO crafting
Image by tngineers

Apico is a bee harvesting indie games which you can as the player. Find bees and conserve them as you see fit. The game is a sandbox which you can craft and gather materials. Apico is inspired by Harvest Moon, Minecraft and Terreria. Give this indie game a try if you like. More info on the page. Don’t worry there is a tutorial to help players out if stuck.



The Notebook – Driven47


The Notebook find keys
Iimage by Driven47



The Notebook is a puzzle horror game that pits player to find a notebook. Players solve puzzles in order to find your notebook. Watch out for something eerie and creepy along the way. The Notebook is available on Google Play.


Ancient Battle – Lion Studios


Ancient Battle gameplay
Image by Lion Studios


Ancient Battle is a hack n slash indie game which players can recruit and battle to see who wins. You can upgrade your unit and play online. If you don’t have internet access, there is offline mode. Build your army and be victorious. Ancient Battle is available on Google Play and gather as many unit you can.


Akurra – Jason Newman


Indie Games Under 1GB - Akurra gameplay
Image by Jason Newman, Craig Collver


Akurra is a puzzle game which you are a boy who is stranded on a island. In order to escape, you have to solve puzzle. That’s basely, you have to do in this game. You can redo puzzles and make sure to solve it correctly. Akurra demo is available now on PC The game is inspired by Goof Troop, Zelda and other games.


LastNoodle – OCKSUSU


LastNoodle Gameplay
Image by OCKSUSU

Lastnoodle is a crazy indie game that players have to control a noodle to get to it’s destination. Make sure you use right and left arrow to guide the noodle. It may look hard at first but you will get the hang of it. LastNoodle is available now on Google Play.


Shape Breaker 3D – mbgamestudios


Shape Breaker 3D gameplay
Image by MBgames


Shape Breaker 3D is a puzzle game which players have to chisel part of the shape to advance. If you don’t chisel the correct part of the shape it’s game over. This game is fairy easy for newcomers and younger audience. Shape Breaker 3D is available now on Google Play.


Gem Puzzle – FireUnit


Gem Puzzle gameplay
Image by FireUnit


Gem Puzzle is a puzzle game which players have to swipe matching block to win. You have a certain number of moves and order to win the game. If you used up the certain amount of moves game over. Gem Puzzle is available now on Google Play.


Bounce Bounce Hypercasual Game – Prople Studios


Bounce Bounce - Hypercasual Game
Image by Prople Studios



Bounce Bounce Hypercasual Game is a simple game that allow players to control a blue ball. Players can overcome obstacles and help the ball to the end of the level. The game is very easy for beginners and really fun. Bounce Bounce Hypercasual Game is available on Google Play.




My Celestial Journey – Crownea VN


Indie Games Under 1GB - Akurra - My Celestial Journey
Image by Crownea VN


My Celestial Journey is a otome visual novel game that players can visit 5 planets + routes. Players take control of a female/male cadet in order to learn about 5 planet. There are 5 characters in different planets along with their backstory. You have to build relationships with them and learn about their planet’s history. My Celestial Journey demo is available now on PC. Note: You will learn about the lore during opening.



Student Union – Visual Novel Village


Student Union Holly
Image by Visual Novel Village



Student Union is a visual novel which players have to recruit students for a school project. You play as Lane who is assign paid school project but what dark overcome will turn out. Players can interactive with other characters and routes. Student Union is demo is available now on PC.


Rose & Locket – Whistling Wizard


Indie Games Under 1GB - Rose & Locket
Image by Whistling Wizard



Rose & Locket is a action-adventure game, where players control Rose who journeys through hell to cure a curse her daughter. Rose have two blaster modes and the game is very cinematic. If you want to try this game out go right ahead.


4 in a row with Friends (connect4) – Zen Shots


 4 in a row with Firends (connect4)
Image by Zen Shots


4 in a row with friends is based on connect4 game in the 90s. All you have to do is get 4 in the row and win. You can block paths and prevent them from winning the game. 4 in the Row Friends is available now on Google Play.

Adara - Stealth Girl in Revenge Demo
Image by victorbexiga


There is one game I will mention is Adara – Stealth Girl in Revenge which need some work. Overall I enjoy Rose & Lock along with Student Union. Hoping to play more indie games in 2021. Special Thanks to all the small indie developers for reaching out to me. Also I have look through social media with hashtag #screenshotsaturday and #indiegames for them as well. Let me know what you think in the comment. Make sure to share this blogpost with someone who loves indie games. Sign up for email list or follow me on Social media for updates. There might me for indie games under 1gb in the future.


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