Is Variety Streamers are Hurting Themselves or Expanding





Becoming a Variety Streamers


Becoming a variety streamers is a hard to grew your audience. Expanding your audience is nothing wrong went it’s comes to streaming. If you switch games everytime you go live. Your followers will unfollow you or not interested in the game in general. I am that variety streamer that switch from game to game. Don’t care if someone unfollows me or not interest. It’s not their channel and not doing for the audience. I stream whatever that comes to my mind not viewers. That being said, variety streaming is a tough and hard to grow. I understand you don’t want to stream one game. If you stream one game, that streamer will get tired and move on. You can switch whatever niche that streamer is comfortable with. There is many ways to interact with your community.


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Whether is IRL (in real life), podcasting, art and many others. That streamer doesn’t have to play video games all the time. Being a variety streamer may cost you a viewer or two. In my opinion alone, I love to reach out to different video game genres communities. I don’t limited myself with one genre of video games. Opening to fighting, rpgs, platformers, visual novels and many more genres. At the end of the day, I will not be happy playing the same game over and over again.



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 Sometimes I tell my viewers that “I am going back to it another day”. I don’t want to get irate to my viewers about what type of games they want to stream. Have a confession to make “I don’t like telling me what to do”. That doesn’t mean I can’t take feedback. Criticism is welcome but sometimes people don’t know what they talking about.




Peer Pressure While Being a Streamer


I will tell you a story on an incident with a troll on Twitch. Wish to not speak that troll name, anyways I was playing Battlefield 1. Lately I was known for Team Fortress 2, there were a group of troll pestering me about TF2. I was having fun playing it and group of troll started to harness me about playing TF2. In that moment, I was frustrated and switch to TF2 just for them After switching to Team Fortress, not of them didn’t show up. There was another one where I had to switch Battlefield 1 to Half Life. Later on I had to banned him and other trolls. That’s in the past but present, there was sign of that troll and couldn’t been happier. To all those trolls, I am proud to be a variety streamer and if you don’t like it get off the boat!.


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As a streamer, I play games that I want not viewer tell me to, I hate went people tell what’s best for me. Sometimes they’re here to help but most of the time put me in a box. I have truth issues but working on it as time goes by. I don’t mind helping people and reaching out to partners. You can’t change backstabbers and bullies. I think the streamer community has it’s ups and downs lately. Streamers being ban from Twitch and Mixer along getting demonetized on YouTube. Small platforms like Mixer getting shut down due to not getting tracking on the website. Dlive might be next but hopefully new streaming service or platform for gamers will come. There is rumor that Dr. Disrespect and Ninja is working on it but have to wait for more info.





Being a streamer got it’s challenges in growing an audience. Their is 10 million streamers out there trying to grow a community. Whether streaming on Twitch or other platforms, you will face pros and cons went trying to grow. There is nothing wrong with playing all types of games. Only downside is your viewer base that would ever ride with you or not. Every streamer have a preference on what games they like to stream. You may have fun and interact with your audience. What about the trolls how will you deal with them? Not every viewer would be interested in the game you’re playing it. There are streamer that dedicated to Fortnite, Minecraft and many other games. You have to be passion about the game. There is some people who are toxic and there to disrupt your stream.


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At the end of the day. You have to banned them or allow them to leave. Listen I dealt with trolls and that’s how internet works. There are haters that want you to play a game that distasteful for streamer. If I don’t like to stream a game I don’t feel comfortable playing. Don’t mind viewers suggestion a game but I wouldn’t like it. It depends on the game and how I enjoy it. If you don’t trolls or people telling what games they want to see. Don’t go live but trolls will get under your skin sometimes. Variety streamers get a lot of negative reception. It’s called expanding to different audiences like a business. There is noting wrong with having a niche in streaming. Play whatever you want and don’t listen to people telling you otherwise. It’s your stream, do what you want.



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