Why is The King of Fighters Popular In Mexico and Not USA

About The King of Fighters

The King of Fighters is a fighting game franchise developed by SNK playmore along with Neo Geo. KOF is called the Super Smash Bros of fighting games. Various SNK games like Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting and many more appear. Overall, format is turn-based team battle consist of 3 characters ( 4 in KOF 2001). KOF uses a graphic style which is unknown what it called. Although, past games uses anime style graphics like KOF XIII and 3D The King of Fighters Maximum Impact. Present games like KOF XIV uses 2.5D like Street Fighter V. SNK Playmore did announce a new The King of Fighters XV. I hope you guys will preorder the game and play the demo went release. KOF have different characters and team from different regions of the country.


The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match
Image by SNK Playmore


For example, Team Mexico which SNK biggest market and topic of this blogpost. There is also Team USA, Korean, Italy, Japan and many more. Did you know that there is a company called Evoga in Mexico but was bankrupt was involved in KOF. Later on Evoga developed Rage of the Dragons, which is a re-imaging of Double Dragons. Some of the names has been change due to copyright Technos Japan. Evoga renamed Jimmy and Billy Lee to Lewis along with Abobo to Rao. Rage of Dragons share some mechanics from KOF like roll and knockbacks. Evoga collaborated with a Japanese company called Noise Factory which helped developed Rage of Dragons. Lets get back on the topic, how did KOF get popular in Mexico?






Why The King of Fighters Popular?


Well I did some research about it went I came across a article on Kotaku. The reason why The King of Fighters popular in Mexico because of cheaper arcade cabinet and roms. Neo Geo arcade cabinet uses cartridges that can easily swap out without paying for another machine. Most arcade machines cost thousands of dollars but not Neo Geo cabinets. If Street Fighter cabinet was in Mexico, it will be expensive along with Mortal Kombat. SNK make arcade cabinet affordable for rural areas along with drug stores. KOF roms is much cheaper and copy data to allowing anyone to play them. The King of Fighters roms can be hack, altered and bootleg by anyone. That’s what in a nutshell why KOF games are popular in Mexico. In the USA, we have Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat roms which can’t be altered like Neo Geo ones. There might be some hacks of Street Fighter out there in Fightcade or rom websites.


Team Mexico
Image by SNK Playmore


I did a blogpost about romhacking whether it’s legal or illegal. Rom dumping is talking dating from arcade cabinet and pasting it on PC. Speaking of rom size, KOF 96 has a space of 68KB and 64 KB RAM which is great for copying rom data. While Street Fighter II 2 and 12 RAM space which is little higher than KOF. Mortal Kombat 4194304 RAM which is way higher than Street Fighter and KOF.  As for arcade marketplace Neo Geo cabinet cost $600 on Ebay or lower. The prices of the Neo Geo games changes significantly, if you want to check them out. CPS1 cabinets might be higher but you will find cheaper options. I am not a expert on arcade machines. Someone can comment down below to enlighten me about marketplace.




That’s why The King of Fighters is popular in Mexico. I know there is tournaments on YouTube of KOF. EVO has tournaments and might still be played in Japan. I don’t know about other countries and there arcade marketplace. In USA, we can Street Fighter which is very popular in the 90s along with MK. You might see them in your local carryout, laundry mats and other stores. I don’t think a lot of people play arcade like that anymore but there is some in game centers or anime conventions. Remember playing some arcade machines as a kid and love it. Dave & Buster still have arcades but due to Covid I can’t go. When everything is back to normal and Coronavrius dies down. I might go to a gaming center and play some. What are you thoughts on KOF being popular in the Mexico? I know there is a lot of Latin American players about there.


$500 Neo Geo arcade cabinet
Image by The Verge


If you want to buy recent KOF games. The King of Fighters 2002 Ultimate Match is available on PS2, PlayStation 4 and PC. KOF XIV Ultimate Edition is available on Playstation 4 and PC. Will you be the next King of Fighters? SNK Allstar is available now on IOS and Android mobile phones. Make sure you share this blogpost and follow me on social media. Sign up for my email list or stay tune for updates on social media. Comment down below on what you think about this topic. Do you love KOF and have you tried arcade cabinets? Tune into the next blogpost and thanks for reading.





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