Batman Beyond Season 2 Episode 21 and-36 TV Review

Batman Beyond Summary



Batman Beyond is a original tv series not based on DC Comics. This show is apart of the DC Animated Universe like Static Shock, Justice League and Zeta Project. Batman Beyond takes place 20 years after Batman the Animated series. Bruce Wayne is now 70 years old and retired as Batman. There is a new Batman named Terry Mcginnis who is the son of Bruce. Terry is a high schooler who have a sense of justice. Now doning a new suit with the help of former Batman himself Bruce Wayne. Terry takes on villains like Spellbinder, The Jokerz, Royal Flush Gang and others in Neo Gotham City. Well, Terry have other responsibilities like teenage life and becoming a hero. There is some crossover episodes with Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock and Zeta Porject. New and reccurring supporting characters is back like Barbara Gordon.


Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne
Image by Warner Bros Animation


Barbara Gordon is now commissioner like her dad. She is not batgirl anymore in this show. Maxine Gibson acts as Alfred Pennyworth and brains of the bat team. Dana Tin who is Terry on and off girlfriend. Along with the McGinnis family that Terry cares for. Batman Beyond has a darker tone than Animated Series was. It sets in the future along with Time Skip with older characters. If you’re interested, there is a Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker movie along with game. Make sure to buy the movie on Dvd and Bluray. Video game adaptation is available on Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1 and Game Boy Color. That being said, lets get right to talking about two episodes in general. Btw, I love the opening sequence of the show, still my favorite until this day.




Hooked Up


Hooked Up episode is one of those talking about VR. The episode starts off went a teen boy named Donnie. Donnie dreams on becoming a rock star but was cut short by Spellbinder. Spellbinder told him to steal money to continue his fantasy. Terry tries to stop him from stealing money from people by fails. Max and Terry finds out other teens getting abducted and having an addiction to VR. During arcade confrontation, Terry and Max gets into a argument about getting involved. Spellbinder followers persuades Max on joining them. Max goes with them but Terry stops them. During fantasy world, Max dreams about her family and how happy she was. Terry saves Max from Spellbinder but she refuse Batman’s help. Batman tells her it’s an addiction and put her to sleep. Terry drops her off at Max house but gets attacked.


Batman Beyond Season 2 Episode 21 - Hooked Up
Image by Warner Bros Animation


Max felt to Spellbinder to try out the VR again. Terry realized that he shouldn’t got Max involved. Confronting Spellbinder and Max tells him not to kill him. Max tricks Spellbinder thinking she is still addicted to VR. Later Spellbinder VR technology to help teenagers who were affected. Episode ends Max will play a huge role in Batman’s Crusade. This episode takes runaways, family issues and addiction. The prime example is Donnie’s family coming from abusive household. Addictions is something that a lot of people can’t get out off. What about living in a fantasy world? Will your life be perfect in anyway? Onward to the next episode called “ Sentries of the Last Cosmos” which is another one.


Sentries of the Last Cosmos


The episodes start off went Terry, Max and Corey playing VR game “Sentries of the Last Cosmos”. One of the real life sentries spies on the trio. In school, Corey gets a email from Simon Harper (producer of the game), due to his high school. He goes to meet Simon Harper posing as wise one from Sentries of the Last Cosmos along with two other players. Simon tells them how to be real sentries and commit crimes. Terry confronts the three sentry players and loss. Later on Batman confronts Simon about the incident but have no recollection on it. Terry leaves a tracer and Simon tells his sentry players to go after Eldon Micheals. Max and Terry talks with Max about the game but brushes them off. Batman gets attack by Micheals thinking he is a robber. Micheals tells Batman about a lawsuit against Simon.


Batman Beyond Season 2 Episode 36 - Sentries of the Last Cosmos
Image by Warner Bros Animation


Simon tells the sentries to kill Eldon but sentries didn’t want to. Eldon persuades Simon on spiting the profit of the game. Batman exposes Simon on being a fraud and Eldon is the real creator. Simon continues to attack Batman but sentries turn on him. The episodes ends went Corey and other players talk with Eldon about the game. This episode explains about fiction and non fiction. Some games think video games are their lives. Also about stealing credit about making a video game. I love video games but don’t control my life. Simon took advantage of these gamers to do his bidding. Max and Terry are not true gamers, but knows reality and VR.






Batman Beyond is a great series and worth checking out. These episodes give you life lessons and not just a hero show. This show has great voice actors like Cree Summer, Will Friedie and Kevin Conroy doing amazing job. I am hoping for a reboot or remake of this series. Make sure to check out this show. Batman Beyond is available on Dvd or Bluray now. Video games are the future don’t you agree.


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