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Pokemon Copied Digimon?


There is a debate among fans that did Pokemon copied Digimon. Well I grew up with both franchises playing the video games and watching anime. Let me give you a rundown on Pokemon and Digimon. Pokemon which was called Pocket Monster at the time. It’s about these magical creatures that fight and evolve to become stronger. Pokemon franchise is licensed by Nintendo and their most prized and making money franchise. The franchise is on it’s 25th anniversary and Katy Perry is involved in it. That’s a fun fact but I am not hear to talk about anniversary. The concept is you are a Pokemon Trainer who catches as many monster as you can. Which is the sub title “Gotta Catch Them All” states in one of the tv shows. Meat of the series is the combat, which Pokemon have elements and evolutions.



pokemon sword and shield
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Pokemon have strengths and weaknesses among them. Trainer must fight gym battles to go to the league. These creatures can die and lost their will to fight. There is villains in the series like Team Rocket that uses Pokemon to conquer the world. Pokemon can help police, fire fighters and medic field. You as a trainer can make friends and rivals in your adventure. Make sure to take care of your Pokemon and leveled them up. Digimon is also called Digital Monsters in first season of the anime. The concept is similar to Pokemon but no gym battles and set in different settings. While Pokemon sets in the real world, Digimon has digital world, network and others. In Digimon tv shows, you are a Digidestined or Tamer ( animes). Digimon evolution while using a device called “Digivice” but do it while fighting.









In Digimon Adventure, there is crest of the digidestineds based on their action and personalities. While Pokemon does have a evolve type, Digimon does. Digimon evolution types such as Champion, Mega and Ultimate. These digital monster can fused as well to become one in some animes. Digidestineds can become Digimon in 4th anime series Frontier. They can also save the network which Data Saver anime series is about. There are some evil Digimon and villains in the series as well. Digimons of life fight against the dark. The 2020 reboot Digimon adventures stated “chosen ones will save the Digital World from darkness.” Anywho, Digimon and Pokemon are too different concepts but don’t copy each other.



Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
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Digimon can attack the real world by sabotaging network like trains, military missiles and cause power outages. Pokemon don’t do that because Digimon is based on network. Digimon goes more in-depth then Pokemon ever will. I have watched Digimon Adventure (2020) show is loved it. They flushed out the characters and reworked animation thanks to Toei Animation. The show is nostalgia for me because I grew up with original series. I don’t know they will get a English Dub of the show. The might bring back original voice actors from 90s show. In the Digimon Tri movie, some reprise their roles which I haven’t check out yet. I will link the dvds and video games in the end of this post.





Pokemon copied Digimon may be a debate among gamers and otakus. In my opinion is that Pokemon didn’t copy Digmon. They’re both popular in Japan and around the world. Both Pokemon and Digimon have movies, video games and other merchandises. Pokemon is very popular than Digmon but both still relevant until this day. Thanks to the reboot of Digimon Adventures, my inner childhood returned. I would give the show a watch, if you get a chance. To close this out, let me say this Pokemon and Digimon are similar indeed. They don’t mean both series copied each just like Fortnite and PUBG. Probably inspired each other and put a spin and flavor to in IP. Fans still enjoy Pokemon and Digimon as of now. There is a death battle between them and videos on both. Check out the Death Battle YouTube Channel if you like.


digimon and pokemon
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Let me know what you guys think. Did Pokemon copied Digimon? What is your perspective on this? Comment down below or reply on social media. Watch Digimon Adventure (2020) on Cunchyroll and buy original series on DvD. Pokemon Journeys : The Series is available on Netflix. Buy Pokemon animated series on Dvd. Far as video games, Pokemon Sword and Shield as available on Nintendo Switch. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS Vita and PlayStation 4. Make sure to sign up for my email and look for updates on the blog in social media too. Share to blogpost with someone who loves Pokemon and Digimon.



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