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Too Old for Video Games




What is someone is too old for video games? Who is telling you that? Well in video game culture any demographic can do gaming. You might start off in a very young age like 6 and beyond. Afterwards that player will grow up and still play or retire. Video games have been around 40 or less years or decade. It doesn’t matter you play video games or not, gaming is one of those saturated hobbies. Gaming industry has changed throughout the years. Back then, there is no online gaming and social media to discuss it. You have to go to work or school and have a group of friends talking about it. I have made a blogpost about 40 years of gaming. Make sure to check it out went you have a chance. I have started off at 8.



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Remember my mom or dad buying me a SNES and NES. Afterwards, PlayStation, Dreamcast and don’t forgot about Game Boy retro consoles. Fast forward, I was a huge gamer growing and big part of my life. You guys doesn’t hear my whole story, maybe I will do a blog about it. Back to the topic at hand, gaming age can range from 8-50 maybe 60 years old. I seen old people play video games and a started esports team. Definitely not making it up check it out yourself and react to it. What about genre of games? Well there is video game genres that suited for all audience like rpgs or simulations. What about the tone of the game? Take games like Animal Crossing for example, the tone is light-hearted for younger audience.







Kids Game?

People think Animal Crossing New Horizon is for kids but not really. I seen people my age play Animal Crossing and having fun with it. It look like a kiddie version of The Sims but very popular Nintendo Switch. What about Kingdom Hearts video game? Kingdom Heart is not a kids game and for fans who grew up with Disney movies. Minecraft and Roblox is known as a kid game. Both games have a creative bone to them. These games are very popular and a lot of people play them. There are grow folks playing kids game because they’re passionate about them. Nintendo is example of that, they aimed to make it family friendly to all. I don’t know about Sony and Microsoft, they might want family friendly as well.



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I hate when shaming people for playing Super Smash Bros and other games. Sure some games is designed for younger audience. Doesn’t mean you can’t stop playing them because someone told you. You have the right to play whatever you want. Don’t let someone tell you other wise. People can’t tell the difference between a kids game to adult. Look at Fortnite, people from different age group play that game. Do you tell them you too old? I don’t think so but people have their opinion on things. You can’t please everyone that’s apart of life. If you every feel that way, those people don’t support your playstyle.




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Whether you are a 30+ and beyond, video games are for everyone. There is no limit on playing video games. You can create memories while playing video games. It might help you during dark times of your life. I am 31 years old gamer whose life of passionate about video games. I am not the only one out there. There is like-minded people like me who loves video games like I do. I can meet people who love gaming like me whatever age. Probably love video games until the day I die. Fun fact: there was a old guy who was on router commercial. He was not too old for video games. Video games bring people together and I agree with that. It’s your life, you live it to see fit. People think you can doing other things based on the person age.


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