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Nintendo Switch Ports





Nintendo Switch ports is like Russian Roulette, whether it will work or not. Based on the specs of Nintendo Switch, certain games can’t operate properly. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with PC can be compatible with most games. Nintendo Switch is a new-gen console but has a average performance issues with third party games. I will talk about it throughout this blogpost stay tune. Readers can view the YouTube video as well, if you don’t choose to read the article. That being said, Nintendo Switch has a graphic card Nivida, which some computers have. Nivida Tegra Processor is used for mobile games for Android, which doesn’t fit for video game console. That’s why Nintendo Switch has a dock and handheld mode. PS4 and Xbox doesn’t have Nivida Tegra but AND Radeon amd Jaguar processor.



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Xbox One has AMD Sea Island and 8th Gen Octa Core processor. Which PlayStation and Xbox has two processors but Switch has one. Nintendo Switch is at a disadvantage went it comes to graphics and ram space. Lucky, Nintendo Switch is coming out with a updated console supporting 4K gaming next year. This updated console will be similar to Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro. I don’t know if I will get the upgraded console but focus on PS5 or Xbox Series X. Enough technical aspects on Nintendo Switch, lets talk about porting third party games to the Switch. I have currently have some third party games that can’t run on the Nintendo Switch. Due to graphics, frame rate and other issues in-game. I had to delete it or trade it in at Gamestop. Some gamers want certain Ips to come to the Nintendo Switch.


Games We Want




Let me tell you is not that simple. Look at it in a perspective of performance on the console. Do you think a 60fps game like Guilty Gear Strive or Cyberpunk 2077 would run on the Switch? I don’t think so but It might drop to 30fps due to ram space. There would have to be some limitations if certain games come to the Switch. The developer would have to tone down graphics, 3D models or 3D and many more. Mortal Kombat 11 is the perfect example, if bad Nintendo Switch port. After playing Mortal Kombat 11 I notice some graphical issues during characters introduction and movesets like Frost. Alot of people don’t play on the Switch because of these issues. Fortnite has graphical issues has well but still playable. There are other games like Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Witcher and Jump Force had some downgrades porting to the Switch.




Mortal Kombat 11 PS5 vs Switch
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Some games are not meant for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to get a Switch by all means. I would get ever PlayStation 4 or Xbox One maybe PC. PC users make sure to have a decent computer with graphics cards like Radeon, Nivida and Sea Island. Make sure they can run 8 or 16gb games along with an PC that handles 60fps. Don’t be sad Nintendo Switch user, there are some games that compatible from third-party company like Rocket League, Rogue Company, Overwatch and more. They may not run like PS4 and Xbox counterparts but still playable docked or undocked. Good thing is taking it with you on the go. Nintendo Switch is not a bad console at all and really enjoy it. Loving the community and family friendly vibe.






Nintendo Switch ports is not the only problem. Do you remember arcades ported to console or mobile phones? It’s based on hardware issues within the console based on ram. Sega Saturn had a ram product that can run arcade games like Marvel vs Capcom very well then PS1. Don’t blame the developer for fps performance or graphic issues. They have to make sacrifices to cater to Nintendo Switch fans. Nintendo Switch is still part of the console wars but in the middle. I don’t mind games being ported to the Nintendo Switch. People begging for upcoming games to be port like Fall Guys Ultimate Knockdown. Still can’t wait to play that and stream it on Twitch. Keep in mind that, there will be downsides that fans will notice. You can watch comparison videos on Switch vs PS4 on YouTube. You can tell the different based on graphics and performance.




Overwatch PS4 vs Nintendo Switch
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If you want to buy Nintendo Switch console go right ahead but it’s very expensive. You will probably wait until next year to buy one. That’s all I have to say about Nintendo Switch ports. Let me know in the comment section or social media. What do you think of Nintendo Switch ports? Do you have a game that was badly ported? Is it playable for the Nintendo Switch? There might be more third-party games being ported to Nintendo Switch soon. Nintendo Direct might have some in the near future.



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