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Yu Yu Hakusho Summary




Yu Yu Hakusho anime is based on the manga series created by Yoshishiro Togashi. Togashi also developed Hunter X Hunter another Weekly Shonen Jump series. Yu Yu Hakusho plot sets in modern Japanese where a juvenile delinquent named Yusuke Uramashi, who struck by a car while save a child. Yusuke ends ups in the Spirit Realm went he is recruited to be a Spirit Detective. He meets Botan and Koenma who task Yusuke on talking on cases revolving demons. Yusuke meets characters throughout his adventures like Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara and Genkai. He also faces villains like Suzaku, Toguro and Sensui. There are chapters and story arcs of Yu Yu Hakusho that following, The Dark Tournament, Chapter Black Saga, Three Kings and Spirit Detective.



Tsukihito Amanuma
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In this blogpost, I will talking about Chapter Black, where Shinobu Sensui uses Kuwabara to open a rift between human and makai. Yusuke and the group faces off against Sensui to put a stop to his evil plan. Chapter Black Saga comes after The Dark Tournament story arc where Yusuke saves Kuwabara. The episode starts off where Yusuke and the gang goes to Sensui hideout. They find a door resembles a arcade game that Yusuke plays called Goblin City. Goblin City is a game consist of games that King chooses. If the player wins these games, Goblin King will die and game over. Gamemaster tells the group that they need 7 players to compete. After getting 7 players, the Gamemaster challenges the group not included Hiei to a series of games.




Goblin City

Seaman plays Tennis and wins while Amamuma taunts him during the match. Next is Genkai in a flight simulator and wins. Yusuke gets transported to a fighting game which is his specialty. Kaito plays a puzzle game but loss due to Amamuma’s handicap. During their time with facing Gamemaster. There is a plot b and c in these episodes. Kuwabara talks smack to Sensui saying that Yusuke will save him while watching a movie. Botan standing guard and being scared. Keiko and Shizuru having a interaction. Koenma is having a talk with his dad about secret weapon. Next is Kurama vs Amamuma went a tetris-like game. Kurama tells the truth about his relationship with Sensui is a lied. If Amamuma losses he dies in real life.



Kurama and Gamemaster
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Amamuma is shaken up and denied Kurama buff. He thinks Sensui is his friend and understands him. Kurama is telling Amamuma that he is being used by Sensui. Unable to continue playing, Gamemaster losses and dies. Kurama is in distress went having a child’s death in his hands. Amamuma power is ina game console and his lair destroyed. Genaki and the rest went back, while Yusuke, Seamam, Hiei and Kurama processes. Later, they make their way to Sensui lair and that’s how the episode ends. These episodes plays with a lot of video game genres. Fighting, sports and puzzles were presented in these episodes. Yusuke had some funny moments which I highly enjoy in this episode. Kaito is a genius went it comes to quiz game.



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Togashi has some intelligent aspect to Shonen genre. Hunter X Hunter is smart Shonen instead of fist and fireballs. I just love his writing and how smarts can overcome brawls. In my opinion, Dark Tournament is my favorite saga of all time. There were so much character development and suspense in that saga. Chapter Black is not bad at all, I fell like want to rewatch it again. Note: There is a lot of Yu Yu Hakusho video games out there. Yu Yu Hakusho video games is on SNES, PlayStation 2, Mega Drive, Game Boy Advance and more. If you want to buy this go right ahead. Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament PS2 was not good at all. It uses the same engine as Dragon Ball Z Budokai but that game is better. Yu Yu Hakusho Forever was the better game than Dark Tournament but was released in the states



Amanuma and Sensui
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That being said, I hope you enjoy this review. If you want to relive the glory days of Yu Yu Hakusho , buy the dvd on Amazon. I think remembering watching this episode as a kid. Yu Yu Hakusho anime still holds up until this day. Remember don’t talk to strangers like Sensui and dont be used by anyone. Amamura learn that the hard way. Sensui is just using him to get what he wants. Playing video games does help you escape reality because no one understands. I felt bad for Amamura and Kurama as well. Let me know what you think in the comments or social media.



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