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Amphilbia is a tv show developed by Matt Braly who is also involved in Gravity Falls. The show revolves around a teen girl named Anne Boonchuy. Who steal a frog music box and transported to another world. This world is inhabit by frogs and Anne meets Planter Family. The Planter family consist of Hop Pop, Sprig and Polly. Hop Pop adopts Anne and welcomes her to the family. The four goes on adventures and deal with everyday problems. Anne wants to find her friends and return to the real world. At first, Anne was treated as a monster by the frogs but saves Sprig from being eaten. Throughout the show, Anne shows courage and kindness to the frogs. Even voted her Frog of the year due to her bravery. Anne is still a kid at heart but willing to protect her new family.



Amphibia - Slacker Stackers
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Fun fact: There is a cameo of Soos and Stan from Gravity Falls in Amphibia. That being said, the show reminds me of The Owl House. I am hoping to see a crossover special with these series. Amphibia is a great show to watch if you want something similar to Gravity Falls and The Owl House. Lets get right to the episode 8 of the season 1. Note: second season is airing now if you want to catch it. Third season might be renewed if successful. Amphibia has the same episode segments as Steven Universe. One of them is Cantang Anne, this episode is about Anne fakes getting sick. While Planter family does farm work and really gets sick in the process. Anne wants to have fun but Hop Pop wants to work. Sprig, Hop Pop and Polly gets sick with a red-life threaten disease .






Contang Anne Cont

Anne takes Hop Pop, Sprig and Polly to a mountain so they can get cured. She failed on helping Planter family but note that red-like disease was not life-threaten at all. Anne admits that she was not sick and Planter family forgives her. They were amazed that risk her life to save Planter family. This episode is mainly about faking sick to get what you want. I be the reader fake getting sick in order to skip out on things. What happens if you do get sick for real? That’s called karma and don’t anything you might regret in the future. The episode has black comedy in it because Hop Pop jokes about death. Death is not something you joke about and one day Hop Pop might died.



Main Characters
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Anne just want to do fun stuff like any other teenage would. Instead of working, Anne just want to slack off. Contang Anne is not a bad episode but show Anne characteristics. She might be immature but willing to help those in need. Let’s talk about Family Shrub second part of episode 8. Family Shrub is about Planters learning their heritage. Hop Pop tells Polly, Sprig and Anne about Planter Legacy but wasn’t interested. Hop Pop goes to the supermarket to buy glue. While Anne, Sprig and Polly finds a hidden passage. This hidden passage reveals about Planter family legacy secrets. One of them is a warrior, scientist and many more. Polly, Anne and Sprig solve puzzles to find the exit.






Family Shrub and Closing

After escaping, Polly, Anne and Sprig was fascinated about Planter family history. Hop Pop was overjoyed about this and willing to check it out. Sprig, Anne and Polly go on another adventure with Hop Pop. Family Shrub is about learning your history and ancestors. You might not be interested in your family history. You might find things that will excited and keep learning more. One day, I might learn my family history. You might have someone in your family that did something spectacular. That’s what the Planter family did. Amphibia is a family friendly show for all ages to watch. If you’re a fan of Star Vs the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls and The Owl House. I have benchwatch the whole first season and love it.


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Note: In Family Shrub during the final puzzle scene. Anne uses a Tetris-like mobile app to solve the final puzzle. I forgot to put that in there. This is a semi-video game episode dealing with puzzle solving. Point and Click has puzzle solving and that’s what this episode was. A huge point and click adventure game. There might be Amphibia point and click game in the future. That being said, I like both segments of this episode. I am loving the humor which works well in modern cartoons. You will feel right at home with this show. Let me know in the comments below what you think or social media. Watch Amphibia on DisneyNow online and check it out for yourself.



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