FightCade Online With Retro Arcade Games For PC Review



What is FightCade Online?




FightCade online is a retro arcade gaming platform based on GGPO. This platform is similar to MAME (some version have online), I will talk about that later. Players can register for free and have to download roms to play. Fightcade receive feedback of the community to improve netplay and adding games. Note: Did you know that these features were created for Street Fighter II Turbo. Fightcade allows different arcade system like CPS1-3, NeoGeo and many more. Once you register your account, the player will enter a lobby. In the lobby, you can spectate, challenge players and watch replays. You will have to port forward, which FightCade online uses NAT technique. Each player must have the exact same rom to play. You have to open Fightcade and config path of the rom folder. If you are not sure about what to do.



Fightcade hub
Image: Papasi



There is a commands for players to make things easier. You can compete with players around the world. User can snap screenshots, record gameplay and savestates. Along with change theme of the lobby, change challenge sounds and emotes. If you don’t want to anybody challenging. Toggle away from preventing someone from challenging you. Players can use lag input option 1-10 whatever your preference is. There is an option to hide roms that is missing from your folder. There is another program FB Alpha which you play on your roms on. Also players can spectate and chat in-game as well. FB Alpha you can config your setting like mapping controls, pause game and uses of memory card.




Fightcade Games Supported

There is video setting using blitter, toggle between fullscreen or windowed and gamma correction. Audio setting follows sample rate, buffer size and interpolation which user could test themselves. If you are not sure about setting up go to help in setting. Let’s talk about games, a lot of people know about Capcom and Neo Geo. Players will recognized Marvel vs Capcom, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Breaker Revenge and many more. There is array of genre of games like fighting, sports, puzzle and more. See rom page to find out exact game that compatible with Fightcade online. In the future, I wish there were more arcade outside Neo Geo and CPS. Although, there is some problems with this program.



Fightcade Chat
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During online play sometimes game crashes unexpectedly. Sometimes game slows down and makes a horrible sound. Hopefully they will fix those issues soon. Another thing is to able four players in beat’em up games like Captain Commando and Warrior of Fate. In Fightcade, there is a limited to two players. If you want 1-4 players games download MAME emulator. I almost forget about Bomberman was supposed to be 4 players. In Fightcade online is only two players could join, which is sad case for gamers. Overall Fightcade is not a bad alternative to MAME and Kawaks. Both MAME and Kawaks using Kaillera netplay which is immediate for beginners to setup. You will have to look for tutorial online.







Fightcade online is a very fun and enjoyable program for retro gamers. Some YouTubers post casual and online matches of Fightcade. There might be some other emulator with netplay like PCSX2, Dolphin, Kega Fusion and SNES9x along with many more. Check out the Netplay Emulation General wiki to find the emulator that has netplay. I really enjoy this platform and hope to see it grow. There is a beta you can download and try. Tried of playing alone and don’t have any friends for couch play. Download Fightcade today and play against people around the world. Relive your favorite 90s arcade video games online. Make sure to have a stable connection and port forward in your router. You can join me or challenge to a match if you like.



Jackie Chan Fists of Fire - Fightcade
Image: Papasi and Kaneko



My FightCade online user name is the same. You can catch me playing Fightcade on Twitch, Mixer, Dlive and YouTube. Don’t worry I don’t play competitive but casual. I am hoping to download more emulator with netplay in them. Right now trying out Demul (Sega Dreamcast) emulator with netplay. Let me know what emulator have a decent netplay in them. Tell me what you think about Fightcade and your favorite game on there. Lets play Fightcade continue to grow and add more content in the near future.



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