Oh K.O. Let’s Be Heroes – Level Up TV Series Review


Oh KO Lets Be Heroes Summary


Oh KO Lets Be Heroes tv show is developed by Ian Jones -Quartey. The plot is about a young boy named KO who wants to become a hero. His mother Carla is a hero who runs her own dojo. KO meets other characters like Rad and Enid. Rad is a hero that’s using purple beam. Enid is a witch and ninja hero. Both Rad and Enid work at a bodega under Gar. Gar is a powerful hero and has a crush on KO mom. KO is very energetic boy who wants to become strong and protect Lakewood. In the show, the character have Pow card which shows their current level and stats. The more villains they fight, stronger they become and level up. Throughout KO has a mysterious power inside of him and tries to control it during Season 1.


TKO - Oh KO Lets Be Heroes
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KO power is using his fist. He has an alter ego called TKO, which is a dark version of himself. Oh KO Lets Be Heroes has a lot of characters in the show. There are villains that heroes fight in the show. One of them is Lord Boxman who is a recurring villain in the show. Boxman hates friendship and wants to take out the plaza. Along with Lord Venomous, Cosma, Billliam Milliam and many more antagonists in the show. Supporting cast like P.O.I.N.T ( which is a parody of S.H.I.E.L.D . Bandon and Real Magic Skeleton. KO uses his training to unlock his powers and protect Lakewood. Oh KO Let’s Be Heroes have crossover episodes with other characters.





KO meets other heroes from different universe. There was Captain Planet, Sonic the Hedgehog, Steven Universe, Ben 10 and Teen Titans. I was happy to see Grimwood School girls because of love that Scooby Doo movie. Enid was connected to the Hanna-Barbera universe. Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School is one of my favorite movie. Some of the voice actors reprise their roles during these crossover. They have included Captain Planet and Sonic Sez PSA at the end of the episode. Fun fact: Ian is married to Rebecca Sugar and involved in the show. Sugar sings the ending credits song of Oh KO Lets Be Heroes. During Crossover Nexus, a lot of Cartoon Network characters made cameos like I Am Weseal.



Sonic the Hedgehog
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Ben 10, Raven (Teen Titans GO) and Garnet fights a villain named Strike that takes people powers. I was not a huge Cartoon Network fan but watched some of their shows. It was a great crossover episode in general. Even Oh KO Let’s Be Heroes is over, I was hoping for more crossover episodes. That being said It’s was a nostalgia rush seeing Captain Planet and Ghoul School girls again. I don’t know it would be the last time we see them. Oh KO Lets Be Heroes reminds me of One Punch Man and My Hero Acadamia. A city of heroes fighting villains to level up. This whole show is like a anime which it does have elements.






Oh KO Let’s Be Heroes is an avenge show with the same format as Steven Universe. There are some two-part episodes which is 20 mins long. Humor keeps the show flow pretty well. Pacing is not bad ether just like new age shows like Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls and The Owl House. I am taking a liking to this show so far. Animation is not so bad reminds me of Flash Newgrounds shorts. I would highly recommended watching this show. The series does have video game elements like level grinding. KO reminds me of a typical anime kid protagonist. It does have anime influenced animation and elements in the show.



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Oh KO Lets Be Heroes is a fun show and have 3 seasons. The fight scenes is amazing and fun to watch. Make sure to buy the dvd on Amazon or watch the show online. Tell What do you about the show in the comments. Along with your thoughts on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Will KO become a hero or failed at his goal?



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