Top 8 Retro Video Games Based on Comic Books



Video Games Based on Comic Books


Marvel's Avengers 2020 video game
Image: Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics


There is a a lot of video games based on comic books. Every plays and knows Batman, Spiderman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video games. These are based on comic books with publishers like DC, Marvel and Mirage. Lets just say I am not a huge comic book fan. I have own some as of now, if I get a chance to buy them. U might go to Comic Con or near by comic book store to buy them. In this countdown, I might link some comics with the games. Sometimes comic book games are average back in the day. As of now, Marvel’s Avengers 2020 video game is coming out soon. Comic book video games can be done right with passionate developers of the series. Video game based on comic book have different genres. Enough rambling, lets get right to it.




8. Turok – Various Publishers and Acclaim Entertainment


Turok Dinosaur Hunter (2014 Dynamite) comic
Image: Dynamite Comics



Turok is a series about a Native American protagonists fighting off aliens and dinosaurs along with humans. Due to the success of the comic book series. Acclaim acquire the Turok franchise. There are 6 games and an animated film. One of them is Turok: Dinosaur Hunter which protagonist named Tal’Set, a time traveler stopping a evil overlord named Campaigner. Turok 2: Seed of Evil is about Joshua Fireseed with a help of Adon stopping Primagen. Third entry, Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion players take control of Joshua’s two children Danielle and Joseph to take on villain Oblivion. There is a reboot and multiplayer version called Turok: Rage Wars. I remember playing Turok as a kid on Nintendo 64. Nightdive Studios remastered this games as well. If you want to check out Turok comics and games go ahead.




7. Shadowman – Valiant Comics and Acclaim Entertainment


shadowman - Video Games Based on Comic Books
Image: Valiant Comics



Shadowman is based on the comic that four character take on the mantle. One of the characters is Micheal LeRoi, who is now Shadowman, protector of the Liveside. A villain named Legion from Deadside wants to cause Apocalypse. Legion recruits serial killers like Jack the Ripper and other to stop Micheal. Shadowman is a series that have been forgotten. Shadowman has voodoo powers and travel though different planes. I remember playing this over a friends house. Acclaim Entertainment does know how to make a comic book game. There was suppose to be a remastered version in the works. If you get a chance buy Shadowman comics and video game. Note: There was a sequel of Shadowman called 2econd Coming.






6. Scott Pilgrim – Oni Press and Ubisoft


Scott Pilgrim - Video Games Based on Comic Books
Image: Oni Press


Scott Pilgrim is about a love story on fighting seven evil exs. The comic was very popular and spawned a movie starring Micheal Cena. Ubisoft got involve and created a beat’em up based on comic book. I remember playing Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and loving it. Scott Pilgrim does have some video game elements and references. Scott mission is to fall in love with Ramona Flowers. In order to do that seven evil exs that Ramona dated is in his way. I would watch the movie to get a gasp of the story too. If you want to buy Scoot Pilgrim comics go right ahead. I don’t know about finding the game online. Ubisoft better re-release this game for Nintendo Switch, PSN and Xbox Live.





5. Heavy Metal – Heavy Metal Media and Various Developers


Heavy Metal Magazine #201103 - Vol. XXXV, No.1 (Issue)
Image: Heavy Metal Media



Heavy Metal is an erotic magazine collection with woman. I have little knowledge about this other than film. The movie have adult content and high violence not intended for children. Aside from movies and comics, there is a video game adaptation. One of them is developed by Capcom that’s a third person shooter. It’s called Heavy Metal Geomartix. The gameplay is the same as Spawn: Demon Hands. Another game Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 which takes place after sequel of the movie. This game was developed by Ritual Entertainment who did Sin Episodes. Netflix released a re-imagined version called Low, Death and Robots. If you are interested in the comic buy them along with games.





4. Sam & Max – Fishwrap Productions and Various Publishers


Sam & max freelance police comic
Image: Fishwrap Productions


Sam & Max is based on the comic developed by Steve Pucell. The plot is about Sam and Max who are freelance police solving cases. LucasArt picked up this series and spawn some games. There is also animated tv series based on cancelled game Same & Max Freelance Police. The medium has change from 2D to 3D in years. Telltale also pick this series up before going out of business. Sam & Max were popular in the 90s. Note: Sam & Max appeared on Poker Night of the Inventory along with Heavy (Team Fortress 2) and Strong Bad (Homestar Runner). If you’re interested in Sam & Max comics buy them and games are available on Steam.




3. Danger Girl – THQ and Various Publishers

Danger Girl: The Ultimate Collection #1 - HC & TPB (Issue)
Image: Comic Vine


Danger Girl is based on the comic and influence by Charlie’s Angel. The trio consist of Abby Chase, Sydney Savage and Sonya Savage takes on covert-ops missions to take down villains. THQ video game changes the lineup with female protagonists. JC is about of the Danger Girl group in this game. Danger Girl video game was not receive well due to issues. Note: They make a crossover with Batman at one point. There is a rumor about a film adaptation being developed. We don’t know it will happen at any point. If you are interested in Danger Girl comics buy them along with PS1 game.




2. Battle Chasers – Various Publishers and Airship Syndicate


Battle Chasers Comics
Image: Image Comics



Battle Chasers comic is developed Joe Madureira and spawned a video game adaptation. The plot is revolves around different characters. Gully who wields magical gloves, Garrison haunted by his dead wife and Red Monika releasing villains. Battle Chasers is a typical fantasy adventure with trials characters have to go through. There is a turn-based called Battle Chasers: Nightwar allows you to take control of different heroes. I don’t have certain about the lore of Battle Chasers. If you are interested in reading the comic buy it. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, IOS and Android.



1. Men in Black – Various Publishers


Men in Black comic books issue 1
Image: Marvel Comics


If you haven’t seen the movie Men in Black starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Then I will tell you the plot. Men in Black are a group of Federal Government agents that hunt extraterrestrials being that threats earth. If someone witness this, there memory will be wiped out and wouldn’t remember. Men in Black movie was very popular in the 90s spawning music videos and video games. I never played the video games but watch tv show. There also movie sequels and a reboot featuring Chris Hemsworth. If you want to learn the story watch the movie as well. For comic readers, you can buy them if want to learn more about Men in Black. Video games in the other hand is on different consoles.





Retro video games based on comic books were often look down on. There is more games that based on comic books like Wolf Among Us, Wildcats and The Walking Dead. I am hoping to play Marvel’s Avengers if comes to Nintendo Switch.  I almost forgot about The Tick has a comic and video game. More retro comic book games is out there. I might buy them and read the comics as well. Let me know what you guys think about this. Put in the comments below or social media.


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