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Indie Games Demos have some great indie games demos for free users who wants to try out. I wanted to thank Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms for showcasing indie games. Without those platforms who will indie developers promote their games. Some developers reach out to me on social media. I am willing to test and try out their game. Technically, I love indie games and wanted to raise awareness to support small indie developers. These small game developers put their heart in souls into them. Demos are meant for trying out the game and get feedback from users. Developers can’t release a game and expected to be perfect. Their might be some bugs and glitches in video games. I will do a blogpost about it later. That being said, here is some indie demos I have tried.


15. Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure – Toffer Team

Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure
Image: Toffer Team


The team that brought you Hikari Clover Rescue and others. Toffer Team brings ecchi lover another IP called Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure. Kirara and My Ara Ara Adventure is about main protagonist gets sucked into another world. MC meets a catgirl named Kiara who is a caretaker and servant of the protagonist. Kiara is a spontaneous female character who filled protagonist sexual desires. Even makes her put on nurse and other cosplay outfit. There is little backstory about Kiara which her race are slaves. Along with a war going on in that world, main character and Kiara interact with each other. Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure is a fantasy guilty pleasure for otakus who love catgirl. This game is not suited for younger audience and has adult content. If you want try it, Kiara and My Ara Ara Adventure is available on Steam.




14. Plunge all the way Super J! – An Oppaidius short story – SbargiSoft


(P)lunge all the way, Super J! - An Oppaidius short story
Image: SbargiSoft


Plunge all the was Super J! Is a short visual novel spinoff featuring main protagonist best friend. Super J is the Jimmy perverted alter-ego during Oppaidius Topical Cruise. Jimmy meets a camgirl and on a mission to uncensored her. Plunge all the way Super J is the most funny thing I ever played. Jimmy uses his catchphrase “plunge all the way” which means go all in. That;s the title of the game but if you’re a fan of Oppaidius series. Download this short game prepare to laugh.


13. Log Jammers – Mega Cat Studios


Log Jammers
Image: Mega Cat Studios


Log Jammers is a parody of Windjammers but with Lumberjacks. The goal of the game is similar to Windjammers. Instead of throwing Frisbee, there is axes which can serious cause you pain. Aside from playing like Windjammers, there are game modes like tournament and cheerleader. Cheerleader mode is about defending your cheerleader. There are different playable characters with personalities. For Twitch streamers, there is a integration for chat interactivity. Razer Chroma support integration is too available on Log Jammers. The game is easy to learn and has power ups for better experience. Log Jammers is available now on Steam. If you love Windjammers and want a wood sports game.




12. Drifter 2D Drifting Game – Burak Kaynak


 Drifter : 2D Drifting Game
Image: Burak Kaynak


Drifter 2D Drifting game is a small and easy to play. The game allows players to drift and earn points. You can unlock cars and see how high to be on leaderboard. There is not much content in this game. Players will think it’s easy to play but it’s not. You can move left and right with your fingertips. Be careful not to drift to much or you will crash and lose. If you want something to fill your pasttime. What about drifting? Drifter 2D is available on Google Play and Android phones.



11. Slime Rising – XAPHYRA


 Slime Rising


Slime Rising is a simple game that allows players to avoid obstacles. On the way, you collect gold drops to unlock new slimes. The graphic is great and you will be rage quitting at the same time. Controlling the slime is easy by moving you finger left and right on the screen. Slime Rising has customization and barrels loot box for items. I really enjoy this game and very easy to play. Will you get out of the pit? Slime Rising is available now on Google Play.



10. Deleveled – ToasterFuel


Image: ToasterFuel


Deleveled is a puzzle game developed by Quantum that uses physics. The game features 120 levels to solve. The goal is to activate switches and matches colored squares to win. If you mess up, a retry button is available. Deleveled puzzles ranges from easy to difficult in mins. Players must use their witty to solve it. Note: there is not jump button but using momentum. Make sure to support Quantum Astrophysicists Guild franchise along with Deleveled on Steam Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Will you conquer 10 worlds and puzzles?



9. Pixel Boost League – ScimitarDD



Pixel Boost League
Image: ScimitarDD



Pixel Boost league takes inspiration from Rocket League. The game is very similar to Rocket League. Game modes like online and offline is available went you complete mission. Make sure you level and complete missions on the way. Players can customize and buy skins for their car. While in gameplay, you can use boost and flip your car. For people who love tricks, you can perform them while playing. In offline and online, players can go 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2 along with 2 vs 2. Pixel Boost League controls can be tedious went controlling the car. Once you get the hang of it. You will fell right at home with this game. Pixel Boost League is available now on Google Play.



8. Haiku the Robot – Mister Morris


Haiku the Robot
Image: Mister Morris



Haiku the Robot is a 2D metriodvania indie game. The story is about a tiny robot in a distopia world filled with a evil virus machines. Player’s control a little robot named Haiku, who can uses abilities like bombs, dash and sword. In the game, players have to collect bolts for points (hopefully for upgrades). There is ability pods like in Megaman X which grants Haiku powers. Haiku can roll through gaps and fight off bosses. Make sure to destroy enemies to refill health and bolts. Haiku the Robt has a deep 8-bit pixel retro artstyle to it. I can’t wait for the full version of the game. Make sure to support the Kickstarter and play the demo.



7. Lancelot’s Hangover The Quest for the Holy Booze – Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt


Lancelot's Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze
Image: Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt



Lancelot’s Hangover The Quest for the Holy Booze is if Monkey Island and Monty Python have a unborn child. Players control a Lancelot who is looking for Booze ( I am not making this up). Lancelot’s Hangover is a 3 to 6 hour game with retro floppy disk retro style. The game is a point and click adventure with crude humor and jokes not suitable for children. Lancelot’s Hangover features historical accurate facts about middle ages. Mini games are very fun and npcs like God is humerous. Lancelot’s Hangover The Quest for the Holy Booze is available now on Steam. If you have a sense of humor play this game.



6. Cute Elephant Ziggy The Chaser – PepeSoft


Cute Elephant Ziggy The Chaser
Image: PepeSoft


Cute Elephant Ziggy the Chaser is a very unique game which you collect number of rubies to complete level. Ziggy is on a mission to help The King to collect Magical Crystals to save the realm from evil goblin. The game is very easy and challenging to play. Players control Ziggy while collection magical crystals while avoiding enemies in the process. The game has powerups to become invincible went confronting enemies. There are safe zone so enemies will not come after you. Cute Elephant Ziggy is very special game which takes inspiration from Pac-Man. If you want something for younger and adult audience alike. Cute Elephant Ziggy The Chaser is available now on Google Play.



5. Bloodworth – Blunt Damage


Image: Blunt Damage



Bloodwworth is a first person shooter game set in Victorian England. Players take control of an Investigator in training while talking down goons in England. During gameplay, you can loot enemies, build gear and facing bosses. Bloodworth features procedural environments and detailed graphics. Complete objectives and craft loot pools along with perks to help you seek justice. Find blueprints and upgrade your gear as well. Bloodworth had some issues during my playthough due to it being a pre-alpha title. It was all good and enjoy the game but wished to use a controller instead. Controls was getting some times to get used to. I am hoping final version be better. Bloodworth is available now to try on



4. Cosmic Boll – Yoritoshi


Cosmic Boll Demo
Image: Yoritoshi


Cosmic Boll is a 2D platformer mix with beat’em up mechanics. The game uses Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and Sonic Worlds Delta Engine. Players take control of Bolinha fighting his way through a army that destroy him. Cosmic Boll takes inspiration from Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragon Ball Advance and Kirby Super Star. There is other like this like Freedom Planet and The Electric Jester series. Players can parry enemies attack and roll to avoid enemies. You have a super gauge that consumes went dashing and rolling. Players can refill super gauge by defeating enemies and collection shards. Fight your way through bosses and waves of enemies. Cosmic Boll is a great game to see a full version of. If you want to try it out.



3. Heart Fragment – Heart Fragment


Heart Fragment
Image: Heart Fragment


Heart Fragment is a otome visual novel game featuring supernatural elements. Players take control of Xani who mother passed away from a car accident. Now living with her fatherm Xani finds out that she has powers. Her powers is to see people’s feelings and is a target of assassination. Xani meets a blind boy who there to protect her from unknown assassin. Xani learns about experiment that her mother was involved in. Heart Fragment is a tragic game with multiple routes and endings just like any visual novel. The game features partial voice acting and dry artstyle setting the mood of the game. Will Xani find out the truth? Heart Fragment is available now to try on



2. Infinite Dronin – NeoBird


Infinite Dronin
Image: NeoBird



Infinite Dronin is a rogue-like dungeon crawler indie game. Players take control of a Dronin fighting your way through arena. You will be assist by a drone which players can customize. During gameplay, you will level and choose your rewards. Based on your choose of rewards, you can only choose one. Players can move skills slots during in-game. You can play with solo or with a friend. Infinite Dronin has a built-in Twitch Integration to interactive with viewers. Fight your way through different areas and face the boss. Portals can be activated after completing different areas. Infinite Dronin reminds me Diablo If you are a streamer on Twitch this is prefect. Infinite Dronin is available on Steam to buy. Will you beat the arena?




1. Rushdown Revolt – Vortex Games


Rushdown Revolt
Image: Vortex Games



Rushdown Revolt takes Inspiration from fighting game and Super Smash Bros. The game is very similar to Super Smash Bros but with health bars. There are mechanics like dashing, canceling attack and combos. Rushdown Revolt is very fast pace game but right now it’s a pre-alpha. Game mode like training, online and offline are available. During gameplay, you can block attacks, tag a partner in (tag-team mode) and more. 6 players can join in the battle giving it a competitive edge. Players can uses sparks to chain attacks and more. If you want to try out the game, sign up for private alpha and join Discord server. Fighting game lover will love this game and might come to EVO one day. I can’t wait for the full version of Rushdown Revolt




There is a lot of indie games I have enjoy so far. Cosmic Boll is one of my favorite along with Vortex Rising. I am waiting to conquer more indie games in the future. Make sure to play small and support these developers. Even my PC can’t handle most games but still can experience them. More to come as far indie goes. Tell me what you think of these titles in the comments below. Along with on social media if you choose not to comment. What indie game demos are you plan on playing?


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