Is Console Wars are Pathetic and Dead in Generations



Console Wars Pathetic



Console Wars has been the 90s went SNES and Sega Genesis was released. I remember playing both console while growing up over friends houses. Throughout the years, gaming community having pointless debates over what is the better console. In my opinion, both Super Nintendo and Sega Megadrive are great video game consoles in the 90s. Even SNES is superior graphic and sound wise, Sega had great memorable games like Sonic the Hedgehog. SNES has the Italian plumber called Mario. Which Mario has 35th year anniversary after release of the NES game. Back in early 1990s, we had no internet but debate with friends at school about these consoles. There were game magazines showcase games and prices of the consoles. Readers have something to look forward to at launch and local game store. Gamers lineup to get their hands on a new console.

sega and snes
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What about playing the game hands on at video game stores? I was that kid that play the games then brought them. As time goes by, new video game consoles started to emerged throughout the industry. PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 came after SNES vs Sega Genesis. There are still argument at school about it. We did have internet back went N64 and PS1 released. I remember AOL first came out with nasty dial up. There was a site called “Gamefaqs” and had a forum talking about anything gaming. Again many gamers have a debate about PS1 and N64 retro consoles. In my opinion, I owned both PS1 and N64 growing up.



Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 1
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Nintendo 64 had a small library of games but had 4 player support. The game console was family friendly at the time. PlayStation was gear toward casual players with mostly JRPG games. Nintendo still has Mario and Sony had Crash Bandicoot.




Big Three Consoles

I loved both console growing up but can’t tell which is better. Maybe you guys will tell which is the better PS1 or Nintendo 64? Moving right along is Original Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation 2 along with Nintendo GameCube. These are the big three in the early 2000s. I don’t own a Nintendo GameCube at the time but brought Xbox and PS2. Xbox had a small amount of games like Nintendo GameCube. I did a blogpost about it if you want to read it. PlayStation 2 was the longer lasting console the Xbox and GameCube. PS2 had the most games among the two consoles. There were three groups of gamers who passionate about the consoles. Xbox and PlayStation 2 had online but don’t know about Nintendo Gamecube. It was not big as nowadays but manly couch play (local multiplayer).





After the big three retro console was decommissioned. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was born, both consoles were cater to hardcore gamers. Mainly third person shooter like Halo and Call of Duty. Nintendo had Wii U which is a upgrade from the previous console.


ps4 and xbox one
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Recently, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is still going head to head. Sony and Microsoft was the biggest competitors in the gaming industry in decades. Gamers still debating about being a console gamer. What about PC gamers? PC is not a gaming console but have software dedicated to it. Nintendo Switch have a great lineup of Ips that rival both PS4 and Xbox One. I heard that Nintendo is upgrading the Switch for 4K gaming like PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Speaking of 4K, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is going to released in November despise the Coronavirus Pandemic. Pre-orders have been sold out in major retailers like Walmart, Gamestop, Best Buy and many more. I did a survey going to people live streams on Twitch asking them “are you getting the new consoles?”. Some reply “no I am waiting or yes I am”.






Once PS5 and Xbox Series X released, there will be people unboxing, tweeting and start a console war. Console wars is manly a common theme in video game community. If you like a certain console don’t ridicule them or start a flame wars. You don’t have to start a pointless argument over video game consoles. People have different opinion on things and you can’t agree with everyone. If you like to have a discussion about video games fine don’t take it to far. People think console wars is dead due to Microsoft and Sony partnership. Some gamer will get their feeling hurt about talking trash about their favorite console. Maybe went generation ahead console wars will end or died. I don’t know if console wars be dead tho. There is a video game based on console wars called Hyper Dimension Neptuina. I might do a review of it soon.



Xbox Series X and PS5 price
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In closing, I don’t participle in console wars but others do. I think it’s pointless in my opinion because of bricking. Go with your gut to see what console is for you. If you are passionate about any console, express it in a positive way possible. Went will this console war end? Will we gamers lay down our controllers and embrace each other? How are waving the white flag of defeat? Make sure to buy retro console on Amazon or local game store. I have affiliate links for those who wants to purchase these consoles I have mention. Tell me what you think of console wars on social media or comments. What do you think the best console is?


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