Opera Gx Web Browser – Is it Good or Bad Review?


Opera Gx Web Browser Summary




Opera is a web browser that was developed in 1995. This web browser was in the dark for years. In 2020 or 2019 Opera Gx was born. I recently saw a YouTube Ad about Opera new gaming web browser. Curious to test it out and see no difference in this browser. Although, there is a free VPN which helps protect and secure internet connection. Most VPN have monthly or yearly fees to use. Opera Gx offers a free vpn with no extra charge. This browser allows use to control ram and cpu usage. You know that Google Chrome takes a lot of resources and cpu. Are you tired of tabs talking a lot of ram or memory? Opera Gx can eliminate that with one click. I have test it out and someone makes your connection slower than usual.



Twitch Integration
Image: Opera Software



Well at least you don’t have to worry about tabs taking up cpu space. Another thing is finding the best deals on video games. I think it’s mainly PC games not console. When I browser there were some free games to download or buy. There is some upcoming games to look forward to and buy for great price. Check out what is the best deal for your wallet. Speaking of gaming, Opera Gx is integrated with Discord and Twitch. You can connected it with one click of a button. Users can use the option to tone down ram for pc gaming. If you want to add your website, speed dial the url and put on the home page. User can change layout of your web browser like colors, wallpaper and more. There is sound effects and a lot of option to play around with.




More Features

If you have a Instagram account, users can connected it but I don’t know about others. Personalize your web browser with extensions to make your experience great. Opera Gx have limiters to reduce lag on PC gaming. Discord is not the only messenger website out there like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others for chat. Video pop out is available for Twitch and YouTube while surfing on the net. There is a ad blocker just like Firefox that will give you user experience. Opera Gx give you a solid workspace with tabs. Users can have dark pages and many more. Opera is still a early access web browser. If you want to give feedback to Opera go to their forum. They will take GX to the next level and improve on it.


Image: Opera Software



Opera Gx is designed for gamer like me. You don’t have to be a gamer to use this. You might want to use original one instead. In the future, other competitors like Google, Mozilla and Microsoft would make a gaming browser. I am hoping to see more features coming Opera GX. When I go live on Twitch and other streaming platform. I am hoping to use and see how it goes. Opera is making a comeback and remember hearing about the company in general. Gaming is growing throughout the years. It’s not a waste of time like Joe Rogan says. Its not like it was 20 years ago went we had no internet nor streaming. Gaming is a niche that people can make money off.



Opera GX CPu and Ram Limiter
Image: Opera Software





Companies is not partnering up with streamer to sponsor their products. Just look at Esports which is a great way to advertise your products. That being said, try out Opera Gx we browser and see for yourself. Will it help reduce lag? How will Opera cater to gamers? Keep supporting Opera Gx and hopes to continue to grow. Download Opera GX on their website. Tell what you think in the comments below or social media.


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