Glitch Techs – Video Game Bug Busters TV Series Review



Glitch Techs Summary


Glitch Techs is a tv series developed by Eric Robles and Dan Milano. The show is aired on Nickelodeon and Netflix. I want to thank KevtheGamer02 for requesting to review this show. Glitch Techs plot is about two gamers named Five and Miko. Five and Miko are hardcore gamers who enter a video game tournament hosted by Hinobi. After winning the tournament and beating number one player Mitch. Mitch decide to wipe their memories like Men in Black. Five is a latino who works at a family taco business. Miko is a average teenage who loves gaming. After Five gets his memories, Miko who didn’t get her memory erased. Miko reminds Five that he won the tournament. Five remembers everything afterwards and joins Miko to exterminate Glitches. Glitch Techs is a group that captures video game glitches like Ghostbusters.



Glitch Techs Season 2
Image: Nickelodeon Animation Studio




If anyone on the outside witness a capture of video game glitch. There memory will be wipe out like MIB. After defeating the glitch, Miko and Five are recruited by boss of Hinobi. Now, Five and Hinobi have part time jobs at Hinobi. They learn the ropes on how to exterminate and capture Glitches. We get episodes about main characters Miko and Five. Five have a friend who played Dinosaur like video game with. Miko builds a relationship with her sisters and family. Miko and Five seeks with from other Glitch Techs and a robot. Glitch Techs has a lot of video game slang and puns. There are terminology like AFK, XP and others. The show follows a different format like Glitch of the week. Five and Miko make a power combo went dealing with Glitches. When they captured Glitches, they level up and earn loot.






Glitch Techs have a lot of video game references like Pokemon, Castlevania, Super Mario and Final Fantasy. This show has a lot of Easter Eggs Not only video game references but pop culture as well. There is one episode that a glitch acts like Hulk Hogan. Glitch Techs does bring family together and solve problems. There is co-op terminology that represents Miko and Five. Miko is my favorite character in the show. She is a spanky energetic Japanese-American girl, who is a gamer girl. Miko personality of Star Butterfly from SVFOE. Five is very generic character in my book. Mitch is a frienemy of Miko and Five. Five and Miko go on quest like a rpg and capture Glitch. Overall, Glitch Techs is a great show.



Glitch Techs - Miko
Image: Nickelodeon Animation Studio



The animation is very superior and reminds me of Wakfu. Character designs is like Scott Pilgrim mix with anime. I just like typography and video game motifs in the series. Glitch Tech will have a season two coming in August this year. I would love to see more of Glitch Techs in the near future. Hoping there will be more video game references in second season. Gamer will embrace this show and look out for references. I would highly give this a 4 out of 5 for sure. The team did a create job capturing video game industry and culture. The show is available on Netlix to watch. Let me know what you think of Glitch Techs.



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