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Chinese and Japanese Mythology Games



I wanted to this blogpost for a while. Chinese and Japanese mythology was been in video games for decades. Video game developers retell history on Chinese and Japanese culture. Recently, there is a game called Black Myth Wukong which took the internet by storm. A tech gameplay demo trailer of Black Myth Wukong utilize Unreal Engine with smoke effect and detailed character design. Black Myth Wukong is developed by Game Science in China. The game tells about historical myth about Son Wukong. Son Wukong is the monkey king in Chinese history. Fans recognize Goku from Dragon Ball series based on Son Wukong. I can’t wait for a release date Black Myth Wukong and a demo coming in the near future. That being said, I been playing Chinese video games along with Japanese. They have different genre like war, fantasy and love stories.



Japanese Mthyology - Sun Wukong
Image: Comic Vine



In the early 90s or 2000s, I was introduce to Chinese culture from my mother. Along with watching Bruce Lee movies and other ones on the way. I has fascinated with the history and culture of China. During the time I had a PlayStation 2 console, Onimusha was one of the games I had play. Onimusha was about a man with gauntlet sucking demon souls. One of the main villains is Nobunaga Oda, which based off Japanese Warlord. I never played Onimusha 2 but 3 and 4 I have. But I heard of some Japanese during that time but never got a chance to play them. Brave Fencer Musashi is based on Musashi Miyamoto, a swordsmen in Japan. I have already talk about this game in my top 8 jrpg with great story blogpost. Feel free to chance it out if you can.






There are more like Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series which is based on Three Romance Kingdom. Also there is a game based on Thee Romance Kingdom as well. I know one of them called Sango Fighter. Sango Fighter is a Street Fighter Clone developed by Panda Entertainment during Ms Dos era. You might know characters like Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Guan Yu of the Romance Kingdom. Fun fact : Smite have characters from Chinese and Japanese mythology. Smite is known for having gods fighting one another to the death. Make sure to download Smite if you get a chance to. League of Legends have some Japanese mythology character like Wukong. Along with a indie title Fight Gods where Chinese and Japanese gods fight.



Dynasty Warriors
Image: Koei Tecmo



Back to Koei Tecmo, there is another game called Samurai Warriors which is the same format as Sengoku Basara. Capcom got their own crowd-based hack n slash historical battle Sengoku Basara. You guys might known Date Masaume, Sanada Yukimura, Toyotomi Hideoyoshi and Usesugi Kenshin. These are based on historical Japanese warriors. Okami is another one based on the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. The game is very unique using calligraphy to destroy enemies. If you want to check out Okami HD, it’s available now on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Along with Sengoku Basara and Samurai Warriors on Amazon. Onimusha Warlords HD is also available on PS4, Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and PC.




Honorable Mentions



Did you know that Ghost of Tsushima is based on real life mongol attack? Sucker Punch did a great job with this IP. Ghost of Tsushima creates an atmosphere and stay true to Japanese culture. Third world countries was impressed with Ghost of Tsushima. The game tells a war story about honor and coming of age. If you haven’t buy the game, Ghost of Tsuhima is one of the best looking titles out there. Ghost of Tsushima is available now on PlayStation 4 only. Another mention is Samurai Shodown, which features historical figures like Hanzo Hattori, Jubei Yaygu and Shou Amakusa. Along with Last Blade which I forgot to mention in my video. Last Blade is based on The Four Scared Beasts which consist of Shigen, Kaede, Kagami and Okina. Speaking of fighting game, Yoshimitsu is based on a real swordsmen .


Chinese and Japanese Mythology - Ghost of Tsushima
Image: Sucker Punch Productions


Yoshimitsu appears in Tekken and Soul Calibur which both titles is developed by Namco. More fighting games like Martial Masters which some characters named after fighting styles. One of them is Crane, Drunken Master and many more inspired by Chinese culture. Martial Masters is developed by IGS and very obscure fighting game even Justin Wing talks about it. There are other games like Genji Days of Blade and many more depiction Chinese or Japanese mythology. So those are my mentions, if I miss some comment down below.







Hopefully, there will be more video games based on Chinese and Japanese mythology in the near future. Black Myth Wukong and Ghost of Tsushima are the prime example of that. There is best and worst games out there. I am hoping to play more Chinese and Japanese video games in the future. You might learn the language or two. I am not a expert on Japanese and Chinese history. But I am a just a fan for a very long time. Tell me know what you think in the comments or social media. Tune in for more blogpost and I might do a review soon.


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