Totally Spies! Season 1 Episode 19 Game Girls TV Review

Totally Spies! Summary



Totally Spies is a french spy television animated series developed by David Micheal and Vincent Chalvon-Demersay. The plot of the series is three teenage girls are recruit for spy mission and balancing school life. Totally Spies! Movie is the prequel to the television show watch that first for beginners. The main female protagonists are Clover, Alex and Sam who have distinct personalities. Clover is a valley girl who loves fashion and cute boys (which is recurring thing in some episodes). Sam, the brains behind the team and Alex more of average member of the team. These girls are recruit by WHOOP, a spy organization that takes down multiple villains in the series. WHOOP is run by Jerry, who assist the girls on their mission. Jerry gives them gadget and insights on various missions. Sometimes, he have a dry sense of humor.


Sam and Clover
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Fun fact: Totally Spies and Martin Mystery’s had a crossover episode at one point. The success of Totally Spies started up a cult following and spin-off series called The Amazing Spiez. I watch the show in early 2000s and felt in love with it. The show follows a format of villain of the week. Episodes start off that someone is being kidnapped and watched. After episode ends, the girls have a happy ending. There are other characters like Mandy, who antagonize Clover, Sam and Alex in some episodes. Along with 4 part episodes and character centric for the tiro. Totally Spies is one of the show that influence by anime. Along with Charlie’s Angel (original series) not the movie with Lucy Liu and Dre Berrymore. Enough ramblings lets talk about episode in general.



Game Girls

The episode starts off a famous water ski athlete getting zapped. Clover, Alex and Sam were shopping at the mall. Alex see an actor of a tv show called Dale Bayou. She falls in love with him and Sam stated obvious about actors. The three girls get suck into WHOOP (which is recurring theme in the show). Jerry explains about mission that athletes reported missing. The girls get their gadgets and K.U.R.T (which influence by Herbie). Sam, Max and Clover go undercover as journalist to interview an race car driver named Russell. A mysterious Motorcyclist zaps Russell and Alex into a video games. Sam and Clover pursuit the mysterious cyclist but lost. Clover and Sam get help from Jerry about a device that zaps people into a video game. Jerry stated that the culprit is named Lady Dragon.


Lady Dragon
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Lady Dragon is a ex-game designer that was rejected of her ideas on VR game. Sam and Clover go to confront Lady Dragon and looking for clues. Meanwhile Alex and Russell are stuck inside a game called Dust Storm. Sam and Clover disguise as bodyguards to watch demonstration of Lady Dragon’s game. Both Sam and Clover see Alex inside a hockey game and get’s caught by Lady’s men. During their escape, Sam and Clover gets zapped inside the game with Alex. During a water skiing game, Same advises Alex to switch to sliver jumpsuit. Which Sam deducted that sliver can reflect the beam. Clover, Alex and Sam foiled Lady Dragon’s plan. Now Lady Dragon is zapped by Jerry and stuck. The episode ends that Alex meets the creator of Dale Bayou (who is computer program).





The title of the episode game girls is similar to girl gamers. Female gamers are necessary in the gaming community. I did a blogpost about female gamers and streamers if you want to check it out. The episode in general is not bad but average. It focus on VR and getting trapped in a video game. There are tv shows that have that same premise. Along with episodes that centered around video games. Totally Spies is a fun show to watch and if you like anime. They do have some of the troupes and facial expression of anime characters. If you want to learn the lore of the show. Watch the movie prequel to see how Sam, Alex and Clover meet. Game Girls episode doesn’t stand out of most in the series. Notable, there is a Street Fighter 2 sound byte in the episode.



Alex in Love
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Sam and Clover had average teamwork. During the show, one of the girls get kidnapped and remaining two saves. I would say that this is a Alex centric episode but first half focus on her. During the ending, Alex had a husbado but thought it was real person. Same goes for otaku who love waifus. That being said, Gamer Girls is not a bad episode but average at best. If you want to buy Totally Spies dvd, it’s available on Amazon. About watching it, YouTube is the best place for it. You might want to look for online sites that’s you can watch tv shows. If you love girls with spy gear, this show is for you. I am not ashamed of watching show of female protagonists like Ladybug and Sailor Moon. Tell me what your think of the episode and show in the comment.



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