Pirates Vs Ninja Video Games – Do You Enjoy Them?



Pirates vs Ninja video games


Pirates vs ninja video games is something that a lot of people wouldn’t tackle. Did you know about the trend of pirates vs ninja? Well two different factions just like a clan or group. Pirates rob, loot and drink rub for adventure. Ninja go by code and tries to fit in society among people. There is well known ninja and pirate in anime, pop culture and video games. As for myself, I love ninja more than pirates. While I was in College, my anime friends would talk about pirates and ninjas. One day, I am hoping to see an video game based on that. Hopefully a movie adaptation or tv series in the coming years. Enough rambling on pirates and ninjas in general. I will get you a rundown on different type of ninja and pirate games.



the secret of monkey island
Image: LucasArts



Lets start off with pirates in video games. Players will known about Sea of Thieves developed by Rare. Sea of Thieves is an open world- mmo like adventure game. You can find treasure, start a crew and sail ships. Players can start a pirate adventure and go on missions. If you want to get your hands on Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One and PC to own. Next pirate game is The Secret of Monkey Island which is the best pirate game on PC. The Secret of Monkey Island tells a story about a wannabe pirate named Guybrush Theempweed. Guybrush wants to be a pirate but ghostly Lechuck is in his way. Secret of Monkey Island is a point and click adventure title by LucasArts. The Secret of Monkey Island is available now on Steam.



Pirate Games Cont



Another pirate games have different types like Space and air theme. These games are Skies of Arcadia and Rogue Galaxy. Skies of Arcadia is a jrpg along with Rogue Galaxy. The game plot is a young air pirate named Vyse along with his companions Aika and Fina. Trios is on a journey to stop Valuan Empire from destorying the world. Skies of Arcadia is a game that people should play. Unique combat system and interesting storyline along with cast of characters. If you are a pirate fan that loves air battles. Skies of Arcadia is available on Nintendo Gamecube and Dreamcast. Rogue Galaxy is developed by Level-5 who brought you Yokai Watch, Snack World and Inazuma Eleven. The story is about a Jaster Rouge, who later become involve in a conflict.


Skies of Arcadia
Image: Overworks and Sega


Rogue Galaxy has a unique combat system and space opera like storyline. Sony stated that Rogue Galaxy would top Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchise. It don’t sell well and kind of have a cult following. Rogue Galaxy is available on PSN for PlayStation 4 and 2. There are many pirate video games out there. Some I don’t know whether it’s a pirate game or not like The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. There are others like Pirates of the Caribbean, Age of Booty and Sid Meier’s Pirates. Technically there is hand full of pirates video games out there. More ninja games out there than pirate ones. Lets move to Ninja video games what you been waiting for.




Ninja video games



Alright in the video game industry, there is a lot of ninja video games. I am not going to name all of them in this blogpost. There will be some that’s notable for gamers out there, The upcoming game Ninjala, this game is free to play and developed by Gungho Entertainment. Rumor has it that Ninjala will have a tv series but we will have to see. Basely, the concept is to use Ninja Gum which could be use for offense and defense. If you want learn the lore, watch prequel on Gungho YouTube Channel. The gameplay reminds of Splatoon in some way and can’t wait to play it. Ninjala is available on Nintendo Switch. Next up is Senran Kagura, which is an beat’em up hack n slash video game developed by Tamsoft.


Image: GungHo Online Entertainment



You play as a group of shinobi clan center around girls. They transform and their clothes rip off. If you love shinobi girls , this game is for you to try out. They also have beach game and pinball motif which you can buy. Next up is Ninja Gaiden, based off the NES game. In the early 2000s, the series been reboot for nex gen console like Xbox (2000s). This title is canon with Dead or Alive which some character in the reboot. Also Ryu Hayabusa crossover with Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z. Player’s can buy both NES games and reboot that’s available now. Want to slay some demon with a ninja? Ninja Gaiden is right up your alley. Many more ninja video games like Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, Ninja Hayate and Fruit Ninja.



Ninja Gaiden Xbox
Image: Team Ninja and Tecmo



Pirates vs Ninja video games are very fun in gamer’s perspective. There is some anime and cartoon that been turned into a video game adaptation. You might know One Piece, Naruto and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Along with movies like Pirates of the Caribbean video games. Fans can debate on which is better pirates and ninja. Make sure to check some pirate and ninja video games on your own. Whether learning Ninjustu or walking the plank that’s apart of life. Which team are your ninja or pirate? One day they might hang out and drink together, You might see more ninja and pirate video games in the near future.



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